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Told in a Revised Genealogical Table 

Compiled by Dr. E. E. Mossop 
Reprinted from SA Archives Year Book 1947 by Cape Times Ltd. Cape town. 


Manuscript- Volumes at Cape Archives, C.T. 

J = Opgaaf Rolle (Census) 

R.L.R. = Rec. of Land Revenue 

MOOC = Master of Orphan Chamber 

CJ = Court of Justice 

CO = Colonial Office Letters 

C = Council of Policy 

VC = Verbatim Copies 

Manuscript-Volumes at Master's Office, Queen Victoria St., C.T. 

MO = Wills, Inventries and Appraisements 

R.E. = Register of Estates 

A. Ex. = Accounts of Executors, Tutors and Curators 

b. = baptised; born is written in full 

d. = died. 

d. of = daughter of 

md. = married. 



Frans Kriiger, Cruger or Kroger 

md. Elisabeth Hartwigs of Sadenbeck in 



Jacobus Cruger of Berlin and Sadenbeck md. Jannetje Kemp of Cabo de G. Hoop. 
(Stam vader) 

Hendrik Kruger 
Gerrit Kruger 
Stephanus Johs. Kruger 
Casper Johs. Hendrik Kruger 
Stephanus Johs. Paulus Kruger 

md. Francina Cloete. 

md. Susanna Lasija Buijs. 

md. Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp. 

md. Elsje Francina Steyn. 

Generation (a) 

JACOBUS CRUGER or KRUGER, born 28.7.1690, d. 29.10.1749; md. 1.5.1718 Johanna (or 
Jannetje) Kemp, who died in the Roggeveld in 1779. 

iVote.-JACOBUS KRUGER arrived at the Cape in 1713 in the service of the Dutch East India 
Company and having lost a hand could not remain in the Service. He obtained Burgher Rights on 
11.1.1718 and on 1.5.1718 married Jannetje (or Johanna) Kemp, born at the Cape. A will 1 made by 
them at the Castle of Good Hope on 28.10.1720 states that he is Jacob Cruger of Berlin, that his 
father had been Frans Cruger and his mother, still living in Sadenbeek, was Elisabeth Hartwigs. 

The above facts have been stated in the Geslacht-Register der Oude Kaapsche Familien of C. C. 
de Villiers (Register of Old Cape Families), and form a necessary preliminary to the genealogical 
table of the Kruger family. H. S. Pretorius 2 in a well-informed article has given convincing reasons 
for assuming that the original spelling of the name was Kroger and that Jacobus, the founder of the 
family in South Africa (stamvader), came originally from Sadenbeek though he enlisted from Berlin 
in the D.E.I. Company. Pretorius quotes Werner Schmidt 3 to the effect that Jacobus Kruger was 
born at Sadenbeek, near Potsdam, on 28.7.1690. He was baptised in the Lutheran Church on August 
1st and his father, Frans Kroger, who was a small farmer (kleinbauer), died in 1710, his mother 

1 Cape Archives, CJ 2600, No. 67. 

2 Afkoms van Paul Kruger, deur H. S. Pretorius. Historiese Studies, Universiteit van Pretoria, Jaargang IV, No. 34. Okt.- 
Des. 1943. 

3 Der Kulturanteil des Deutschtums am Aufbau des Burenvolkes, Hahnsche Verlagsbuchhandlling. Hannover, 1938, p. 86. 

"Jacob Kroger wurde am 28 Juli 1690 zu Sadenbeek geboren und am 1 August luterisch getauft. Seine Eltern waren der 
Kleinbauer Frantz Kroger, der 1710 starb, und Elisabeth geb. Hartwigs, welsche als 82 jahrige am Weihnachtsabend 
1747 heimging ... Kroger war Stellenbosch burger." 

Elisabeth Hartwigs in 1747, and that Jacobus Kruger was a burgher of Stellenbosch. The 
stamvader's application to Governor de Chavonnes and the Council of Policy for burgher rights, 4 
which is now preserved in the Cape Archives, is endorsed "Afgeslaagen 28 Julij 1716", and is 
probably an official copy or a dictation by Kruger, kept for official purposes. It states that the 
Supplicant Jacob Cruger arrived by the ship Middelwout in 1713 as a soldier drawing nine guilders 
per month, that he had a reasonable knowledge and experience of farming in this region ("van de 
culture des Lands, van dit gewest redelijke kennisse ende Ervarentheit verkreegen hebbende"), and 
therefore felt that if he were released from the Company's service he would be able to support 
himself. He asked to become a burgher, but it was not until 11.1.1718, a few months before his 
marriage, that burgher rights were finally granted to him. 

It was not unusual for the Cape authorities to permit soldiers of the garrison to enter the service 
of free burghers for limited periods, and on 12.4.1714 Jacob Kruger entered into a contract 5 to act 
as European farm-servant (bouw knegt) with Willem ten Damme, formerly a surgeon to the 
Company and friend of Willem Adriaan van der Stel. This contract was renewed on 3.5.1715 and 
10.4.1716. On 26.4.1717 Helena Gulix, the widow of Willem ten Damme, informed the authorities 
by word of mouth through one Juriaan Meijer (als mondeling) that Kruger's Contract with her late 
husband had been fulfilled and might now be cancelled. On the same day (26.4.1717) Jacob Kruger 
(Crijger) entered into a similar contract with Ernst Mostert, whose farm was Brakkekuyl. (C.P. 
Resol., 1726-42): (OCF 2-272 (1714) Deeds Office), situated over the Little Salt River behind 
Blauwberg and now near the village of Philadelphia. The farm adjacent to Brakkekuyl was, and still 

4 C vol. 223, p. 549. 

5 For the earliest mention of these contracts, see Historiese Studies, Jaargang 5. Nr. Maart 1944, bl. 71-72. Afkoms v. 
Paul Kruger, Kanttekeninge, Dr. J. Hoge, Universiteit van Stellenbosch 

is, Brakkefontein, which is known to have been in the possession of the Widow ten Damme in 1724 
and it is on this farm that Jacob Kruger, the Stamvader, most probably obtained his first experience 
of farming at the Cape. His name does not appear in the Roll of Free Burghers or in the Muster Roll 
of Company's Servants from 1713 to 1718, but after that year, and with Johanna Kemp, he may be 
traced in the Roll of Free Burghers from 1719 to March, 1749 6 in the list for "Caab", never for 
Stellenbosch. In 1738 they are entered as Jacob Crugel and Johanna Cemp. No farm grant has been 
traced to him though thirty years after his death and in the Liquidation Account of his widow's 
estate 7 he is described as "farmer" (Landbouwer).He never made a return for Census (Opgaaf) in 
the Stellenbosch Rolls which usually give information as to the burgher's family, slaves, cattle, 
sheep and grain or wine production. His death in 1749, "in Stellenbosch", does not imply more than 
that he died in the district of Stellenbosch which then included the Piquetberg-Tulbagh-Roggeveld 
area. During his lifetime a coastal strip of country, extending from the Cape to St. Helena Bay and 
inland from the sea through present district Malmesbury, was considered as included in the Cape 
District. These Cape farmers usually made their annual tax payments at the Castle, not at the 
Stellenbosch Drostdy and their returns for Census are no longer preserved. Only if they grazed 
cattle in the Stellenbosch area were they included in the Stellenbosch Opgaaf, but without details, 
amongst the buytenleeden who lived beyond the official boundaries of Stellenbosch. The earliest 
grazing grant to Krugers known to be of his family was made in 1739 to his son, Jacob Kruger (b)l, 
and if not Brakkekuyl was of necessity on land near to it. It is probable, but as yet unproved, that 
the Stamvader farmed within this coastal strip of an enlarged Cape district too. Little is known of 
his life except that, with a burgher, Cornells Goosen, he was joint executor in 1735 of the will of a 

6 VC 49, p. 394; VC 52, p. 10. 

7 MOOC 13/11, No. 13. Boedel van Johanna Kemp. 

fellow Cape burgher, Herman Gutter, and that he himself owned a slave named Arend who escaped 
and for whose return he applied to the Governor Swellengrebel in 1743. Herman Grutter of Munster 
whose signature is still preserved, 8 made a joint will in 1719 with his wife Johanna Titus, d. of 
Titus Jacobsz of Macassar and Diana of Macassar, before Ryk Tulbagh, then a clerk. They willed 
that their slave, a child of four, named Maria Jacoba van de Caap, should be liberated when aged 
twenty-five. In 1735 Grutter, now married to Engela Wediking-elsewhere named Engela van de 
Caap-made a second joint will and left Rds. 200 to Maria Jacoba, then still a slave, when she 
became twenty-five or in the event of her marriage. They appointed Jacob Kruger and Cornells 
Goosen, who was the husband of Wilhelmina Bergman, their executors. By 8.4.1739 Grutter had 
died and his widow with the two executors presented a Request 9 to Swellengrebel and the Council 
of Policy for permission to free the slave girl and stating that the burghers, George Coenraad Jacobi 
and Caret Ernst van Graan, were prepared to be surities that she did not become a burden on the 
Diacony of the Cape or apply thereto for sustenance. It is noteworthy that not only Grutter but 
Goosen, Jacobi and Van Graan, a son of Otto Erust van Graan and Rebecca van der Caap, were 
Cape and not Stellenbosch burghers. 

1 MOOC 7/3, No. 56; 7/6, No. 33 

' C 239 (1739-1740), Requesten en Nominatien, No. 5. 

The Stammoeder. 

The parentage of Johanna Kemp, Stammoeder, is not with certainty known. On 13.12.1713 
Cecilia Swerisse, wife of Jacob Jacobs Vliet, as her Liquidation Account shows, left as her legatees 
(1) her husband, (2) her daughter, Johanna Kemp, a minor "procreated by Nicolaas Kemp" (haar 
minderjarige dogter Johanna Kemp, geprocreeert bij Nicolaas Kemp) (Boedelrekeningen I, nr. 
38). 10 The identity of the Johanna Kemp mentioned in this document and of the Stammoeder has 
not been proved. No Nicolaas Kemp appears for the relative years in the Rolls of Free Burghers and 
Company's Servants. No will, liquidation account or other reference to him has as yet been traced. 
Johanna Kemp, Stammoeder, in her marriage entry is named "Jannetje Kemp van Cabo de Goede 
Hoop" (J); by inference and from the age stated in her mutual will (CJ 1070, No. 67 old number, CJ 
2600, No. 67 new catalogue) she was born circa 1696. No confirmation of the suggestion that she 
was a widow at the time of her marriage to Jacob Kruger, made by Dr. F. V. Engelenburg and G. S. 
Preller in their brochure 11 has been found, nor that Jacob Kruger had arrived earlier than 1713 at the 
Cape or that his father, Frans Kroger, had also been here. She first appears as a widow in the Muster 
Roll for 1750 for the Cape and is there grouped with her three married sons, Frans (b)2, Johannes 
(b)4 and Hendrik (b)6. The Stammoeder of the Kruger family survived her husband by thirty years. 
She died before 26.5.1779 on the farm of her youngest son, Pieter Ernst Kruger (b)7. This was in 
the Klein Roggeveld and probably at Orangefontein, not at his other farm Zoute Kloof which, 
officially, he did not acquire until 1780. The list of her small personal effects is in the handwriting 

10 Compiler gratefully acknowledges information of this reference from Dr. J. Hoge. 

11 Paul Kruger's Afkomst en Familie, deur F. V. Engelenburg en G. S. Preller. Volkstem-Drukkerij, Pretoria 1901 
(benevens verscheiden zeldzame Portretten en Afbeeldingen). 

of her son, and at their sale - then compulsory by law - her grandson, Carel Kruger (c)5, then aged 
about 20 and of tragic destiny, was present and bought some trifles. 12 Her estate was valued at Rds. 
2,395 (the Ryksdaalder, being at that time equivalent to 48 heavy stuivers), or approximately £479. 
Her legatees were her surviving sons Jacob, Frans, Hendrik and Pieter Ernest (b)l to (b)7; her son 
Johannes (b)4 had recently died and her grandson, Jacobus Alewyn Kruger (c)l inherited in his 
stead ; she had outlived her two daughters, Cecilia (b)3 and Elisabeth (b)5, whose children shared 
their mothers' portions. Each heir received Rds. 253 st. 16. 

It is probable that the widowhood of Johanna Kemp was a happy one. In the Roggeveld she 
would have been surrounded by the farms of her sons and watched her grandchildren grow through 
childhood to early youth, for it is in the Roggeveld that the farms of all her five sons were situated 
at varying dates between 1750 and 1770. They can to-day be visited by such as a journey between 
the present Matjesfontein Railway Station and the little town of Sutherland, situated high on the 
Roggeveld plateau. 

A curious addition to the Liquidation Account of her estate is an extract from the Vendue Roll 
or Sale List held on 26.5.1779, "at the house where died Johannes Hendriksen a diver in the 
Company's Service" (ten sterfhuyse van den Duijkelaar der E. Compie. Johannes Hendriksen). It 
states that four articles of silver were that day sold "For account to the estate of the late Johanna 
Kemp, widow of Jacob Kruger" (Voor reekening des Boedels van wylen Johanna Kemp weduwe 
Jacob Kruger). They realised twelve ryxdaalders and two stuivers and were a hook on which to 
hang a key (silvere sleutelhaak), a chatelaine bag (silvere taschbeugel), a small silver spoon for 
preserves (silvere confyt lepelje) and a small fork ( 1 do. forkije wlM Loot). The first was bought 
for Rds. 6 by one whose name may be read either Coenraad Brouw or Coenraad Braun. Johanna 

12 MOOC 10/13, No. 3. 

Kemp's daughter, Elizabeth (b)5, left a daughter who married Daniel Coenraad Braune. The second 
was bought by a certain "Dermeling". A Margartha Kruger, not known to be related to Jacob 
Kruger, married and became the widow of Godlief Duijmeling. Of the third purchaser, a Lieutenant, 
nothing is known. Why these articles of silver, presumably the property of Johanna Kemp, should 
have been sold from the house of the dead diver, which was situated on the shores of Table Bay, 13 
remains a mystery. No relationship between the aged lady who died in the Little Roggeveld and 
Johannes Hendriksen, diver of the Honourable Company, has been traced, nor is there any evidence 
that she was related to (1) Johannes Kemp, mandoor in 1701 in the Company's service, or (2) Pieter 
Kemp of Bruggen, who first appears in the Muster Roll of Burghers in 1713. In the Muster Rolls of 
Free Burghers it is frequently found that there is a juxtaposition of the names of persons or families 
who are known to have been relatives, neighbours or friends. In VC 50 for the years 1726-32, there 
is a frequent juxtaposition of the names of Jacob Kruger and Johanna Kemp with those of Ernst 
Mostert and Sophia Cloete whose farm was the Brakkekuyl and from whom Jacob Kruger d'jonge 
(b)l took over his first grazing ground in 1734 on the Salt River "behind Blauwberg". Jacob Kruger, 
Stamvader, on 21.12.1719 had been a witness to Ernst Mostert's will (OC 3, No. 19). He signed this 
and other documents with his mark. 

13 MOOC 8/17, No. 53. Inventaris . . goederen nagelaten door den Duykelaar der E. Compe. Johannes Hendrikse ten 
voordeele van desselfs nagelatene Weduwe Maria Catharina Arendse ter eenere en zyne onbekende Erfgenamen ter 
andere zyde. Sodanig ende indiervoegen als denzelven Boedel daar de ondergetekende Gecommitteerde Weesmeesteren 
geinventariseert synde, bevonden is te bestaan in het volgende. Namentlyk: Een Huys en Erf staande ende geleegen in 
deese Tafelvalleij in 't Blok E.E. blykens Transport de date 31 Maij 1771 aan den overledenen in Eygendom toe 
behorende... 11 Maij 1779. 

Generations (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g). 

First Child - Generation (b) of Stamvader (a). 

(b)l Jacob, b. 17.7.1718, d. 10.11.1778; md. 25.10.1739 Christina Strang, b. 14.9.1721, d. of 
Carel Strang of Gottenburg and Anna Maria Swart of Stockholm. 

Jacob Kruger d'jonge, or junior, on 30.11.1734 was permitted to graze sheep and occupy land 
vacated by Ernst Mostert, situated "behind Blauwberg on the other side of the Salt River". He paid 
for this the customary Rds. 24 per annum and a tithe on all his grain, which was to be delivered at 
the Castle of Good Hope each season. 1 There can be little doubt this was Brakkekuyl, already 
mentioned. The small river is known on maps as the Little Salt R., the Donkergat R. and 
Blauwbergs R. It is not perennial. Jacob Kruger (b)l is in the Muster Roll of Cape Free Burghers 
for 1738 as Jacob Crugel d'jonge. This was shortly before his marriage and he is grouped with his 
parents and his brother, Frans (b)2, then also unmarried but of burgher age. Jacob continued to pay 
on this farm for nineteen years when, in 1753, it passed to Gerrit Mostert. 

His earliest grant in the Little Roggeveld was for Voortuyn (Fortune) in 1752, and it is noticeable 
that a few months later on 9.3.1753, his younger brother, Hendrik (b)6, the ancester of Paul Kruger, 
obtained the grazing-occupational rights of "Tanquas R., below the Roggeveld in the Karro". It is 
certain, however, that at this time Hendrik was paying for and probably living on Oliphants Kop, 
near the Cape and in the Koeburg district. 2 When in 1752 Jacob moved to the Roggeveld, his 

1 R.L.R.,vol. 10, p. 153. 

2 R.L.R. 13, pp. 65 and 365; 17, p. 215. 

remaining brothers, Frans (b)2, Johannes (b)4 and Pieter Ernst (b)7, had already obtained grants 
distant from the Cape. Frans, in 1744, at the foot of the present Greys Pass; in 1749 Johannes at 
Kruys R. over Doom R. in Roggeveld; and Pieter Ernst in 1746 at "Vogelfontein, over the Doom R. 
in Roggeveld". 3 Jacob retained Voortuyn until 1755 when it was taken by Pieter Ernst, and for 
varying periods he had, high on the Roggeveld Plateau at an elevation of some 5,000 ft., 
Tonteldoosfontein, which means the Spring of the Tinder-box (plant), and Gunstfontein. When, 
however, the Pieter Ernst Krugers obtained Orangefontein near by, Jacob again became the 
occupier of Voortuyn and it became the home farm of the elder branch of the Krugers until his 

It is probable that as a young burgher of the Cape, Jacob, d'jonge, had served his military service 
in the ranks of the Cape Militia, of which only the names of the officers are now preserved. The 
change to the distant Roggeveld had made him a Stellenbosch Burgher and he was still liable for 
service. In 1756 he was entered as a "new recruit" for the Mounted Infantry (Dragonders) in the 
Company commanded by Burgher Captain Abraham de Villiers, of De Hoop in Zuider Paarl, a 
Company of which Hendrik Hop was then Lieutenant. He (Jacob Kruger) is entered as "in 't 
Roggevelt" and Pieter Ernst (b)7 was also present at that military exercise held in October of that 
year at Stellenbosch. 4 The eldest son of the Stamvader appears to have been throughout his life a 
farmer of moderate means, a typical return for Census, made in 1766, shows that he then had, 
presumably at Fortuyn, four sons, two daughters, two slaves, a horse, thirty-two beeves and four 

3 R.L.R. 11, pp. 74 and 349. 

4 J 166, Monster Rolle Ed. Compy., Dragonders v. Stel. en Drakenstein. 

hundred sheep. 5 Of his ten children none of his five sons emigrated to Graaff Reynet and his 
progeny early peopled the north-western districts of Cape Colony. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1734-52 grazing-occupational rights behind Blauwberg. 1752-55-1776 
Voortuyn in Roggeveld. 1755-1776 Tonteldoosfontein in Roggeveld. 1757-62-1767 
Gunstfontein in Roggeveld. 

N.B. —Grants of loan-farms (Leenings-Plaatsen) implied rights of occupation and grazing with 
ownership of farm buildings (opstalle) which could be sold on vacating the farm. The grant did not 
give dominium of the ground. 

Remarks: Joint will, MOOC 7/25, No. 45 (1748). (Contemporary copy only.) Made at Castle of 
Good Hope 20.2.1748, exhibited (i.e. filed) 20.11.1778. Witnessed by Abraham Russouw and 
Dirk Arents. 

(c) = Children of Jacob Kruger (b)l and Christina Strang. 

(c)l Johanna Catharina, b. 25.3.1742, d. at Worcester 26.11.1824, aged 82; md. 15.4.1759 
Jacob Cloete Gerritsz, b. 1738, brother of Francina Cloete, the wife of Hendrik Kruger (b)6. 

Original signature: None found. 


J 172, p. 19. 

Farms: 1760 Klaarefontein in Roggeveld (R.L.R. 16, p. 61). 1762 Gunstfontein, vacated by 
Jacob Kruger (R.L.R. 17, p. 65). Remarks: Death recorded in MOOC 6/3, Death Register 1822- 

(c)2 Hendrina Cecilia, b. 3.7.1744; md. 10.4.1763 Gerrit Steenkamp, b. 7.10.1736, son-of Jan 
Steenkamp of Nieuwkerk and Jannetje van Eck. 

Original signature: None found. 

Farms: 1766-73 Ongegund; and Uitvlugt below Bonteberg in Roggeveld 1766-67 (R.L.R. 19, p. 

177, and 20, p. 13). 1775-79 Vreede geleegen op 't Roggeveld (R.L.R. 24, p. 125). 

Remarks: Gerrit Steenkamp d. insolvent before 12.3.1779. Jan Steenkamp in 1730, like Frans 

Kruger (b)2 in 1744, had the grazing occupational rights of Piekiniers Kloof now Grays Pass. 

Bonteberg (6,308 ft.), around which G. Steenkamp's loan-farms clustered, lies S. of the road 
from Sutherland to Fraserburg. It was for long infested by Bushmen and their robberies made the 
adjacent farms all but untenable. Loss of stock was the probable cause of G. Steenkamp's 
insolvency; this becomes evident if the subsequent history of his farms is examined. 

(c)3 Jacob Carel, b. 31.7.1746. 

No marriage of (c)3 has been traced; he is in all probability the writer of a letter dated 7th 
October (1801), signed Jacob C. Kruger, to Veldcornet Gerrit Snyman, who lived at Ongeluks R., 
then considered in Middle Roggeveld. Neither writing nor signature is that of Jacob Casper Kruger. 
Jacob Carel is also probably identical with the Lame (Mank) Jacobus Krieger (sic), who on 

17.9.1801 attended the sale of the effects of the late Zacharia Putter, widow of Pieter Ernst Kruger 
(b)7 at Zoute Kloof in Roggeveld. 6 

Gerrit Snyman had called upon Jacob C. Kruger to furnish for some public purpose two "hind 
oxen". These are usually the strongest pair in a span or team of eight or more and are trained to pull 
on either side of the single wagon-shaft. Kruger's reply is to the effect that he is not unwilling but is 
unable, owing to recent robberies by the Bushmen he had been left with only one leading ox and 
three "middel osse". He sends greetings to "nephew" Snyman. 

An MonSeur Monsr. Gerrit SNeijman VeldCornet 7 
geagte Neef SNeijman 

naatoe vVenSeng van gesondheyd aan ii alle gedaan te hebben so doet ik neef (niet ?) veele als 
dat ik u brief gesien heef alwaar u myn in Commandeer van 2 agterosse ik ben niet onwillig om 
het te geven maar de bossemans heef nu voor 14 daage myn osse allemaal weg genome op 1 
voor os naa en 3 middel osse anders heef ik nu niets als die 4 osse als wy geen hulp kreyg dan ik 
niet (weet ?) hoe dat wy sal wegkoome hier van daan Verders seijd gegroet van ons alle aan u 
alle U E D u Neef Jacob C. Kruger 
den 7 October" 
Letter is endorsed: ter Sec. ontf 16 Oct. 1801. 

6 Vendu RoUe, MOOC 10/19, No. 24. 

7 Stel. 10/15. Letters of Veldcornets. 

(c)4 Anna Maria, b. 29.12.1748; md. 20.9.1764 Barend Olivier, b. 20.8.1729, fifth child of 
Jan Olivier and Helena Burger. 

Left a widow in 1798, their joint estate shows they were financially interested in (and probably 
after 1792 she occupied) her father's farm 't Fortuyn, which eventually passed to the Olivier family 
(MOOC 12/22, No. 21, and R.L.R. 37, p. 353-54). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: De Rietfontein in Roggeveld. Sold Feb., 1792 to Gerrit Strydom. De Fesante 

Revier, Agter Roggeveld. Sold to Theodorius Kooker for Rds. 1,632. 

Remarks: Barend Olivier, d. before 30.11.1798 (MOOC 13/22, No. 21). 

(c)5 Carel, b. 8.11.1750, d. before 10.11.1793; md. 17.12.1780 Geertruyda Margaretha 
Coetsee, b. 21.8.1763, d. of Ockert Casper Coetsee, burgher of Swellendam, and Elsie van Wyk. 

When a youth, Carel Kruger, in 1763, was granted the loan-farm Rietfontein situated "in de 
Kou". This word is probably an error for Koup and not intended for the Koo of the present Montagu 
district. The name Koup is still preserved in that of a railway station beyond Matjesfontein, near the 
centre of a district considered fertile by the Hottentots-they called it \houb, meaning omental fat. By 
December, 1778, some thirteen years of unpaid rent was owing on the farm. The grant 8 is annotated 
by an instruction from the Governor Van Plettenberg to the effect that Carel Kruger had appealed to 
him to be excused the rent as he had never made use of the farm (dat hij nooijt geen gebruik voor 

R.L.R. 18, p. 137. 

voorn. Plauts hee/'t komen te maaken), that if on investigation his assertion proved valid, the debt 
was to be written off and the farm re-let. The incident does not appear to have made the young 
farmer persona non grata with the Cape authorities; he had for two years been Veldwagtmeester for 
the Klein Roggeveld and continued to hold this minor post of trust 9 which included protecting the 
farms of his district from veld fires and raids by Bushmen. 

He returned for Census (Opgaaf) in 1775 only a horse and in 1779 a horse and three hundred 
sheep 10 , but after 1780 never again appears in Opgaaf. In 1782, after his marriage and the death of 
his uncle, Johannes Kruger (b)4, he applied for De Liefdefontein, which Johannes and Frans Kruger 
(b)2 had formerly shared. This farm could, on account of the water supply, only be worked with De 
Hoop which had already passed from his two uncles to Gerrit Putter. In consequence, Carel Kruger 
lost the grazing-occupational rights of De Liefdefontein 11 and, though he certainly had a farm, no 
officially granted farm has been traced to him. 

His name appears in the Road Rolls and - probably in 1777 - he was supervisor (opsiender) of 
the road "from on the Komsberg through and among the Roggeveld to the farm of Floris Brand". To 
assist him, either in person or by supplying the labour, were his brother, Frans Kruger (c)6, his 
nephews Gerrit Cloete and Hendrik Olivier, who were sons of his sisters Johanna Catharina (c)l 
and Anna Maria (c)4. His uncle, Pieter Ernst Kruger (b)7 of Orangefontein, and his brother-in-law, 
Gerrit Steenkamp, both being seniors, had by his instructions to supply the labour of two men. 

9 J 178, Stel. Rolle-Veldwagtmeesters. 

10 J 177, p. 12; J 179, pp. 4 and 28; J 180, p. 20. 
"R.L.R. 28, p. 287. 

It is interesting to note that - by reading the instructions for road repairs given to Carel Kruger 
and to Johannes Swaanepoel de jonge 12 ) (whose father farmed Schietfontein) - it is possible to show 
clearly that, allowing for modern deviations, the Komsberg Pass we use to-day and the road below 
it via Fortuyn and Kruispad, was then in use. This road may indeed be seen in some detail on a map 
from the Gordon Collections 13 which probably dates from 1795. South from Tonteldoosfontein near 
the present Sutherland, it leaves the Roggeveld Plateau by Schietfonein which is noted as "boven op 
Comsberg", and by zig-zags down the pass it goes by "Kriegers" (Orangefontein), Standvastigheid 
and 't Fortuyn much as it does to-day. Thence towards Laingsberg near which at that time was the 
farm Geelbek and a highway, still in use towards Graaff Reynet, which many Krugers were to 

Within a decade of Carl Kruger's death, this Comsberg road was under the care of Jacobus 
Johannes Kruger Pz: (c)3, most famous of the Roggeveld Krugers. 

Of three letters written by Carel Kruger as Veldwagtmeester which have been preserved, 14 the 
earliest gives a striking picture of conditions in the Mid-Roggeveld in days when it might mean 
death by an arrow to a lonely farmer to leave his house at night in order to save his cattle from 
Bushmen. Horse sickness and lack of erass in a time of drought prevented the timely formation of 
Commandos to hunt the robbers, and he asks the Landdrost for twelve guns and a field-tent. He 

12 J 179, Gen. Rolle der Paden, Wegen en Driften. Item 23, Van onder de Comsberg van de Verlaten Plaats van 
Floris Brand op 't Kleyne Roggeveld tot de plaats van Jan Pienard den Eylandsberg onder in de Caro geleegen. Floris 
Brand abandoned after many years of occupation Klipfontein in 1772. 

13 Gordon Versameling No. 42, Rijks Prentenkabinet te Amsterdam.The map is probably a composite work of Col. 
Robert Gordon, C. F. Brink, Leiste and others. 

14 Stel. Arch. 10/164, Nos. 9 and 20. Ink. Br. v. Veldwagmeesters en Private Persone 1776-95. 

enumerates the cattle stolen from burghers, among whom was a Jan Jurgen Meyer, who was one 
day to be a fugitive from Justice with him and his brother Jacob (c)8. 

"Raport Aan den heer Landrost 

Van wegende toegangh en het middelste Roggeveld met de bossimans als dat het nog nooijt also 

es toegegaan met stelen als het tegenwoordig nu ben van de maant Janniary af tot nu nog 

dagelijks met sommige platsen desnags te besitten en met de pijlen op de huysen te schieten dat 

de menschen de huys niet durft uijt komen om de vee te beschermen Ende om de nogelenheyt 

van tyt so durft wy nu geen Kommando en het velt en breugen dewijl de sterfte van de paarden 

en de velt nu sterk es waar op de Kommando sal moeten wagten tot de bekwame tyd om het velt 

en te trekken waarop ik de heer Landrost ook versoek om van den Edele Compagnie twalif 

geweers en een veldt tend het geweers drog te houden te mogen verkrygen met de velt Corpiraal 

davit noude Het kwaat dat de bossimans nu gedaan heb 

van tennis van daad (aard ?) 20 beesten 

van Jan Myier 116 beesten 

van Jan van der Westhuysen 33 ossen 

van piet van der byl 53 beesten 

van pieter du plisie 680 schapen 

van Jacob Kloete 104 schapen 

dat es de vee dat se beh(o)uden weg genomen heeft boven het ander kwaat mets datse al 

sommige van de wagters gekwest heeft agter de vee en ook wel somtyts vee weg genomen dat 

weder af genomen es geworden waarop twee van de diven es doot geschoten geworden na groete 

UE dienaar 

Veldtwagtmeester Carel Kruger 

meddeste en 

Klyne Roggevelt de 12 maart A. 1778" 

Nineteen months later he reported on a commando he had recently led, giving the names of those who 
had failed to appear on duty or failed to supply provisions which, as veldwagtmeester, he was 
authorised to commandeer. His brothers, Frans (c)6, Jacob (c)8, his brother-in-law, Nicolaas v. der 
Westhuysen and his cousin, Pieter Ernst Kruger Pz. (c)4, who later became Heemraad for Graaff 
Reynet, were serving under him. Jan Jurgen Meyer, an emigrant from Bebelenheim then farming 
"Gunstfontein on the Kleine Kriga", had been requisitioned for supplies but had supplied nothing. He 
had received letters from four of the burghers who had absented themselves, giving reasons for their 
absence. By sending such, the absent burgher escaped the payment of a fine. 

"Raport Aan den E. heer Landrost en Krygs Raad 

Aangaande de dienst doende Personen die geCommandeerd es op Kommando met namen gysbert 

van Schalwyk (b. 27.7.1749, granted Drie Vaderlandse Riet valleyen gel. onder de Orangefonteyn 

13.6.1781) heb ik ook niets onfangen ende van herman Scholts hebbe ik niets ontfangen sodat de 

Commando mogelyk door gebrek van toe voert (sic) als se de ander haar niet en help om welkers 

oorsaak ik een wagen moeten laten staan dat ik niet heeft kunnen weg voeren verblyve UE 

dien 'ge dienR 

Veldtwagtmeester C. Kruger 

Meddelste en Klyne roggevelt 

den 12 October A 1779" 

A line of the above letter is missing, the edge of the paper having been burned. The farms of the 
burghers are not mentioned in the original, but where known have been added. Hermanus Arnoldus 
Scholz in 1776 had Matjieskloof in the Mid-Roggeveld. Some of the younger men at that time had 
no farms and probably lived with their parents. Two of the letters excusing absence from this 
Commando which Carel Kruger received have been preserved. That of Johannes Andries 
Esterhuysen, whose farm was "Aanstoot" adjoining Vortuin in Roggeveld, states that his son 
Willem (Hermanus) Esterhuysen, b. 5.8.1752, who later settled in Graaff Reynet, was suffering 
from a boil which had burst: "myn zoon Wilm niet op Commando wegens dat hey en zweer 
in zyn lijf gehad heef dat nu windig door gebroken is in ook nu nog zleg daar aan bin. 
Zyt gegroet u goede vrind Johannis Estruyse. de 9 October Ano 1779. " 15 ) 

In 1783 there began the tragedy which was to overcloud the remaining ten years of Carel 
Kruger's life. The story is told in many pages of the records of the Court of Justice 16 and only the 
essentials need be re-told here. On June 30th his brother, Jacob Kruger (c)8, having ridden via 
Stellenbosch to the Cape, bought the next day goods from four shopkeepers Vos, Jurgens, Engel 

15 Stel. 10/164 

16 CJ, vol. 419. Crimineele Process Stukke 1784. The charges against Carel Kruger are in a number of articles, of which 
numbers 15 to 20 are the most important: 

Art. 15 dat hy gede. twee stempels als een van sestig en een van thien Ryxds. had gemaakt en daarmede Valsche 

papiere munt geslaagen, de handteekeningen tot de papiere munt behoorende, daarop gesteld. 

Art. 16 als meede reets zelve van de valsche munt uytgegeeven had. 

Art. 17 metsgaders aan denselven zynen broeder de stempels had vertoont welke van twee stukken hout, een Span 

Lang, geelagtig van Coleur en zwart van Bast waaren gemaakt. 

Art. 18 en wyders zynen gemelden Broeder had aangezogt. 

Art. 19 omme van diergelyke dus door hem vervaardigt valsch Geld met zig naar de Caab te neemen. 

Art. 20 en voor het zelve ploeg en andere gereedschaapen voor den gede. defaiilt. en Lat(titant) te koopen." 

and Gemeele. In each case he paid with a ten or a sixty Ryksdollar paper note and received change. 
The goods included guns, Chinese linen thread, 17 steel buttons silver gilted, four bush knives 
(boslemmen messen), string, ploughs, handkerchiefs and worked gold and silverware. By July 8th 
the four merchants had made sworn depositions against him. The purchase which first caused his 
detection was from the wife of Johannes Engel, who at the time was absent from his shop. For Rds. 
35 he bought two rolls of sail-cloth and a pair of leathern (or buckskin) trousers (2 Rollen zeyldoek 
en een nieuwe bokleere Broek). Engel's wife returned him change and undertook to keep the goods 
until fetched, for Jacob said he had come by horse and was lodging at the house of burgher Mathias 
Hertzog but would later arrange for the removal of his purchases. On the return of her husband she 
handed him the note for Rds. 60 received from Jacob, remarking that "the six was very crooked" 
(dat de 6 Seer krom. was). When it was found that Jacob did not return, the note was sent to the 
well-known burgher, Willem van Reenen, who declared it a false one, thence to Kruywagen the 
Company's Cassier, who sent it to the pro Interim Fiscaal or Acting Public Prosecutor. Interrogated, 
while under civil arrest only, on July 4th, 8th and twice on July 18th, Jacob confessed on his fourth 
examination that he had known the notes to be false. They were given him by Carel, who had made 
two dies of wood for stamping notes of Rds. 60 and Rds. 10, respectively. The dies were kept 
hidden by Carel's wife in a chest in their home. He, Jacob, had never seen the notes made, the 
writing on them was by Carel; he (Jacob) had strongly opposed coming to the Cape to pass the 
notes, but had yielded to Carel's repeated urging. 

Jacob was under written promise not to leave the Cape until confronted by Carel who was sent 
for. He escaped next day, "being Saturday the 19th July very early in the morning". The same date, 
in the charge-sheet against Carel, is given for Carel "absenting himself" from his home in the 

When the latter failed to present himself at the Cape, orders had been sent to arrest him, to search 
his home and conduct him to the Cape. Extracts from a sworn declaration by the Veld Corporals 
Gerrit Maritz and Theunis Gerritsen van Aard made on 28.7.1783, in explanation of their failure to 
carry out this order, are given below in the original language; 17 they are here produced because they 
show (1) the popularity of Carel Kruger, his hasty temper and preparedness to resist arrest, (2) the 
independent attitude of the burghers of the Roggeveld at that period if they considered their burgher 
rights were being invaded by the Cape Authorities. The declaration is to the effect that the two Veld 
Corporals had seen the accused before, but not after the order for his arrest, reached them. They 
considered he was at his dwelling in the Karro where the people of the Roggeveld went in winter 
time. They had not ventured to visit his home for he was a man of hasty temper, well supplied with 
arms and friends, to do so would endanger their lives and might cause their deaths, nor were they as 
burghers obliged to arrest a fellow burgher and bring him as a prisoner; such a duty should be 
performed by those who were paid to do it. The trial, in his absence, of Carel Kruger began on 

17 CJ419: 

"Dat ofschoon ZyL: Comparenten voorsz: Carel Kruger voor den ontfangst dier ordre wel hadden gesien, dog 
denSelven na dato van den onfangst den Selven niet ontwaard ofte gesien hadden er of Schoon ZyL: wel denken en 
ook vast stellen dat gem: Kruger zig in zyne woning in de Caroo, werwaards de aldaar woonende buyten lieden zig 
geduurende den Winter uyt het roggeveld been begeeven, zal bevonden. 

ZyL: Comparenten egter niet hebben durven ondernemen om het huys ofte den verblyf plaats van meermelden Kruger 
te visiteeren, ofte te tendeeren denselven gevangen te neemen: So om reederen, dat dikwils gen: Kruger een gaauw 
mensch is, als om dat altoos seer goede schietgeweeren by zig heeft en voorts in die Conterey veele vrienden van hem 
woonagtig zyn, invoegen zy Comparenten met die ordre werkstellig te maaken, hun Leeven niet slegts in groot gevaar 
zouden stellen, maar zelfs quyt raaken konden, terwyl zulx teffens vermeynen niet verpligte te zyn als om burgeren 
zynde, een anderen burger gevangen te neemen, en als zodanig gevangelyk op te brengen. Sustineerde zulx toe te 
koomen en te moeten werden gedaan, door degeenen die daartoe aangesteld zyn en daar voor Loon trecken." 

23.10.1783. The Prosecutor claimed from the Court sentence of "death by the cord" and costs ("en 
aldaar aan de Scherpregte over geleevert zynde met de Koorde te worden gestraft zodat er de Dood 
na volgt met Condemnatie in de Kosten ... "). For Jacob, as an accessory (uls een toestander en mede 
pligtige van de misdaad van Valsche muntery") he claimed sentence of being beaten and branded on 
the gallows and imprisonment for fifteen years with hard labour. 

Five years later the names of the two brothers occur in the official records again. Jan Jurgen 
Meyer who, in 1779, had failed to assist Carel Kruger's Commando with provisions, had gone to the 
Zwart Ruggens in G.R. and had on 6.5.1785 been sentenced for a crime to imprisonment on Robben 
Island. He had escaped and joined in the Agter Roggeveld the "voortvlugten burgers Carel 
Kruger nevens deselvs broeder Jacob Kruger en eenen Anthony Botes". 

Carel Kruger became an intrepid and skilful hunter during the years he spent as a fugitive 
beyond the borders of the Colony and along the Orange R. His fame still lives in the Roggeveld 
and local legends of his bravery in hunting still abound. A deep and inaccessible kloof called 
Kruger's Kraal is said to have sheltered him and his family. In 1791 he was trampled to death 
and his body mangled by an elephant which he had wounded. His grave to-day lies beneath the 
waters of a large dam on Carel Kriegers Graf, a farm within sight of the flattopped Karrebergen, 
where he almost certainly was hunting at the time of his death. The dam is passed some thirty 
miles north of Carnarvon and, when full, laps the edges of the long and lonely road which runs 
through the desolate country between Carnarvon and Prieska. 

The Liquidation Account of the joint estate of "Carel Krieger and Geertruyde Margaretha 
Koetze" 18 ) when debts were paid, realised Rds. 294 st. 12 but shows that they owned a female 
slave, nearly seven hundred sheep, with a wagon, trek and grazing oxen, five horses and three 

18 MOOC 8/51, No. 9. 

guns. The original inventory is signed by his widow on 8.11.1793, by a "W. Kruger", who has 
not been identified, and by Ockert Casper Coetsee, who died on 24.11.1824, aged 89, at 

Signatures: C. Kruger; Carel Kruger. Stel. Arch. 10/164 

Letters Nos. 9 and 20. Signature of wife, MOOC 8/51, No. 9. 

Remarks: Widow on 10.11.1793; md. Ockert Johannes Coetsee, b. 14.2.1768. She died in 1832 

(MO, vol. 95, No. 105; vol. 116, No. 103). 

(d) = Children of CAREL Krucer (c)5 and G. M. Coetsee. 

(d)l Jacob, b. 12.6.1782. 

(d)2 Jacob Casper, b. circa 1784 and probably d. 14.9.1838 (see Jasper (c)10); md. 

(1) 16.2.1810 Anna Louisa Buys, d. of Johannes Nicolaas Buys and Anna Louisa Jordaan; 

(2) 30.1.1823 Martha Elisabeth Coetzee, jongdogter (CO 2651, Worcester Marriage List, No. 
4), d. of Johannes Gerhardus Coetzee and Christina Korff. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/59, No. 50. 

Farm: Koornlandskloof, Mid-Roggeveld; Grootfontein in Nieuweveld, 1809. (CO 2568. 

Letter Landdrost Tulbagh to Earl Caledon.) 

Remarks: Mutual will, 17 Nov., 1810 (MOOC 7/85, No. 52), at Koornlands Kloof. 

Registered at Orphan Chamber, 8.8.1821. 

(e) = Children of Jacob Casper Kruger (d)2 and A. L. Buys. 

(e)l GEERTRUYDA Margaretha, b. 6.3.1808. 
(e)2 Ockert Gerhardus Joh, b. 10.3.1809. 

(e)3 Anna Louisa Carolina, b. 5.6.1814, d. at Kruis R., Frazerburg, 14.6.1871; md. Jacobus 
William Adriaan Visser. 

Original signature: None found. 
Farm or locality: Kruis R., Frazerburg. 
Remarks: Register Estates, vol. 53, p. 250. 

(d)3 Elsie Christina, b. 12.10.1786, d. 1813; md. 7.2.1806 Jacob Johannes Kruger (CO 2558 
Stel. Marriage List), see Jacob Johannes (d)4, son of Jacob Johannes (c)3 and A. D. Griesel. 

(e)l Ockert Johannes Gerhardus Daniel, b. 28.8.1810. 

(e)2 Jacob JOHANNES, b. 6.6.1813. 

(d)4 Ockert Cornelis, b. 18.10.1787; md. (1) Cornelia Visser, who d. before 11.11.1816; 
(2) Geertruijda Catharina Cloete on 13.9.1830 (CO 2729 Beaufort Marriage List 1831), who d. 

In 1829 his son was murdered and 437 sheep stolen by Bushmen from his farm. Ockert, with J. 
J. Jansen van Rensburg, Petrus v. der Westhuizen and David A. Muller, followed and overtook 
the robbers who offered resistance. They shot "many" and regained 100 of the sheep. Later, when 
under arrest at Beaufort, they showed that there had been stolen from the Nieuweveld alone, in 
1828 up to June 1st, 4,000 sheep and 250 head of cattle. (Letter from accused to Sir John Wylde, 
Chief Justice, 11.8.1829. Attorney General's Letters, unsorted, Cape Archives.) 

Original signature: (1) MOOC 8/63, No. 20, Letter 11.11.1816 to Weeskamer; (2) MO, vol. 

87, No. 38, 1847. Signature: Okkert Kruger Cs.; also signed Ockert Cs. Kruger. 

Farm: Biesiebult and Cameels Bron in Nieuweveld, dist. Beaufort. 

Remarks: The portions of children by first marriage secured at Orphan Chamber 16.9.1817. Known 

as "Okker Kruger". Estate of widow (Liquidation Account) filed 4.4.1854. 

(e)l Nieltje, born 1807; md. 5.10.1823 Guilliam Vermulen (CO 2651, Worcester Marriage List, 
Item No. 8). 

(e)2 Geertruida Helena Christina, born 1808; md. 17.5.1825 Joachim Johan Nicolaas Kruger 

(e)3 Carel Hendrik, born 1811. Murdered by Bushmen 1829. 

(e)4 Floris Johannes, born 1813. 

Original signature: None found. 

Farm: Quitrent farms Klipfontein (Clanwilliam) and Kruis R., (Worcester). Before 1847 was part- 
owner with parents of Cameels Bron. 

Remarks: Sold quitrent farm (3.6.1856) to P. N. Wiese. (Miscellaneous Letters from Deeds Office, 
C.A., unclassified.) 

(e)5 Ockert Jacobus, born 1815. 

(d)5 Carel Hendrik, b. 18.10.1787, murdered 1836; md. Anna Francina du Preez. 
On 7.7.1811 the traveller W. J. Burchell was approaching the southern entrance of Karropoort from 
Verkeerde Vlei. He had a long conversation with a visitor to his camp who, he says, was "Carel Krieger, 

son of that Carel Krieger who was killed by an elephant, and nephew of Jacob Krieger who 
unfortunately went with Dr. Cowan's expedition. 

The visitor was Carel Hendrik Kruger who was just about to be married and had lately obtained a 
nearby farm. He told Burchell that otherwise he would have liked to j oin him. The conversation took 
place at Karrokloof, which appears to be Burchell's name for the entrance to Karropoort. He told the 
English traveller that his father and uncle had fled the Colony "having trespassed against the laws" and 
for many years had led a wandering life among the tribes on either side of the Gariep or Orange River. 
"Their ingenuity together with their courage enabled them to procure a substinance in deserts and in 
some measure gain the good-will of the natives. When the Colony fell the second time into the hands of 
the English the surviving brother Jacob by an act of amnesty was permitted to return within the 
boundary and was living on a small farm in the Roggeveld when the Expedition (of Cowan) was set 
on foot." 

Dr. Cowan, a military surgeon, with Lt. Donovan, twenty Hottentot soldiers and two guides, was 
sent in 1808 to explore the country beyond Lithako. 

The expedition reached the Bangwaketzi and may have crossed the Limpopo, but never returned, 
and it is uncertain if all the members were murdered by natives or died of fever, or - as was 
rumoured - were drowned in crossing a wide river. With them perished Jacob Kruger (c)8. Burchell 
adds, at the conclusion of his conversation, a remark about his young visitor which throws a flood 
of light on the early life of Carel Hendrik Kruger and perhaps also on the life of his mother, brothers 
and sisters. He states that his visitor "recollected something of the Sichuana and Koraqua languages, 
the former of which he called Briqua and wrote down about twenty words of it". By this remark it 
is known that at least one of his sons accompanied Carel Kruger (c)5 in his wanderings and knew 
the desert country which borders the Orange River. 

Carel Hendrik Kruger had to fight to retain his newly-acquired farm. By August, 1812, he was in 
Cape Town petitioning the Governor Cradock 19 The petition states that by purchase he possessed 
the "loan place" Uitvlugt (then considered in the district of Tulbagh). It was bought at a public sale. 
After taking possession he found that a large part of its land had been taken by one Bruwer 
(unspecified). He had been unable to obtain redress through the Landdrost. He claimed "the full 
extent of land commonly granted to the Feoffee". The final result of his suit is not known; it is 
known only that his claim was involved with the claim of "a certain Pienaar" to a loan-farm called 
"Reebeckfontein at the Anys Berg" (sic) which had been rejected by the Landdrost as inconsistent 
with the petitioner's claim for Uitvlugt, and that Carel Hendrik was farming the latter for several 

If a letter from Chas. Trappes, Land Office, Worcester, in 1824 to the Colonial Secretary, 
Colonel Bird refers to Carel Hendrik Kruger (d)5, then the latter again saw the scenes of his 
boyhood: "I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 13th (Feb., 1824) 
acquainting me that His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to grant a Licence to Mr. C. H. 
Kruger to visit the Tribes to the Northward of this Colony. I beg you will represent to His 
Excellency that there are several Sentences and Demands against Mr. Kruger which he has evaded 
by absenting himself from the District and remaining incognito". 20 Probably as a result of this letter, 
Ld. Chas. Somerset recalled him in 1825 from "Griqualand" and his signed request for permission 
to delay his departure is preserved. 21 On 30.1.1832 a Carel H. Kruger wrote from Graaff Reynet to 
Landdrost van Ryneveld stating that he intended moving to F. C. Nieuwe Hantam and applying for 

19 CO 3890 

20 CO 2660 

21 CO 235 (old number CO 413), No. 186 (1825) original. 

permission to have a ferry-boat on the Great or Orange River, "about 2 miles below Allemans Drift. 
I am of opinion that I can thereby afford much convenience ... to Missionaries and Travellers as 
well as other persons who often cross the River for the purpose of trading with the Tribes beyond 
the River". Permission was granted. 22 

Original signature: MO, vol. 38, No. 25 (28.10.1813), made "in Bokkeveld", codicil 28.6.1838, 
filed 21.10.1840; also CO 3890. Petition signature in full. Signed letter CO 235, No. 186 (1825). 
Farm: Uitvlugt in Bokkeveld, in "wyk van Georg Sebastiaan Wolfaard", now dist. Ceres (J 360, 
p. 11 (1820) ). 
Remarks: R.E., vol. 11, No. 208. 

(d)6 Joachim Johan Nicolaas, b. 22.9.1793; md. Geertruida Helena Christina Kruger, d. of 
Ockert Cornells Kruger and Nieltje Visser on 17.5.1825 (CO 2669, Worcester Matrimonial List, 
No. 9). 

Is briefly mentioned in one of a series of letters between J. Baird, deputy Landdrost, Beaufort, 
and Veldcornet A. du Toit, of Nieuweveld, in 1824-25. 23 Ockert Cornells Kruger (d)4, then living 
in the Nieuweveld had been appointed provisional Field Cornet by the respected Field Cornet A. G. 
Coetzee in Roggeveld. Du Toit in 1824 wrote objecting "since no legal division has yet taken place I 
have to take, without orders from the Landdrost, orders from one out of my district". He wrote Baird 
again on 27.11.1825 complaining that "Mr. O. Kruger and his son-inlaw G(uilliam) Vermeyling had 
entered his division for three months, and not yet reported to me, he has now his son-in-law Jan Kruger 

22 CO 2736, G.R. 1832. Copy only. 

CO 2667 

and his brother Joachim with him who also have not reported themselves". The correspondence 
reveals the fact that officially, according to Baird, the dividing line between the Rogge- and Nieuweveld 
at the period was an imaginary line drawn straight from the "former Zak River Church" (see Jacob 
Johannes Kruger, P.E.zoon (c)3 who married Anna Dorothea Griesel, p. 281) and the Tafelberg in 
Goup. This, in the correspondence, is also mentioned as the "Goupshche Tavelberg" and is the 
Tafelkop (4,490 ft.) at the southern limit of the Little Roggeveld Mountains, near Fortuin, and to-day 
some miles north of Maljesfontein Station. 

Original signature: None found. 

Locality: Mid-Roggeveld (J 362, p. 25, No. 26, 1828). 

(e) Jacob Casper, d. 27.1.1869; md. Elisabeth Wilhelmina Malan. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 179, No. lOS. Joint will, filed 20.2.1869, made 15.1.1849. 
Farm or locality: Kranskraal op Nieuweveld in dist. Beaufort. 
Remarks: R.E., Liq. Ac, filed 2.3.1871. Is stated to have died in Calvinia. 

(f)l Stephanus JoHANNEs-a minor in 1871. 

(f)2 Maria MAGDALENA Johanna. 

(f)3 Geertruida Helena Christina. 

(f)4 Jacob Casper, d. 25.8.1907; md. Adriana Jacoba Blaasius. 

Original signature: Joint will. Filed 12.8.1907. 
Farm or locality: Driefontein, dist. Prieska. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 134, p. 439. 

(f)5 Elisabeth Wilhelmina. 

(f)6 Johannes Nicolaas. 

(e) Carel Ockert, d. 22.7.1852; md. Anna Maria Visser, d. of Willem Adriaan Visser. 

Original signature: C. Ok. Kruger (MO, vol. 90, No. 62), made 5.3.1848. 
Locality: District Worcester. 

(d)7 Francois Pieter Ernst, b. 22.9.1793; md. (1) Johanna Christina van der Westhuizen, 
who d. before 24.9.1813; (2) Christina van Wyk, spinster, on 2.10.1813, who was b. 19.3.1797, 
d. of Abraham van Wyk and Anna Glaudina Joosten, both of De Hoop in FC. Voor Breede R. 
(CO 2593, Tulbagh Matr. List, 1814). 

Original signature: MOOC 8/59, No. 50. Inventory J. C. v. der Westhuizen. 

Farm or locality: In 1822-1828 with Christina van Wyk in FC. Breede R., Tulbagh (J 362, p. 6, 

No. 37; J 364, p. 7). 

Remarks: Actens van Kinder Bewys van Heeren Weesmeesteren, dd. 24.9.1813. 

(e) Johanna Christina Francina. 
(e) CAREL Kruger, F. P. E.Zoon. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 63, No. 109. Will made 3.9.1839. 
Farm or locality: Tulbagh, dist. Worcester. 

(d)8 Gerrit Carel Jacobus, b. 22.9.1793, d. 22.9.1844; md. (1) Anna Maria Cilliers; (2) on 
5.2.1814 Aletta Sebella van der Merwe, of the Bokkeveld, spinster (CO 2593, No. 3 on 
Matrimonial List). 

Gerrit Carel Jacobus made a will with Anna Maria Cilliers at Dekkersvlei, Klein 
Drakenstein, in 1813. She was d. of (and fourth child of) Johannes Cilliers and Anna Maria 
Naude, b. 27.9.1789. It will be noted that Gerrit Carel Jacob (d)8, Francois Pieter Ernst (d)7 and 
Joachim Johan Nicolaas (d)6, younger sons of Carel Kruger, were baptised after their father's 
death and upon the same day. 

Original signature: None found. 

Farm or locality: 1820 "De Dassen Klip", now Ceres district (1360, p. 9). 1828 FC. of D. J. 

Theron, Tulbagh Division, which then included Ceres district (J 362, p. 18). 

Remarks: Joint will (copy) with Anna Maria Cilliers (MOOC 7/67, No. 1). 

(e) Johannes Gerhardus, b. 25.7.1813. 

(c)6 Frans, b. 1752, died unmarried before 24.10.1804. Erroneously described as married 
to M. C. Erasmus in Geslaght Register der Oude Kaapsche Familien. 

Frans died "ongehuud" according to the Liquidation Account (Boedel rekening) of his estate 
in which he is described as "burger der Colonie Tulbagh". It is improbable that he ever went to 
Graaff Reynet. Shortly before the death of his father, Jacob Kruger (b)l, he took over a part of 
Gunstfontein from him. He "abandoned" this farm six years later and no other farm has, with 
certainty, been traced to him. Throughout his adult life he appears to have lived in more or less 
close contact with his brother-in-law, Nicolaas van der Westhuysen, (see (c)10, Christina J. H. 

Kruger), and it is possible he, Frans, preferred to act as European servant or knegt in charge of one 
of Van der Westhuisen's farms. As young men, the two, who later became brothers-in-law, in 1777 
served as dragonders or mounted infantrymen in the Company of Capt. Jan Bernhardus Hoffman at 
the Annual Military Exercises held at Stellenbosch; absent were Jacobus Alewyn Kruger (c)l and 
Pieter Kruger, Hendksz. (c)6. 24 

The two brothers-in-law (1) signed with others a request, dated 1799, that Gerrit Maritz, ex- 
Veldcornet, have a commando for the Mid-Roggeveld for the reason that the farm of Floris Visser, 
Veldcornet for the Fore-Roggeveld, was too distant; (2) they signed on 26.12.1799 with thirteen 
others, including Gerrit Maritz, a protest against the policy of attacking the Hottentot Captain 
Afrikander on the Lower Zak River on the grounds that it was the wrong season, there would be no 
bread with men away in the harvest time, the position of his kraal unknown, the Commando too 
small and because Afrikander had not attacked them and might, being well armed, wreak vengeance 
on the Mid-Roggeveld, 25 ; (3) they signed, too, a joint letter referring to a Hottentot servant, 
Kakkerlak, who had been attacked by a slave. 26 

After 1785 Frans Kruger, Jacobsz. (c)6 and Jasper Kruger, Hendriksz. (c)10, of whom little is 
known, are associated in the Census returns for Stellenbosch until 1790, 27 that is, long after Jasper's 
parents, Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete, had gone to Graaff Reynet. 

Frans Kruger (c)6 appears to have lived the typical bachelor and when he died intestate, Nicolaas 
van der Westhuizen and Gerrit Maritz made the arrangements for his funeral and the inventory of 
his possessions. He possessed two horses and a saddle, which is described as good but lent him by 

24 J 179 (1777-8) Stel., Gen. Monst. Rolle der E. Compagnien v. Stel. en Drakenstein. 

25 Stel. 10/150, Stel. 10/151. Letters of Field Cornets. 

26 Stel 10/152. 

27 J 185, p. 38 ; J 186, p. 35 ; J 187. 

Dolf van der Westhuizen. A gun, silver watch, 3 pairs of silver buckels and a pair of silver buttons, 
a looking-glass and change of clothes with two shirts, in which, Gerrit Maritz and Van der 
Westhuizen explain, they buried their friend and therefore had not included their value in the 
inventory. Frans Kruger's heirs were his sisters, Christina (c)10, the wife of Van der Westhuizen, 
and Johanna Catharina (c)l, and the children of his dead brother, Carel Kruger, and the children of 
his dead sisters, Hendrina Cecilia (c)2 and Anna Maria (c)4. 

Original signature: Stel 10/151; Stel 10/152. Br. v. Veldcornette en Private Persone. CJ, vol. 

422, p. 266; J 194, Rolle, p. 32. Always signed with large F. 

Farm or locality: 1767-1773 Gunst in Roggeveld. R.L.R. 20, p. 29; R.L.R. 23, p. 155. Frans 

Kruger's portion of Gunst was "Overschotsefontein" (i.e., the Ooverlap Spring on Gunst). This 

verlap was 2,640 ft. from a farm called later "de Eylands Valy". It was behind the Witte Klip 

between the farms of Andries and Nicolaas Olivier in 1779. Because of water supply it could not 

be satisfactorily farmed, nor could de Eylands Valy. Gerrit Maritz on 14 Nov. 1779 reporting on 

the latter, writes "dat de Eylands Valy geen bestaaning heeft in sigself "names the and latter as 

the verlaten plaats van Frans Kruger". (Letter 138 Maritz, re beacon placed by Gerrit Cloete to 

v. d. Riet. Stel 10/152.) 

Remarks: Boedelrekening MOOC 13/29, No. 34. Inventaris MOOC 8/25, No. 27. 

In Census is first mentioned with Carel (c)5 in 1775 both as young men with only horse and 
weapons (J 177 (Stel), p. 12). 

(c)7 CATHARINA Elisabeth, b. 26.10.1755; md. Thomas Jacob Ferreyn. 
(c)8 Jacob, b. 11.2.1759. 

Jacob Kruger, Jacobsz. (c)8, the younger brother of Carel Kruger, is the "white man named 
Kruger" mentioned by Theal 28 who states that accompanied by a halfbreed the two acted as guides 
to Cowan's expedition of 1808. "Both had for many years," Theal continues, "been wandering 
among the Betchuana and Korana tribes." 

It was from this expedition that Jacob, nearly sixteen years after the tragic death of his brother, 
Carel Kruger, never returned. 

A year after his father's death, Jacob in 1779, as a young recruit, was "newly inscribed" in the 
Company of Mounted Infantry at Stellenbosch, commanded by Capt. Wouter de Vos of Buffelsvlei 
in Hex River, 29 for the Roggeveld farmers, including other young Krugers, seem to have preferred 
this Company at that period. In 1783 he made his first Census return as a batchelor possessing a 
horse and arms. Then followed the tragic visit to the Cape told in the life of Carel Kruger and after 
twenty-two years Jacob Kruger d'oude, without wife or children, appears again in Opgaaf In 1807 30 
from "Camiesberg, Klein Namaqualand in the Veldcornetcy of Johannes Cornelis van der 

In the same year another Jacob Kruger d'oude, or senior, his cousin and son of Hendrik Kruger 
and Francina Cloete, was a respected farmer in the Agter Sneeuwberg and owner de Put (p. 272-3). 

There is pathos in the fact that before he left on the ill-fated Cowan's expedition he had been 
granted by acting Governor Gen. Baird two adjoining farms "de Bloemfontein and de Damsfontein" 
between the Steenkampsberg and the boundry of the hindmost Nieuweveld" 31 The road from 
Fraserberg Road Station to Fraserberg climbs the plateau by Theekloof near the Steenkampsberg 

28 History of S. A. 1795-1834, by George McCall Theal, p. 14. Sonnenschein 1891. 

29 J 195, Gen. Rolle d'Ed. Compagnien v. Stel. en Drakenstein. 

30 J 438 Tulbagh, p. 19, No. 21. 

31 CO 2559. Tulbagh Letters 75 and 88 (1806). 

and not far from these farms. The spirit of adventure and love of pioneering was strong in many 
Krugers and it is possible he would never have made a farmer. He had already, in 1805, acted as 
guide to the expedition made by Landdrost van de Graaff among the BeChawna far beyond the 
Orange R. and Lichtenstein has described him: "He spoke little and laughed seldom, knew no fear: 
his deep-set eyes, long grey hair and great beard lent him a threatening appearance. He carried a 
short thick elephant-gun carrying bullets weighing quarter of a pound." 32 

The missionary William Anderson wrote unwittingly what may well be considered the fitting 
epitaph of Jacobus Kruger (c)8, grandson of Jacobus Kruger and Johanna Kemp. Anderson had 
entertained the members of Cowan's expedition between 21st and 29th Nov. 1808 at Klaarwater. He 
sent a letter, 33 telling of their safe arrival and their departure to H. van der Graaff, Landdrost of Tulbagh, 
who forwarded it to the Earl of Caledon. Anderson wrote "Mr. Krieger (sic) who came with Dr. Cowan 
has resolved to go as far as they go". Had Jacob Kruger (c)8 kept a diary of his wanderings along and 
beyong the great river between 1785-1805 he would have vied for fame among the early travellers of 
South Africa. 

(c)9 Hendrik, b. 15.3.1761. 

(c)10 Christina Joachimina Hermanisina, b. 3.3.1763; d. in Beaufort 13.12.1825; md. 13.10.1782 
Nicolaas van der Westhuizen, son of Johannes van der Westhuizen and Hilletje Botes. 

32 See Reizen in Z.A., II, pp. 195-271. Dr. E. C. Godee-Molsbergen in his footnote, p. 195, writes "... onder het Brits 
bestuur was by (Jacob Krieger) met zyn broeder uit de gevangenis ontvlucht tydens een process over een politiek 
misdrijf, beiden zwierven drie jaren onder veschillende Koranastammen, en na de dood van zyn broeder keerde Jacob 
Krieger in de kolonie terug, waar hij op voorspraak van vrienden vergiffenis kreeg". This statement hardly reflects the 
actual events. 

33 CO 2568 (1809), Letter 8. 

Original signature: Of husband. J 200, fol. 16 V2 (1804); MOOC 13/29, No. 34. 

Farm or locality: 1779-1783 De Elandsfontein op 't Roggeveld. De List in Roggeveld, now the site 

of the town Sutherland. 

Second Child ofStamvader (a). 

(b)2 Frans, b. 20.8.1719, d. 27.8.1781; md. 1.3.1744 (1) Judith Coetsee who d. before 26.9.1752, 
d. of Cornelis Coetsee and Geertruy Gerrits, who farmed "Clipfontein agter de Picquetbergen" ; (2) 
Maria Putter, b. 15.10.1730, who d. before May, 1773, d. of Johannes Lodewyk Putter and Anna v. der 
Swaan; (3) Magdelena Catharina Erasmus. (See MOOC 13/12, No. 13, 1st Aug., 1783.) For her 
probable parentage, see Remarks. 

Frans Kruger (b)2 was the wanderer and, like his brother Hendrik (b)6, also the pioneer of the Kruger 
family. He, rather than Hendrik, deserves the epithet "rolling-stone" 1 which has been applied to the 
latter, who was the great-greatgrandfather of President Paul Kruger. 

The parents of Judith Coetsee had the loan-farm "Clipfontein at Piketberg" 2 now the site of the 
village Aurora, and this probably explains why Frans and his first wife settled at, and possessed the farm 
buildings (opstal), on Piekenierskloof, at the foot of Grey's Pass, across the valley from the Piquetberg. 
By 1751, probably just after his wife's death, he had an opstal on de Hoop in the Roggeveld. This 
farm, with de Liefdefontein, he shared in common with his brother Johannes (b)4, who had already 
been, for two years at least, in the Roggeveld. Five years later he was granted the loan-farm 

1 Die Lewe van Paul Kruger, Afrikaanse bewerking van Van Schaapwachter tot President, deur Ds. P. J. Viljoen. 
"...een van sy (Jacob Kruger se) seuns Hendrik wat skynbaar 'n regte woel water was, die wildernis ingetrek en horn 
naby Graaf Reinet gaan vestig. Hy is later met mejuffrou Francina Cloete getroud." 
2 R.L.R. 11, p. 57. 

Welbedagt, near Driefontein in the Roggeveld, a name which his eldest son Jacob Johannes Kruger, 
Fransz. (c)l, was twenty-six years later to have for his farm on Sundays River. By 1776 Frans had 
lost his second wife and some of his family were already married, he applied for the loan-farm "de 
Bokkepoort op 't Nieuweveld", 3 but as this farm had been granted the year before to another 
burgher, he asked that the deposit he had paid - probably the customary Rds. 24 for an annual lease 
- might be used for obtaining the rights on "Het Groote Zeekoegat on the Great Visch River". 

Two years later, on Sunday, 18th Oct., 1778, the j ournalist, who wrote the journal of the journey 
made by the Governor van Plettenberg to the Great Visch River, made the following entry, which 
obviously refers to Frans Kruger (b)2 and his two sons-in-law: "Wy begaven ons 's voormiddags ten 
half thien uuren langs de Groote Visch-rivier zuydwaardts weder op reys, passerden ten half twaalf 
uuren de plaats van Frans Kruger en quamen ten twee uuren na middag op de plaats van Jan Durand 
en Christiaan van Aard aan de gem: rivier gelegen". 4 

Frans Kruger, son of the Stamvader, because he was always a burgher "of the Cape", with few 
exceptions made his census returns without details in the Stellenbosch Census as one of the 
buitenleeden and with his brother Johannes (b)4. These usually state the numbers of sheep and oxen 
owned only, without reference to the wife and numbers of children. It is probable that he had been 
in Graaff Reynet before he applied in 1776 for 't Zeekoegat.He died leaving a fair estate of which 
his widow M. C. Erasmus, by 1783 married to Johannes Meyntjes van den Berg, appears to have 
inherited the greatest part, each of his eleven children getting Ryks. 161 st. 8. He died it is stated "in 
Waveren". 5 

3 R.L.R. 21, p. 293; en 24, p. 143 (18.2.1776). 

4 Dagverhaal van de Landreise ...Wei. Ed. Mr. Joachim van Plettenberg. Reizen in Z.A., deel IV, bl. 49, E. G. Godee- 
Molsbergen (LinschotenVereeniging). 

5 MOOC 6/1. 

Original signature: Dated 26.9.1752. MOOC 8/7, No. 24 Administered Estate Late Judith 
Coetsee. "Inventaris van my frans Kruger." Signs with small "f". 

Farms: 1744 Pequiniers Cloof, R.L.R. 11, p. 77. 1751 de Hoop in Roggeveld, R.L.R. 12, p. 461. 
1756-1759 Welbedagt, near Driefontein in Roggeveld, R.L.R. 14, p. 218, and 15, p. 409. 1776 
Het Zeekoegat on Groote Visch. "Rietkuyl and Uitkomst on Landdrost R. in Camdebo" at time 
of death, opstalle in ownership. 

Remarks: Vendu Rolle, MOOC 10/13, No. 56. Rds. 3542 St. 6. Boedel Reckening, MOOC 8/18, 
No. 43 (1781-85). Joint will with Putter, MOOC 7/20, No. 37 (copy), 4.4.1767 at Castle of Good 
Hope. Though uncertain it is probable that the third wife of Frans Kruger (b)2 was d. of Joseph 
Erasmus and Sara de Klerk who md. on 4.10.1737. Sara de Klerk when a widow md. on 
21.3.1751 Sybrand van Dyk, whose farm was de Honingberg in Twenty Four Rivers. On this 
farm on 18.11.1782 the sale of the late Frans Kruger's (b)2 goods took place and Sybrand v. Dyk 
made the Inventory. MOOC 10/13, No. 56. 

(c)l Jacob Johannes, b. 14.3.1745 ; md. 26.4.1767 Jacoba van Wyk (Geslacht Register, C. C. 
de Villiers), who was b. 3.3.1745, d. (circa) 1798. 

Jacob Johannes Kruger, Fransz., with one exception always appears in the Census (Opgaaf) 
without wife or children 6 The single exception is an error in the census for Tulbagh in 1807 7 , in 
which he is given as the husband of Elsie Christina Kruger (b. 1786, d. 1813), who married Jacob 
Johannes Kruger (d)4, son of Jacob Johannes, PEz., and Anna Dorothea Griesel. 

6 Stel. Opgaaf Rolle J 172, p. 24 (1767) to J 86, p. 34, G.R. 1798. 

7 J 438 (1807), No. 19, in Voorste Omtrek v. Middel Roggeveld. 

Jacob Johannes Kruger, Fransz. (c)l became a burgher of Graaff Reinet on 5.3.1787 , but that he 
had been in that district before he acquired Welbedagt on Sundays River in 1782 is shown by a 
claim in the estate of his father Frans, "Jacob Johannes Kruger voor tweemaalen wagen vragt van 
uit de Camdebo na de Caab volgens quitante Rds. 40". MOOC 13/12, No. 13. 

No children have been traced to him; he made his last census return in 1798. 9 In 1802 and again 
in 1804 he is debited with rent for Willegefontein for (in 1802) 5 % years and (in 1804) 7 3 A 
years, 10 the reason for nonpayment is entered as "Geheel onvermogend". It is not improbable he 
had died soon after or by 1798. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Klavers Valleij and Bosjesman's Kraal 1765. (R.L.R. 18, p. 549), both in 
Nieuweveld. Welbedagt on Sundays River 1782-84 (R.L.R. 31, p. 167, and 28, p. 341). 
Willegefontein in Agter Bruintjes Hooghte agter de groete Visch rivier 1784 (R.L.R. 32, p. 81). 
Remarks: Welbedagt passed Feb., 1784, to Pieter Venter. Described as "geleegen boven de Craal 
van Johs. Jacob Brits verlaatene plaats van Jacob Johs. Kruger, Frans zoon." 

(c)2 GEERTRUIJ Cornelia, b. 23.3.1747, born of Judith Coetsee. 
(c)3 Johanna Cecilia, b. 28.3.1751, born of Judith Coetsee. 
(c)4 Anna Elisabeth, b. 18.11.1753, born of Maria Putter. 

G.R. Notule Landdrost en Heemraden 1/1. 

9 J 86, p. 34 (G.R.) 

10 G.T. 14/16 Land matters, List 1, No. 223 on List, also List Outstanding Quitrents, Reasons for non-payment, No. 113 
on List. 

(c)5 Maria Petronella, b. 25.4.1756; md. (1) 10.4.1774 Jan Durand d'jonge, b. 5.10.1749, 
son of Jan Durand and Johanna Geldenhuizen; (2) Johnothan Lombard, Jsz., on 27.1.1779. 

(c)6 Johanna Francina, b. 23.12.1759; md. 19.3.1775 Christiaan van Aarde, b. 10.10.1750, 
son of Theunis van Aarde, who in 1731 md. Hilletje Kerver. Christiaan was widower of Catharina 
Lavina Nel, whom he had married 9.5.1773. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: De Eersteling at Gt. Fish R. in Bruintjes Hoogte (G.R. 14/16, List 1, No. 


(c)7 Zacharia, b. 5.10.1765, d. at Grahamstown 1842; md. Joseph van Dyk, son of Sybrand 
van Dyk and Sara de Klerk (see Frans Kruger (b)2, p. 229). In 1805 were living at de Driefontein 
on Bushmans R. "formerly in occupation of Jan Harmse Steenkamp" (CO 2559). Later had the 
Erfpacht farm Doornfontein between the Assegai R. and the Rietberg, dist. Albany. Joseph v. 
Dyk's signature is on J 91, p. 32 (back), 1804. 

Original signature: MO vol. 44, No. 26 (1827, mutual will). Executor Pieter Retief appointed 

Aug. 1830. "Zagarija Kruger". 

Farm or locality: 1802 Dassendeur Agter Zwagershoek aan Visch R., between Wittemutche 

Kloof and Blauwe Krans (G.R. 14/16, List 1, No. 327). 

Remarks: Liq. Ace. filed 13.10.18$2. R.E. vol. 12, p. 219. 

(c)8 Frans Johannes, b. 1.10.1768; d. before 5.4.1806; md. Anna Bregje Nienaber. 

Original signature: Signature of widow MOOC 8/57, No. 26. 

Farm or locality: Lived on farm of Christiaan v. Aarde in Bruintjeshoogte (J 86, fol. 30, No. 


Remarks: Widow md. Hendrik Adriaan Smit, Jacz. 

(d) FRANS Johannes Christiaan, b. 10.2.1793; md. Sukie Jacoba Jansen. Provisionally 
granted 27.2.1804 "de Driefontein gel, in het Zuurveld over de Kauweheuwel op de Doom Rug" 
and on 28.2.1804 "de Palmietfontn. aan de Spruit van Kat Rivier gewesene legplaats van Tomas 
Dreyer". (Farm applied for, Nos. 122-124, G.R. 14/16) 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Zwart Ruggens 1815 (J 6, p. 73, No. 45). FC. Camdebo 1828 (J 130, p. 15, 

No. 32). 

Remarks: In 1824 had a son and 4 daughters (J 123, p. 14, No. 120). 

(c)9 Sara Cecilia, b. 7.7.1776, born of Frans Kruger's third marriage, with M. C. Erasmus 
(MOOC 13/12, No. 13); md. Johannes Lodewykus du Preez. 

The Liquidation Account of her father's estate reads for (c)9, (c)10 and (c)ll, "Uit het derden 
Huwelyk met boven gemelde Magdalena Catharina Erasmus, onmondig". 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1810, dist. Tarka (J 99, No. 1136). 1825 in FC. Zwartkops, Somerset East 

(J 152, p. 9, No. 48, and J 369, p. 3, No. 76). 

Remarks: Tax exemption 1825 for age and circumstances. 

(c)10 Petrus Jacobus, b. 23.11.1777; md. 9.1.1802 Elisabeth Margaretha Magdalena Botha. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/46, No. 42. Inventory of son. 

Farm or locality: 1810 Tarka (J 99, No. 1170). 1825 Somerset East (J 152, p. 18). 

(d) Maria Petronella Jacoba, born 13.11.1808 "d'Vader Petrus Jacobus Kruger". G. 
14/121. Lyst van Geboore Kindere van 't Jaar 1808. 

(d) Frans Johannes Christiaan, P.JS. zoon, died 10.12.1830 at Coroomspoort, FC. East 
Riet R.; md. Hester Catharina Engelbrecht. 

Original signature: Signature of widow, MOOC 8/46, No. 42. "Hester C. Kruger." 

(e)l Hester Catharina Johanna, born 13.12.1828. 

(e)2 Francina Johanna Christina, born 22.9.1830. 

(c)ll Christiaan, b. 14.3.1779, d. at Cradock 25.4.1815; md. 2.5.1802 Johanna Catharina 
Kruger, who on 17.12.1817 md. Carel David Aucamp of Agter Sneeuwberg who became in 
1821 Provisional F. Cornet FC. Voor Sneeuwberg and farmed Quaggasfontein (J 118, No. 40, p. 
56; CO 2612 Marriage List, Item 102). 

In 1800 Christiaan Kruger, Fransz., was living on the farm of his stepfather Johannes Petrus 
Meintjes v. d. Berg. He died intestate; there was in 1819 a sale of his effects held at the drostdy 
Cradock (J 87, fol. 34; G.R. and MOOC 10/32, No. 18 Vi ). 

Original signature: Signature of widow, MOOC 10/32, No. ,182. Farm or locality: 1810 
Tarka (J 99, No. 207). 1813 Tarka (J 105, p. 39, No. 110). 

Remarks: In 1824 widow was with second husband, 3 sons and 5 daughters in Voor 
Sneeuwberg (J 124, p. 37, No. 44, G.R.) 

IVote.-Christiaan Kruger, b. 29.6.1761, who md. Hester Aletta de Villiers on 1.10.1784, was a 
burgher of Drakenstein and son of Jan Hendrik Kruger of Holstein, who arr. Cape in 1747 and 
whose relationship, if any, to Jacob Cruger of Berlin, is unknown. 

(a)l Magdalena Catharina, born 5.3.1803, bapt. 10.8.1804; md. Lambertus Gerhardus 
Hegter, Lz. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Voor Sneeuwberg. 

Remarks: J 123, p. 34, No. 43; G.R. 1824. No children in 1824. 

(d)2 Maria MAGDALENA Sara Cecilia, born 6.12.1804, b. 12.5.1805. Probably identical with 
Maria Magdalena Susanna Cecilia Kruger, who on 2.11.1823 was md, to Louis Barend Blom, 
Louisz. (CO 2658; G.R. No. 59 on Matrimonial List). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Voor Sneeuwberg. 

Remarks: J 123, p. 34, No. 48; G.R. 1824. No children in 1824. 

(d)3 FRANS Johannes Petrus, b. 21.8.1808. 

(d)4 Christina Johanna CATHARINA, born 3.9.1810, b. 23.9.1810; md. 2.7.1826 John Lay 
(CO 2694 (1827); G.R. Matrimonial List, Item 140). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Voor Sneeuwberg. 

(d)5 Christina Jacoba Petronella Elisabeth, b. 23.9.1815. 

Third Child ofStamvader. 

(b)3 Cecilia, b. 26.1.1721; md. 21.8.1738 Hendrik Pieter Hesse, "Corporaal in dienst der E. 
Compe.". Hesse was from Mulheim and was the widower of Maria Francina Cleef, whom he had 
md. 16.9.1731. 

Remarks: Cecilia d. before 1779. Her daughters, Hendrina and Catharina Hesse on 30.1.1781 
each inherited Rds. 126 st. 32 from the estate of Johanna Kemp, Stammoeder. 

Fourth Child of Stamvader. 

(b)4 Johannes, b. 13.12.1722, d. before April, 1779; md. 9.11.1746 Petronella Smit, b. 
23.11.1727, d. of Alewyn Smit and Hester Bekker. 

Johannes, third son of the founder and fourth child, was first of the sons to officially claim a loan 
farm in the Roggeveld. It is noticeable that he did so in the year his father died. His brother Jacob 

(b)l in 1749 was still farming "behind Blauwberg", Frans (b)2 at Pickeniers Kloof, Hendrik (b)6, 
the ancestor of Paul Kruger, had lately married Francina Cloete and was to farm at Oliphantskop, 
near Koeberg, for eleven years; Pieter Ernst (b)7, youngest of the brothers, is not officially ascribed 
a loan farm until 1755, when he obtained "Houtenbek" (? Houd den bek), below the Roggeveld 1 
and for a period took over Fortuyn from Jacob (b)l, 2 who had by then come to the Roggeveld. 

Johannes appears throughout his life to have been a grazier farmer of moderate means. In 1757 
his Census return, made with Frans his brother, among the buijtenleeden and without details, is 300 
sheep and 16 beeves, 3 but a later and more detailed return 4 shows that he owned two slaves, and 
when in 1768-69 a tax for upkeep of the Stellenbosch drosty was levied according to means on all 
the adult inhabitants of "Stellenbosch", Johannes (b)4, with Jacob and Pieter Ernst his brothers was 
assessed at Rds. 3. Frans (b)2 appears to have escaped taxation but like his brother Hendrik (b)6 
was assessed at Rds. 2. For this tax the average assessment was a fraction over three but the wealthy 
burgher Martin Melk paid Rds. 80 and Capt. Hendrik Hop of 't Slot van Paarl, apparently the sixth 
most wealthy of Stellenbosch burghers at that time, paid Rds. 25. 

In October of 1762, when Hop had returned from the expedition which he led into Great 
Namaqualand, both Johannes and Jacob Kruger served as mounted infantrymen in his Company at 
the annual drill of the Stellenbosch militia 5 and in 1771 Johannes is entered in the military muster 
roll for that year as Veld-Corporaal for Klein Roggeveld. 6 His widow in 1779, in her census, 

iR.L.R. 14, p. 149. 
2 R.L.R. 14, p. 105. 

3 J 168, p. 9 (Stel.). 

4 J 172, p. 27. 

5 J 170. Gen. Monst. Rolle der E. Compagnien v. Stel. en Drakenstein. 

6 J 174. Rolle, d'Anno 1771. 

returned 4 horses, 50 beeves and 600 sheep, her son Jacob Alewyn a horse only. In 1783 she 
married Johan Hendrik Bakermeyer of Pruijsminden and lived at Van der Linders Kraal, "geleegen 
tusschen de Canniga en Witmutjes Kloof aan de Groote Visch R.", is dist. Graaff Reynet. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/7, No. 24, on Inventory of Judith Coetsee, wife of Frans (1752). 
Farm or locality: 1749 Kruis R. over Doom R. in Roggeveld (R.L.R. 12, p. 175). 1751-1778 
shared de Liefdefontein and de Hoop in Roggeveld with Frans (b)2. 1760 Kleyne Rietfontein 
in Roggeveld (R.L.R. 16, p. 147). 

(c) Jacobus Alewyn, b. 9.10.1757, d. later than 1819; md. 2.5.1779 Maria Magdalena 

When a young burgher in 1772, Jacobus Alewyn Kruger, only son of Johannes (b)4, was 
granted a loan farm in Agter Sneeuwberg 7 , named probably after his father's Roggeveld farm, 
de Hoop. There is no evidence he ever occupied this farm on which by 1780 three years' rent 
was owing. In the year of his marriage he is mentioned in a letter written by Cornells van Wyk, 
son of the veteran Veld Cornet Willem van Wyk who led many commandos against marauding 
Bushmen. Young van Wyk with ten others, among whom was Jacobus Alewyn Kruger, had 
trekked along the foot of the Nieuweveld mountain range intending to obtain farms in territory 
which previous settlers had been compelled to leave owing to losses from raids. Judging by 
farms subsequently granted to some of the party, they went more or less in the direction of the 

7 R.L.R. 24, p. 21. 

Salt R. near Nelspoort. In his letter van Wyk requests to be made Veldwagtmeester for the 
newly occupied area: 

"Aan myn Heer de Wet landrost van Stellenbosch en Drakenstyn 

Deese dient myn Heer te doen weeten Dat ik de verlaate konterye weer in getrokken bin 

Genaamd die nieuweveld noordwaard geleegen Waaruijd den Wagtmeester Jacob de Klerk 

getrokken bin Gelieft mij myn Heer in dit kontrye als wagtmeester aan te stellen, mits dat de 

trekkende luyde daar mee tevreeden is en mij zal goet Keuren myn heer U onderdanige en 

dienstwillige dienaar 

Cornelus van Wyk willem zoon 


den 8 Julij Anno 1779. 

De trekkende lieden 

Christoffel Smit 

Cornells Janse 

Jacobus Alewyn Krieger (sic) 

Barent Piterse 

zagarius bloemeerus 

piter harmz. 

De weduwe david vorie 

Barend van den Berg. 

Stel. 10/164. Letter 14. 

Van Wyk's request was granted and in October, 1780, he reported as Veld Corporaal to the 
same magistrate the losses of his burghers from raids. Between 2nd May and 8th July, 1780, 
Jacobus Alewyn had lost forty-seven beeves. Between August 1st and 15th they had tracked the 
Bushmen, finding bones of cattle, horns and fat where they had camped. Overtaken on the 15th 
and called upon to surrender, they refused and replied with arrows, ten Bushmen had been shot, 
six taken prisoner and kept as servants ("antworden van nien, en begonden met haar peyl te 
schieten waar op wy hebben 10 dood geschooten en 6 gevangen en hebbe de Ses gevangen 
onder de manschappen verdeelt en zyn den 20 Augustus te huys gekomen"). 9 

Jacobus Alewyn got the loan farm Bosjesmans Kop, agter de Nieuweveld gel. aan de Zoute 
R. 10 but years later, when making explanation to the authorities for unpaid rent on his various 
farms, claimed that although entered on his name on their books it belonged to his father and he 
had not occupied it for seventeen years. 11 By 1787 he was in Graaff Reynet but had probably 
gone there earlier with his mother, his step-father Bakermeyer, his wife, two sons and a 
daughter. 12 He certainly lived for many years in the Agter Sneeuwberg and as Jacob Alewyn 
Kruger, Senior, returned Opgaaf from that district as late as 1813-15, in the latter year with his 
wife and two sons (d)5 and (d)6. 13 With his son Willem Hendrikus (d)5 he is unfavourably 
mentioned in the "Memorandum voor de Goeverneur Janssens over het karakter van met name 

9 Stel. 10/164. Letter 37. 

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Rent free or abandoned. 

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13 J. Cradock, 50, p. 4, Nos. 2, 3, 4 and J 105, G.R., p. 91, No. 115. 

genoemde Boeren" 14 which, however, is anonymous, dated 2.4.1803; apparently intended for 
the information of Gen. Janssens on his well-known journey to Graaff Reynet, and shows 
considerable bias. He was still living in 1819 when as d'oude (or Senr.) he is mentioned as 
having attended the sale at Cradock of the effects of his cousin Christiaan Kruger (c)ll, who 
had died intestate in 1815. 1S 

Original signature: Cradock Archives 8/47 (Cape Archives), Unsorted letters. See Complaint 

by Jacobus Alewyn Kruger to Landdrost re bond-servant, 20.12.1816: "... ik een arm man bin 

... myn mijt genaam dienna so dikwels al gedrots is ..." 

Farm or locality: 1788 de Eylands drift in Agter Bruintjes Hoogte agter de Groote Visch R. 

(R.L.R. 35, p. 467). Because of depredations "by Bushmen and Caffres" this farm remained free 

of rent, still in the name of Jacobus Alewyn Kruger, until 1.1.1809 when it was again debited for 


Remarks: Census return for 1792 shows 3 sons, 1 daughter, 3 slaves, 56 cattle, 1,000 sheep (J 84 

B (G.R.), p. 19). 

(d)l Johannes Petrus, b. 14.5.1780; md. 25.9.1803 Martha Magdalena van der Walt, b. 

Original Signature: J 91 (G.R.), p. 5 (back), 1804. Signature, Johannes Petrus Kruger. 

14 The memorandum is printed in full, Reizen in Z.A., IV, pp. 210-215, GodeeMolsbergen. It has been attributed by 
some to Sir John Barrow. 

15 MOOC 10/32, No. 183. Vendu RoUe. 

Farm or locality: Agter Sneeuwberg in 1814 (J 50 (Cradock), p. 8, No. 95). de Blauwkrans, gel. 
aan de Baviaan R. FC Agter Sneeuwberg (J 123 (1825) and G.R. 14/16. Lyst v. zodanige 
plaatsen G.R. met eenige annotatien ... omtrent de Besitters dier plaatsen ... No. 417. 
Remarks: Known as "J's zoon". 

(e)l Jacobus Alewyn, b. 12.5.1805; md. Magdalena J. M. Kruger (e)3, d. of Christoffel 
Kruger and Magdalena Johanna Steenkamp. 

(e)2 Maria Elisabeth, b. 22.12.1806. 

(e)3 Maria Elisabeth MAGDALENA, born 6.7.1808, b. 3.9.1808. 

(e)4 Johannes Petrus Christoffel, b. 21.3.1819. 

(e)5 Alida Catharina Barendina, b. 2.10.1821. 

(e)6 Johannes Petrus Christoffel, b. 8.4.1822. 

(d)2 Christoffel Alewyn, b. 26.1.1783; md. 25.9.1803 
Magdalena Johanna Steenkamp, b. 5.10.1787, d. of Jan Harmse Steenkamp and Magdalena de 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: FC. Agter Sneeuwberg (J 105 (G.R.), p. 87), No. 77 (1813). 

(e)l Jacobus Alewyn, b. 20.5.1805; Hester Johanna Bester of Cradock on 4.11.1821 (CO 
2641, Matrimonial List, No. 39); also G.R. 10/la (20.11.21). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: FC. Agter Sneeuwberg (J 152, Som. East, p. 57, No. 119, 1825). 

Remarks: Known as "C's zoon" (Reg. Est., vol. 17, No. 228). 

(e)2 Jan Harmse, b. 30.8.1807; md. Martha Johanna Petronella Kruger, who d. 27.6.1839. 

Original signature: Jan Harmsi Kruger, Martha Johanna peternella Kruger (MO, vol. 31, No. 6). 

Joint will made 21.12.1835 at Cradock. Filed 6.9.1839. 

Farm or locality: F.C. Brak R. (1825) (J 152, p. 79, No. 165). 

Remarks: Known as "Cs" zoon. Of seven witnesses to will none were Krugers. 

(f)l Jan Harmse. 

(f)2 Christoffel Alewyn, d. 9.3.1883; md. Johanna Hendrina Petronella Botha. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Glenitive, Drakensberg, dist. Barkly East. 

Remarks: Reg. Est., vol. 78, No. 705. 


Christoffel H. N. 


Jan H. N. 




Alewyn A. 


Theunis G. 


Anna J. 


Hester Christina 


Johannes H. P. 

(e)3 MAGDALENA Johanna MARIA, born 1.6.1810, b. 18.9.1810. 
(e)4 Johannes Petrus JACOBUS. 
(e)5 Johanna Catharina Petronella, b. 5.3.1818. 
(e)6 Anna Elisabeth Levina Catharina, b. 3.4.1820. 

(e)7 Hilletje Maria Sophia, b. 7.10.1822; md. Theunis Gertje Pelver, widower of Hester 
Francina Jacomina Kruger. 

Original signature: MO vol. Ill, No. 68, 1857. 
Farm or locality: Middelfontein, dist. Colesberg. 
Remarks: Erfpacht plaats. 

(d)3 Johanna Catharina, b. 27.1.1788; md. (1) On 2.5.1802 Christiaan Kruger, Fransz. 
(c)ll; (2) Carel David Aucamp on 17.12.1817. See Christiaan Kruger Frans. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: With (2), Kwaggasfontein. 

Remarks: J 123, p. 34, No. 44; G.R. 1824.With C. D. Aucamp, Prov. FC, 3 sons and S 


(d)4 Jacobus Cornelis, b. 19.4.1789; md. 13.9.1807 Catharina Wilhelmina Levina 
Steenkamp, b. 30.9.1792, d. of Theunis Gerrit Steenkamp and Catharina Wilhelmina de Klerk. CO 
2564, Mat. List., No. 24. 

Original signature: G.R. 13/15 Petition No. K 156, for Vlakfontein between Palmiets Spruit and 

Brackpoort on quitrent, 7.6.1825. 

Farm or locality: FC. Brak R. (J 152, p. 80, No. 194). 

Remarks: In petition states he had 800 breeding sheep, 70 cattle, 13 riding and breeding horses. 

(e)l CATHARINA Wilhelmina Levina, born 16.10.1808, b. 7.5.1809. 

(e)2 Martha Magdalena Petronella, b. 18.9.1810; md. Andries Johannes Hendrik 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: FC Brak R. (J 152, p. 81, No. 213). 

Remarks: No children in 1825. 

(e)3 Anna Engela Catharina, b. 14.11.1819. 
(e)4 Hilletje Maria MARGARETHA, b. 17.2.1821. 
(e)5 Hilletje Maria, b. 14.4.1823. 

(d)5 Willem Hendricus, b. 24.12.1792; md. Maria Johanna Magdalena Steenkamp. 

Original signature: J 135 (G.R.), p. 54, No. 42 (1882).Signature, W. h. Kruger. 

Farm or locality: 1813 Agter Sneeuwberg. 

Remarks: Opgaaf in 1828. (J 130, G.R., p. 53, No. 82.) Known as "JA's zoon". 

(d)6 CORNELIS Franciscus (also Francois), b. 31.5.1795, d. 4.10.1834; md. on 27.10.1816 
Johanna Elisabeth Smit of Nieuweveld (CO 2606, G.R. 1817, No. 80, on Matrimonial List). 

Original signature: Tremulous (J 133, p. 65, No. Ill, 1830). Died intestate. 

Farm or locality: Ezelskloof in FC. of M. A. Oberholzer in Winterveld. In ownership. Farm 

surveyed and paid for but grant not issued at time of death. 

Remarks: MO vol. 8, Nos. 12: 13. Invent, filed 30.7.1838. Survived by widow. 

(e)l Jacobus Alewyn, born 9.7.1816, d. a widower 4.6.1846 and intestate. R.E. Index, vol. 17, 
No. 228. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Colesberg. 

Remarks: A. Ex., vol. 63, No. 7. Known as "Cornells Frans zoon". 

(f ) Cornelis Francois, a minor in 1846. 

(e)2 Christoffel, born 11. 12.1819. 

(e)3 Cornelis, born 17.5.1821. 

(e)4 Johanna Elisabeth, born 5.7.1823. 

(e)5 Willem Hendrik, born 12.6.1825. 

(e)6 Maria MAGDALENA, born 23.5.1827. 

(e)7 Johannes Petrus, born 22.5.1830. 

(e)8 Jan Adriaan, born 7.5.1832, d. 27.3.1856; md. Martha Catharina Swanepoel. 

Original signature: None. 
Farm or locality: Colesberg. 
Remarks: R.E., vol. 31, p. 210. 

(d)7 Maria Magdalena Petronella, b. 26.11.1797; md. Johannes Fourie, Jsz. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: FC. Brak R. (J 152, p. 77, No. 75). 

Remarks: Three daughters in 1825. 

Fifth Child of Stamvader. 

(b)5 Elizabeth, b. 19.2.1723; md. Michiel Bester of Magdeberg 13.5.1742, "soldaat in dienst 
der Ed. Compe.". Elisabeth d. before 1779 leaving a daughter Johanna Jacoba Bester, who on 
30.1.1781 inherited Rds. 253 st. 16, her mother's share of the estate of Johanna Kemp. (MOOC 
13/11, No. 13.) 

Sixth Child of Stamvader. 

(b)6 Hendrik, b. 8.4.1725, d. circa 1793 in Graaff Reinet; md. In 1748 Francina Cloete, b. 
7.9.1732, d. of Gerrit Cloete and Hubrecht Slabbert. 

Note. -Francina Cloete married 17 years after her father obtained the loan farm Olifantsberg, 
now Oliphants Kop on the Cape Town-Malmesbury Rd. She was an elder sister of Jacob Cloete, 

farmer of the Roggeveld who in 1759 married Johanna Catharina Kruger, daughter of Jacob (b)l 
and Christina Strang. Francina Cloete died in 1811, having borne Hendrik Kruger eighteen 

Hendrik succeeded to the lease of his father-in-law's farm and his payments on it may be 
traced for eleven years, when, in 1762, it passed to Johannes Loos. 1 Little is known of their 
lives during this period, for if they made an annual census return it was a burger en burgeresse 
of the Cape and is no longer preserved. In 1754 he became brother-in-law to Jacobus Coetse 
Jansz., a young farmer whose home was at Klipfontein in the kloof on the western or seaward 
slopes of the Piquetbergen (see Frans Kruger (b)2 and Judith Coetsee), which now shelters the 
village of Aurora. Coetse in 1760 returned from an elephant hunt beyond the Orange River 2 and 
his strange tale of a tawny people with long hair and dressed in cloth led in 1761 to the 
expedition into Great Namaqualand, now S.W. Africa, under Capt. Hendrik Hop, in whose regi- 
ment of mounted militia Coetse performed his annual duty at Stellenbosch. It is Hendrik Kruger's 
relationship to Coetse - and the Kruger love of adventure-which probably accounts for him 
becoming a burgher member of Hop's exploration 3 . It is of interest to note that when the explorers 
were returning to the Cape they were met by Gerrit Cloete d'oude, father-in-law of both Hendrik 

1 R.L.R., vol. 17, p. 215, also 20, p. 361; 18, p. 121-123, and 25, p. 489. 

2 For the Relaas of Jacobus Coetse Jansz, see Reizen in Zuid-Afrika, II, uitgegeven door Dr. E. C. Godee- 
Molsbergen, Linschoten Vereeniging 1916. A translation into English and the Dutch text, annotated topographically, 
is in lournals of Wikar, Coetse and W. v. Reenen, pp. 276-291, edited by Dr E.E. Mossop, Van Riebeeck Society, 
C.T., No. 15. Coetse travelled beyond the Orange R. to Dabi-gnabis, just north of Warmbad in S.W.A. 

3 There is ample evidence that Capt. Hendrik Hop knew most of the burghers who accompanied him. None has been 
found that he previously knew Hendrik Kruger, though Hendrik and two of his brothers served in his mounted (militia) 
company after the expedition's return. 

Kruger and Coetse, when some days north of Koekenaap on the hook-like bend of the Oliphants 
River. He had farms north of Piquetberg at Verloren Vlei and Grootedrift and had brought cattle, 
evidently by previous arrangement to the two members of the expedition, Thieleman Roos and 
Pieter Marais. 

After his return in 1762, Hendrik joined his brothers, Jacob (b)l, Frans (b)2, Johannes (b)4 and 
Pieter Ernst (b)7, in the Roggeveld and, now a burgher of Stellenbosch, for the first time appears in 
the Stellenbosch Opgaaf. But with a large and growing family Hendrik Kruger never, while in the 
Roggeveld, made a return other than that of a comparatively poor burgher. As late as 1777 4 he and 
Francina Cloete returned for census, having on their farm two sons, three daughters and one slave, 
and for stock fifty cattle and four hundred sheep. His two elder sons Johannes Jacob (c)l and Gerrit 
(c)2 had both been long married and Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete were already 
grandparents when this census was made. Their daughter Johanna Francina (c)4 had been nine years 
married to Pieter Venter and was in Graaff Reinet (see Johanna Francina (c)4, p. 264). 

It is not known in what year they decided to join their daughter, nor is it known if some of 
Hendrik Kruger's sons preceded him, but it is probable. What is historically certain is that by 1778 
his farm de Plaat passed to Theunis Gerritsz. van Aarde, that a Hendrik Kruger was in Graaff 
Reinet by 11th Aug., 1776 (probably his son Hendrik (c)5) and that Hendrik (b)6, the ancester of 
Paul Kruger, was in Graaff Reinet by 26th March, 1780, with three of his sons, Johannes Jacob (c)l, 
Hendrik (c)5 and Pieter (c)6, but that their annual Opgaaf - like that of other burghers who had 
gone to Graaff Reinet - continues in the Stellenbosch Census Rolls until 1787. The evidence for 
their presence in Graafff Reinet by March, 1780, is in two letters 5 , written to the Landdrost and 

4 J 79, p. 13 (Stel.). 

5 Stel. 10/164. Letters 27-28. 

Krygsraad (War Council) there, by Carel van der Merwe, Veldcornet of the Field Cornetcy Op 
Sneeuwberg on 12th and 17th May, 1780, which report that the farmstead of Pieter Venter (pro- 
bably Suureplaats) had been set in flames by the Bushmen at a time when owing to the drought 
Hendrik Kruger, Snr., and his sons Johannes Jacob and Hendrik had taken their cattle some distance 
away into the veld. The first letter has been burned along an edge and is therefore incomplete but 
shows they had been attacked and escaped with their lives. 

"UE wert door desen Gerapporteert de roofsugtig en gewelt Doende bossimans op 26 der maand 
Maart Hendrik VD merwe Schalk Soon op de weg gewe ... van Syn trek beesten hebben Berooft en 
petrus Venter syn huys daar ... veel goederen en geborgen was van hendrik Kruger de jonge van 
Hendrik Kruger de oude van johannis Jacob Kruger en van de man Self de wagster door ... gewelt 
verjaagt Die haar nouwelyks is Ont Vlugt en alsoo de gemeld Woonhuys in de Vlamme heeft de 
mense waren door de swaare droogte met haare vee en weynige Vertrokken Van jacobus VD 
Merwe een hottentot met twee draagbeeste aan Ge daan op de weg een draag beest tot den dood 
Gekwest en door Hulp van andere die daar juyst op Kwam ontkoomen en twee van die roovers doot 

Verblyve ik hiermede UE onderdanige dienaar Den 12 April 1780. Carel Van Der Merwe 

In his second letter he reports two more raids, the murder of another cattle herd and the 
formation of a commando of twenty-nine burghers which he is about to lead against the Bushmen. 
Among the twenty-nine he mentions "petrus Kruger and Hendrik Kruger" and he requests that the 
twentynine be excused from attending the Militia Exercises shortly to be held at the headquarters in 
Graaff Reynet. He then turns to another subject and writes: "Nu volgende Afgeschreevenne en 
Comps: dienaars "and names nine other older men, among them Hendrik Kruger d'oude and 

Johannes Jacob Kruger, implying that as "written off" like the Company's servants, they would not 
be expected by the Landdrost to appear at Graaff Reynet for Militia duty. 

The first of the above letters confirms information about Hendrik Kruger and certain of his sons, 
which is also to be found in the Opgaaf Rolle of Graaff Reynet, namely that on going thither from 
the Roggeveld they lived for some years on the farm of Hendrik's son-in-law Pieter Venter, Jan 
Hendsz., in the Agter Rhenosterberg. 

A lists 6 in the returns for Graaff Reinet eleven years later shows clearly the improved 
condition of Hendrik and his older sons. The names are given below in order of seniority and 
not in the order they occur in the original document. His younger sons Hercules Christiaan (c) 
14 and Jacobus Stephanus (c)18 are not in this list as cattle owners, but were in Graaff Reynet 
district at that time. His son Hendrik Kruger, Hksz. (c)5 had been dead three years: 


1. Hendrik Kruger d'oude 70 

beeves 625 

2. Johannes Jacob Kruger Hksz. 100 


3. Gerrit Kruger Hksz. 100 

„ 1,000 

4. Jacob Kruger Hksz. 50 


5. Frans 70 


6. Pieter 90 


Two nephews of Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete are in this long list of Graaff Reynet 
burghers of 1791. They are 

1. Jacobus Alewyn Kruger (c), 60 beeves, 800 sheep 

2. Pieter Ernst Kruger Pz. (c)4, already Veldwagtmeester of Op de Sneeuwberg and with 45 
beeves, 300 sheep. 

1 J 144, G.R. Lyst van 't opgegeeven Beestial, Anno 1791. 

Of the sons mentioned Pieter (e)6 was to die about fourteen years later, the richest of them 
all at the time of his death. 

In 1792 Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete made their last census return. 7 They had been 
married forty-four years, her father Gerrit Cloete had been related to the more wealthy Cloetes 
whose vine-producing farms were in Drakenstein but he himself had been a cattle farmer like 
the Krugers, his life spent mostly in the coastal area which, north of Piquetberg, is still named 
the Sandveld. In 1794 she made her first return as a widow. 8 Hendrik, her husband, had 
outlived his three brothers, Jacob, Frans and Pieter Ernst (b)l, (b)2 and (b)7, the sons of the 
Stamvader and Johanna Kemp. On 19.9.1809 she made her will at Brandkraal in Agter 
Rhenosterberg in the presence of Andries Stockenstroom. Brandkraal, leased in 1802 by Gerrit 
Kruger, is described as the "dwelling place of the testatrix". She revoked a will made years 
before at the Castle of Good Hope when she and Hendrik first settled in the Roggeveld. Her 
sons, Johannes Jacob of Visgat (c)l and Gerrit (c)2, now an ex-elder of the church, were her 
executors and these two sons, now elderly men, together made the inventory of all she had 
possessed, when, in 1811, she died, probably at Visgat where the inventory was made. Her 
living sons and daughters, with the children of Hendrik (c)4, Pieter (c)6, Hercules (c)14, and 
Huibrecht (c)17-dead by 1811, were the legatees of her will. She and her husband are the 
grandparents of the grandfather of President Paul Kruger. 

Original signature: CJ 306, deel 3, p. 249. Hendrik Kruger on 11.9.1762 signed an affidavit 
relative to the murder of a Hottentot by C. Scheffer, a burgher-member of Hop's Expedition, 

7 J.B. 84, p. 1, G.R. 

8 J 85, p. 6, G.R. 

when on the north bank of Orange R. at what is now Ramons Drift. Coenraad Scheffer, 
feeble-minded and a knegt or white servant of Capt. Hop, served nineteen years of a life 
sentence on Robben Island and in 1782 escaped. 

Farms or locality: 1748-1762 Oliphantsberg gel. aan de Blaauwberg. (Note: Oliphantsberg 
passed to Johannes Loos in 1762; then under the name Oliphants Kop passed in ownership in 
1769 from Loos to the Ex-burgher Councillor Petrus Johs. De Wet (R.L.R. 17, p. 215, 20, p. 
361)). 1763-1778 De Plaat in Lower Roggeveld, formerly a grant to Pieter Ernst Kruger. 
Remarks: Mutual will (copy only) (MOOC 7/58, No. 37). Dated 1763 at Cabo. Widow's will 
(copy) (MOOC 7/62, Nos. 19 and 20). Dated 19.8.1809. Inventory by Johannes Jacob (c)l 
and Gerrit (c)2. 

(c)l Johannes Jacob, b. 20.10.1748; md. 6.11.1768 Johanna Alida Putter, who d. 1813. 
Baptised 26.11.1747 she was youngest d. of Jan Lodewyk Putter and Anna van der Swaan. 

Johannis Jacob (c)l was, as shown in the life of his father, in the Rhenosterberg of Graaff- 
Reinet by 1780. How many years after his marriage he spent as a farmer in the Roggeveld is 
unknown. By 1798 and after, his returns are those of a flourishing farmer, in the former year he 
returned 5,642 sheep and possessed two loanfarms. 9 In 1804 with large herds of cattle and 
sheep and a number of slaves he was producing grain on three loan-farms. 10 That he and his 
wife were at Cape Town in 1806 is shown in his joint will which was made at the Castle of 
Good Hope. In this will they leave to their third child Johannes Phillipus (d)3 their opstal on 

9 J 86, G.R. 

10 J 87, fol. 7, and J 91, No. 2 n FC. of Jacob Venter. 

Visgat on his paying, after their deaths, Rds. 600 into the estate. His will divides his slaves 
among his two sons and three sons-in-law including "Awerham" Coetsee. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/53, No. 34. An inventory of late Martha Venter, first wife of 

his brother Frans (c)8. Signature: Johannes Jacob Kruger, dated 2.2.1800, with Pieter Venter 


Farm or locality: 1772 Sollfontein below Nieuweveld, abandoned 1774, notice given to 

authorities by Hendrik (c)5 (R.L.R. 23, p. 335). 1787 Vischgat FC. Agter Rhenosterberg 

(R.L.R. 35, p. 229). 1789 Jagtpoort and Harmszfontein (R.L.R. 36, p. 287). Opstal at Doornhoek, 

Agter Sneeuwberg. 

Remarks: Joint will made at Cape Town (MOOC 7/68, No. 39), 3.10.1806 Invent. Alida Putter 

30.8.1814. Johannes Jacob first appears in Opgaaf as a widower without J. A. Putter in 1813 (J 

105, G.R., p. 13), and again in 1815 (J 50 (Cradock) section for FC. Rhenosterberg, p. 21). 

(d)l Hendrick, b. 26.11.1769, d. 23.4.1845; md. Anna Catharina Steenkamp, d. of Casper Jan 
Hk. Steenkamp d'oude and Leonora Catharina van Aarde (of Palmietfontein below the Coup in the 
Nieuwveldsberg). (See Stephanus Johannes Kruger (d)4.) 

A codicil to the mutual will of Hendrik Kruger (d)l and his wife made at Strydoms Kraal on 
5.11.1842, appoints his son Johannes Jacob (e)l and Casper Jan Hendrik Kruger as tutors 
testimentary to any minors. The second tutor was his son (e)3 and, as shown by the signature, not 
Casper Jan Hendrik Kruger (e)2 of Bulhoek, the father of Paul Kruger. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 59, No. 56, 27.1.1809. Filed 14.5.1846. Mutual will. He signed 
only Hendrik Kruger. 

Farm or locality: 1809 Strydoms Kraal, G.R. 1814 Slootfontein, Agter Sneeuwberg. 1825 
Blaauwkrans (J 152, p. 55, No. 67). 

Remarks: Known as Hendrik Kruger, J.Jz. Slootfontein was adjacent to both Visgat and 
Jagtpoort and "above the so-called Zandfontein at the foot of the Rhenosterbergen to the north; 
elevated and cold and fit only for cattle in summer". CO 2564, Bericht 4.1.1808. 

(e)l Johannes Jacob, b. 26.2.1792, d. 12.6.1844; md. Maria Margaretha Vorster, d. of 
Johannes Stephanus Vorster and Anna Claudina du Plessis, both of Agter Sneeuwberg. 

Original Signature: Johannes Jacob Kruger (Mo, Vol. 44, No. 60) On 23.4.1821. Filed 

31.7.1844. Also On J 135, P. 27, No. 41 (1832). 

Farm Or Locality: Sedenfontein, Gel. Aan De Klein Brak R., G.R. 

Remarks: Reg. Estates, Vol. 16:215. He Died Ten Months Before The Death Of His Father. 

(e)2 Levina Catharina Hendrina, b. 20.10.1793, d. 16.8.1839; md. 21.9.1809 Pieter 
Aucamp, Jansz. (CO 2571, No. 7, on Matrimonial List). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Twistkraal, FC Rhenosterberg (J 130, p. 86, G.R., 1828). 

Remarks: Reg. Estates, vol. 8, No. 5. Husband executor of mutual will. Letters of 

administration from RM Colesberg. 

(e)3 Casper Jan Hendrik, b. 28.2.1796; md. Lasya Christina Vorster, b. 15.10.1797, d. of 
Willem Jacobus Vorster and Johanna Maria Kruger (d)2. 

Original signature: Signed as witness (MO, vol. 57, No. 31). Will of his uncle Johannes 

Phillippus (d)3. 

Farm or locality: Agter Sneeuwberg (J 152, p. 55 (1825)). 

Remarks: Signed name in full. See Casper Jan Hendrik (e)2. Father of President Paul Kruger, 

p. 257-8. 

(e)4 Johanna Alida, b. 22.9.1799, d. before 19.10.1816; md. Isaac Jacobus van Heerden, b. 
9.12.1797, son of Pieter Willem van Heerden and Johanna Margaretha Pretorius. Her son Willem 
Jacobus Petrus van Heerden was born 29.7.1816. 

Remarks: MOOC 8/63, No. 7. Inventory of Johanna Alida Kruger 24.3.1817. Original 
signature of husband. 

(e)5 Theunis Ludewyk, b. 27.3.1803. 
(e)6 Louis Stephanus, b. 5.10.1807. 

Original signature: Lewis Stevanus Kruger (MO, vol. 44, No. 60). Witness on 1.12.1835 to 
codicil of will of his brother Johannes Jacob (e)l. 

Farm or locality: Blauwkrans (under will of parents (MO, vol. 59, No. 56), on payment after 
their deaths of Rds. 1,200 into estate). 

(e)7 Anna Catharina Maria, b. 11.3.1810. 

(d)2 Johanna Zacharia; md. Hendrik Venter, Pieter's son, d. a widow 7.9.1845. Mentioned 
with her husband by 1794 (185, p. 9, G.R.) as Anna Zacharia Kruger. 

Original signature: Anna Sagrya Kruger wedewe van hendrik Venter p. soon (MO, vol. 61, No. 

1). Will made 14.6.1843. Filed 1.10.1845. 

Farm or locality: Moordenaar's Poort and Henningsfontein (J 50, p. 1, and J 130, p. 39, No. 


Remarks: Widow in 1843, living in Colesberg. Reg. Estates, vol. 17, No. 227. 

(d)3 Johannes Phillipus, b. 15.12.1776; md. 2.10.1796 Dorothea Maria Vorster, who d. 
1803; md. (2) Levina Catharina Pelzer. Mentioned in 1798 with first wife when they were "living 
with his father" (J 86, fol. 7, G.R.), with second wife in 1828 (J 130, p. 40, No. 75). 

Original signature: Johannis Phillipus Kruger. Inventory of first wife (MOOC 8/56, No. 4) and 

J. P. Kruger (MO, vol. 10, No. 30 (1830); MO, vol. 57, No. 31 and J 133, p. 40, No. 82 


Farm or locality: Visgat and Jagtpoort (J 130, p. 40). Vlakfontein in Smaldeel, Orange R. 

Remarks: Will with second wife L. C. Pelzer made at Vlakfontein in 1839. Filed 30.10.1844. 

(b)l Barend Johannes, b. 10.11.1801, d. 30.4.1851 in div. of Albert; md. Maria Catharina 
Grey ling (G.R. 10/la, Matrimonial List) 9.9.1820. Barend Johannes, stated to be three years old 
when his mother died, in 1829 had surveyed for himself the perpetual quitrent farm de 
Elandsfontein; he had been, on the second marriage of his father placed in charge of the Orphan 
Chamber. Marriage List describes him as "of Cradock". 

Original signature: Barend Johannes Kruger (MO, vol. 14, No. 1492). Inventory of wife of 

Willem Johannes (e)3, 20 October, 1836. Also on J 133, p. 40, No. 83 (1830), signed B. J. 


Farm or locality: Vlakfontein on payment into dead parents' estate Rds. 2,000, quitrent farm 

(MO, vol. 57, No. 31). De Elandsfontein in 1829. 

Remarks: Reg. Est., vol. 24, p. 228. Liq. accounts of estate filed 10.2.1857 and 19.11.1857. 

(f) Hendrik Gerhardus, a minor in 1851. 

(e)2 Johannes Jacob, Johs. Philip son, b. 21.1.1807, d. at Visgat Agter Rhenosterberg before 
22.10.1835; md. Levina Catharina Jeanetta Steenkamp. 

Original signature: (1) Signature J. J. Kruger (J 130, p. 39, No. 61 (1830) ). (2) MO, vol. 10, 

No. 30, Joint Will 17.5.1827, witnessed by his father Johannes Phillipus (d)3. Filed 


Remarks: Inventory MO, vol. 10, No. 31. Survived by widow and four children. 

(f)l Wilhelmina Christina, born 22.1.1829 

Note: A Wilhelmina Christina d. of Jan Kruger of Sraalsand and Maria Elisabeth Venter, 
baptised 25.11.1792, married 1.1.1809 Mattheus Cornells Pretorius, Wynansz. (CO 2567), and 
was living in 1825 in FC Agter Sneeuwberg with her husband and family. It is unknown if 
Jacobus Kruger of Berlin and Jan Kruger of Sraalsand were related, but certain he was in 
Roggeveld and G.R. 

(f)2 Maria Johanna MAGDALENA, born 22.4.1833. 

(f)3 Johannes Jacob, born 13.6.1835. 

(e)3 Willem Johannes, Jobs. Phillip's son, born 22.5.1808, b. 21.9.1808; md. Catharina 
Levina Cornelia Greyling who d. at Visgat 9.8.1836. 

Note. - the "Lyst van Geboore kindere van 't Jaar 1808", a list of children born in 1808 in the 
G.R. district (G 14/21) Willem Johannes is named Willem Jacobus Kruger - de vader Fillippus 
Kruger. For the correctness of the inventory of his dead wife's estate (and before Van Ryneveld at 
Graaff Reynet) he signed on 29 August, 1836, "Willem Kruger". Again, as witness to the joint will 
of his father and Lavena Catharina Pelzer in 1839 (MO 57, No. 31) he signed Willem Jacobus 

Original signature: Wife's estate and inventory (MO, vol. 14, No. 1492). Filed 20.10.1836. 
Farm or locality: Paardekraal, a request farm in dist. Agter Rhenosterberg. 
Remarks: The William Frederik Kruger detained from 1st to 29th Feb., 1816, for high treason and 
rebellion ("hoog verraad en rebellie") (CO 2603), appears to be one of the six sons of Daniel 
Fredrik Kruger and Johanna Alida Joosten and grandson of Jan Kruger of Sraalsand who md. 
Maria Elisabeth Venter. He married Helena Maria van Arde (or Ardt) and in 1814 farmed de 
Kock's Kraal in FC 59, Baviaans R., and had a son Wm. Fdk. Kruger, WFkz. 

(f)l Johanna Elisabeth, born 27.1.1831. 
(f)2 Levena Catharina, born 12.2.1833. 
(f)3 Infant daughter, born at Visgat 8.8.1836 

(e)4 Johannes Lodewyk, born 3.5.18 10, b. 16.9.1810; md. Anna Sophia van der Westhuizen, 
who d. 25.3.1841. 

Original signature: MO 57, No. 31. Witnessed will of his father Johs. Phillippus Kruger and 

Levina Catharina Pelzer on 22.7.1839. 

Farm or locality: In de Koup, dist. Beaufort. 

Remarks: Joint will MO, vol. 40, No. 96, made 26.10.1839. Filed 27.5.1841; proved 10.8.1841. 

(f)l ALETTA Hendrina. 

(f)2 Fredrika Elisabeth. 

(f)3 Hanna Sophia. 

(f)4 Johannes Lodewicus. 

(d)4 Susanna Francina, b. 21.3.1779, d. before 21.7.1819; md. 2.10.1796 Dirk Jacobus 
Coetsee, son of Johannes Jacobus Coetsee and Johanna Cloete. Dirk Jacobus Coetsee was b. 
20.4.1777 and, when a widower, married Johanna Francina Pretorius (G.R. 9/42). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Tafelberg, dist. Rhenosterberg (J 50, p. 22, No. 43). 

(d)5 Johanna Alida, b. 16.9.1781; md. 2.10.1796 Abraham Jacobus Coetsee, b. 20.8.1778, 
son of Johannes Jacobus Coetsee and Johanna Cloete. 

Note. -Leeuwenkuyl granted on loan in 1785 to Gerrit Kruger (c)2 had not been retained by 
him and passed as loan farm on 21.9.1789 to "Jan Coetsee d'oude", the above father-in-law of 
Johanna Alida, thence in 1802 to Barent Rudolf Buijs, who sold the rights to Willem de Klerk, 
from whom Abraham Jacobus Coetsee obtained them. 

Original signature: MO 93, No. 136. Will made when widow in 1847 at Wagen Maakers 
Valleij. Filed 22.6.1852. A witness was Frans Kruger (d)4. 

Farm of locality: 1810-15 Leeuwenkuyl. 1825 de Doornhoek and Sevenfontein in FC Brak 
R. (G.R.) (J 152, p. 76, No. 44). 1832 Wagen Maakers Valleij, FC Brak R. (CO 2735). 
Remarks: In the will of her parents he is mentioned as Awerham Coetsee (MOOC 7/68, No. 
39 (1806) ). 

(c)2 Gerrit, b. 21.5.1750; md. (1) Susanna Lasya Buys on 12.12.1769, d. of Stephanus 
Buijs and Maria Elisabeth de Vries; (2) on 15.5.1808 Anna Sophia Venter, widow of Phillip 
Snyman (CO 2567, Matrimonial List G.R., Item No. 16). Marriage omitted in Geslacht 
Register. Gerrit Kruger would have been about twelve when the family moved from Oliphants- 
berg near the shores of Table Bay. No farm grant in the Roggeveld has been traced to him and 
though he married when about twenty he does not appear to have made an "opgaaf" (census 
return) before 1772. In 1778 he is in the Stellenbosch Roll as owning only twenty horned cattle 
(runderen) and a hundred sheep. 11 

The father of his bride, who died very shortly before Gerrit's marriage, was Stephanus Buijs, 
a Roggeveld farmer who left an estate valued at Rds. 737. That the Buijs were neighbours of the 
Krugers in the Roggeveld is shown by the fact that the inventory of Stephanus Buys was made 
by Gerrit's brother Johannes Jacob (c)l and their uncle Pieter Ernst (b)7 on 19.2. 1769 12 

In 1778, too-noticeably the year in which his father Hendrik (b)6 vacated de Plaat - Gerrit 
was at the October Militia Exercise at Stellenbosch as a mounted man in the Company 

11 J 175; J 177, p. 11, Stel. 

MOOC 8/12, No. 50. 

commanded by Capt. Phillipus Wouter de Vos. It is probable, however, that Gerrit, like his 
father and brothers, was in Graaff Reinet before or during 1780, for though his farm 
Leeuwenkuyl was only officially granted in 1785 it does not follow that he was not there some 
years before the grant. Like other burghers known to have been in Graaff Reinet his census 
return continues to be in the Stellenbosch Roll until 1787, when the Drostdy or Magistracy of 
Graaff Reinet was established. 

Gerrit Kruger's progress as farmer is reflected in the returns he made: 

1777 wife, son, daughter and a horse. 

1785 family, two hundred sheep, twenty cattle, a horse, no slave or knegt. 

1791 one thousand sheep, one hundred cattle. 

1804 nine hundred sheep, fifty hamels, six horses for breeding, three for saddle, three 
hundred goats. For labour twelve Hottentot servants-male, female and children. 

He, at that time, was probably at Brandvlei and certainly in the Veldcornetcy of FC Willem 
Sterrenberg Pretorius. With him was his wife, two of his sons and two daughters. He had some 
years before 13 been "on the farm of the Hon. Nicolaas van der Walt". This was Grootfontein. In 
1798, already called d'oude, he took a leading part in an act aimed at pacifying Bushmen. The 
burghers of Agter Sneeuwberg joined in collecting cattle and sheep for presentation to such of 
the savages as professed willingness to cease their raids and become pastoralists. On 18.11.1798 
283 sheep, given by burghers, were collected at Grootfontein and on 17.12.1798 most of these 
were distributed among 118 Bushmen by Nicolaas v. der Walt, Jacob Venter, Gerrit Kruger and 
G. Meyburg. Their signatures which certify to Landdrost Bresler, the place of distribution, 

13 J 86, fol. 9, G.R. 

numbers and date have been preserved. 14 It was one of many attempts to civilise Bushmen by a 
community which has been accused of having no other aim but their extermination. 

Gerrit's militia service was, in Graaff Reinet, in the Company of Capt. Jacob Gustaf Trigard, 
who farmed at Allemansfontein beyond Blyde R. in "Bruinshoogte". By 1807 he was without 
Susanna Lasya Buys 15 who was living in May, 1806. She had by 1807 presumably died and he 
appears alone, as d'oude, and the owner of 2,083 sheep. 

In May, 1808, he married a widow, Anna Sophia Venter, who had lived in FC. Zeekoe R. and 
had borne her husband Phillip Snyman three sons and four daughters. Provision for these children 
and the minors of Gerrit and Lasya Buys is noted on the marriage entry. 16 In the wills of his mother 
Francina Cloete and of his daughter Francina Jacoba (d)3 he is mentioned as d'Edele (the Hon.). In 
1813 he, with Anna Sophia Venter, was living with his daughter Francina Jacoba at Schoonzigt in 
Rhenosterberg and both were alive in 1825. 17 

Original signature: MOOC 8/52, No. 16. Inventory estate of his brother (c)14, on 2.9.1796. 
Signature: Gert Kruger (or Gert Kregur?), also G.R. 14/19. Collecte en uitdeling eenige schaapen 
... ten behoeve ... Bosjesmans 17.12.1798. Signature: Gert Kruger d'oude. No signature of the 

14 G.R. 14/16 

15 J 95, No. 60. 

16 CO 2567, No. 16, on Matrimonial List. "Agtens van Erfuiting, by Testiment in bezit en daaran voldaan. Den boedel 
door den Landdrost verkogt." 

17 J 152, p. 72, No. 101. (Somerset East Archives.) 

great grandfather of Paul Kruger has been found to read Gert Kruger Hendriksz. See Gerrit 

Kruger (e)2, son of Hendrik Bernhardus (d)2 (p. 251). 

Farm or locality: 1785 Leeuwenkyl, aan de Brakke R. agter de Sneeuwberg (R.L.R. 33, p. 163). 

1786 Zoutpansdrift, onder de Brakke R. (R.L.R. 34, p. 279). 1802 Brandvalleij en Rietpoort, inde 

spruit van de Brakke Rivier agter de Renocerberg (G.R. 14/16, List No. 1, Item 34). 

Zoutpansdrift was sold by Gerrit Kruger - or since it was a loan-farm, the opstal thereon - to 

Michiel Andries van der Walt (G.R. 14/16, Etraordinaire Annotatie noopens de Leening 

plaatsen, 1797). It was in 1813 in occupation of Barend Rudolf Buys (md. at that time to Helena 

Dorothea van Wyk), the brother of Susanna Lasya Buys. 

Remarks: MOOC 7/57, No. 21. (Copy only.) Will 11.5.1806 with Susanna Lasya Buys at G.R. 

Filed 22.2.1808. 

(d)l MARIA Elisabeth, b. 6.10.1771, d. before 30.11.1844; md. (1) 12.8.1787 Michiel Andries 
van der Walt, Tjaardsz, b. 28.5.1769; (2) Petrus Jacobus Pretorius,, on 18.7.1802, who was 
the widower of Johanna Adrianna Pretorius whom he had md. 20.3.1781. 

Note. - Maria Elisabeth on 17.11.1844 left Knoffel valeij, on payment of Rds. 3,000 to the estate 
after her death, to her daughter by first marriage Anna Martha van der Walt, who by 1844 was the 
widow of Johannes Lodewyk Pretorius. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 67, No. 57. Signature "Mariya Elisabet Kruger wylen de widewe 
Petrus Jakobus pretorius". Will made when twice a widow 17.11.1844. Filed 28.11.1844. 
Witnesses: (1) Jacob Petrus Kruger (d)5, (2) barent Kruger, (3) Hendrik Bernardus Kruger. 
Farm or locality: "Leenings opstal Knoffel valeij", dist. Rhenosberg. With second husband, 
Babylonstoorn en Doornkloof in Voor Sneeuwberg (J 105, p. 177, and J 118, p. 56, No. 41). 

Remarks: In 1798 with first husband, "woond by Gert Kruger" (J 86, fol. 15 (G.R.)). He was 
eldest son of Tjaard (who was killed 8th Aug., 1802, by the Bantu at Kouga) and of Anna 
Martha Venter. 

(d)2 Hendrik Bernhardus, b. 7.3.1773; md. 14.8.1791 Francina Venter, b. 1.1.1775, d. of 
Pieter Venter, Jan Hksz. and Johanna Francina Kruger. In 1800 with wife was "living on the 
farm of Piet Venter d'oude", that is, of his father-in-law. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Dist. Rhenosterberg (J 91, p. 18, No. 20, G.R., 1804; J 99, No. 99, No. 84, 

1810; J 105, p. 21, No. 85, 1813). 

Remarks: Will untraced. It was filed in 1838-9, catalogued Test., vol. 24, No. 7, at Cape 


(e)l Francina Hendrina Barendina, b. 16.12.1792, d. 15.5.1839; md. 15.1.1809 Joseph 
Adriaan Coetsee, Florisz. (called Joseph Adriaan Coetsee of Rhenosterberg in Matrimonial List, 
CO 2571) (G.R. 1809-10, No. 2 on List). He was b. 17.1.1790, son of Floris and Catharina 
Cornelia de Klerk. 

Note. -The marriage as given in the Geslacht Register der Oude Kaapsche Familien is 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: District of Colesberg. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 8, p. 163. Mutual will. Filed 28.6.1839. Husband executor; four minor 

(e)2 Gerrit, b. 30.3.1794, d. 23.9.1838; md. Hillegard (Hilletje) Johanna Pretorius of Voor 
Sneeuwberg 1.1.1813 (CO 2586, No. 5, on Matrimonial List). 

On 14.7.1825 Gerrit Kruger petitioned Ld. Charles Somerset for Rhenosterkop described as 
"situated in Brakpoort, FC Rhenosterberg", He stated he had a slave, two hundred cattle, two 
thousand sheep and thirty horses (G. R. 13/15, No. K 160). 

Original signature: MO, vol. 26, Nos. 34-35. Signature, Gert Kruger, hendkz. (MO vol. 26, 

Nos. 34-35). Will made at Cradock .11.1824. Filed 15.11.1838. 

Farms: 1813 de Elandsfontein, Voor Sneeuwberg. 1824 de Rhenosterkop, dist. Colesberg in 

Smaldeel Orange R. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 7, p. 176. 

(e)3 Pieter, b. 24.3.1795; md. (1) Francina Adriaana Venter, who d. in 1817 aged 17 years 9 
months; (2) 4.5.1818 Francina Susanna Lasya Kruger (2618 CO, No. 37, on Matrimonial List). 

Original signature: MOOC 8/64, No. 3. Signature Pieter Kruger. (Inventory of Francina A. 

Venter, 5.2.1818.) His signature is followed by the letters "h S. F". 

Remarks: "Actens van Erfuiting ter Weeskamer bewys gedaan by agte van den 5.2.1818." (CO 


(f)l Frans Hendrik Christiaan, born to first wife, aged 4/12 year on 5.2.1818. 

(f)2 ANNA Elisabeth, b. 16.1.1820. 

(f)3 Hendrik Bernhardus, b. 25.11.1821; md. (1) Anna Martha Catharina Kruger, who d. 
26.7.1848; (2) Alida Barendina Steenkamp, widow of Hendrik Douw van der Walt, and who d. 

In 1842 his will with A. M. C. Kruger was witnessed by H. B. Kruger, J. H. P. Kruger, G. H. J. 
Kruger and K. S. M. Kruger. 

Original signature: Hendrik Bernardus Kruger. MO, vol. 72, No. 107, made with first wife, 
28.2.1842 at Rietpoort. Filed 11.9.1848. MO, vol. Ill, No. 75, made with second wife, 
31.12.1849 at Burgersdorp. Filed 26.5.1857. 
Farm or locality: Jagersfontein, dist. Albert. Remarks: R.E., vol. 21, p. 247. 

(g)l Elisabeth Johanna Hendrina, born to A. M. C. Kruger. 
(g)2 Anna Susanna, born to A. M. C. Kruger. 
(g)3 Stephanus Jacobus, born to A. M. C. Kruger. 

(e)4 Susanna Lasya, b. 2.10.1796, d. 23.7.1854; md. Michiel Andries 11.8.1816 (CO 2606, 
No. 54 on Matrimonii List), son of Andries van der Walt 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1828 dist. Rhenosterberg (J 130, G.R., p. 40, No. 65), dist. Colesberg. 

Remarks: Index Estates, vol. 29, No. 225. 

(b)5 Hendrik Bernhardus, b. 3.12.1797; md. 4.5.1818 Anna Susanna Venter, spinster, who d. 
23.1.1843, d. of Hendrik Venter and Anna Zacharia Kruger (CO 2618, Matrimonial List for 1819, Item 

Note. - Named only Hendrik in Geslacht Register der Oude Kaapsche Familien. 

Original signature: Hendrik Bernardus Kruger. (1) MO 50, Nos. 13, 14. Joint will made at Cape 

Town 28.2.1824. Filed 30.3.1843. (Parentage mentioned in will; also CO 2618). (2) MO, vol. 67, No. 

57. Witnessed will of his aunt Maria Elisabeth (d)l, on 17.11.1844. Full signature. (3) MO, vol. 72, 

No. 107, witness to will of Hendrik Bernhardus (f)3, signed H. B. Kruger. 

Farm or locality: Dist. Colesberg. On 28.11.1821 petitioned Donken for Zamenkomst, "synde by een 

Komst van Zuur Kop en Speoen Kop "(G.R. 13/1S, K. 86, and for Rietpoort "between Brackpoort 

and Uitkyk". (Memorial K. 87). Original signature. 

Remarks: Known as Hendrik Bernhardus Kruger, Hendrksz. (J 130, p. 52, No. 61). 

(f)l Jan Viljoen. 

(f)2 Christiaan Martin. 

(f)3 Joseph Gerrit Adriaan. 

(f)4 Michiel Johannes Rudolph. 

(f)5 Andries Stephanus. 

(f)6 Francina Hendrina. 

(f)7 Johannes Martin. 

(f)8 Gerhardina Catharina Maria Elisabeth. 

(e)6 Hester Sophia, b. 9.3.1800; md. 4.5.1817 Gerrit Abram Coetsee, widower of Marta 
Magdalina Venter (CO 2612, G.R. 1818, Matrimonial List, Item 42). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: FC. Zwagers Hoek (J 152, p. 71, No. 133 (1825). 

(e)7 Stephanus Rudolph, b. 10.11.1801, d, before 1829; md. Maria Elisabeth Aucamp. 
Widow in FC Rhenosterberg, 19.9.1828 (J 130, p. 39, No. 29). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Brak R., dist. Cradock. 

Remarks: MOOC 7/IOS, Nos. 1-2. Joint will made 15.12.1825 (copy). Registered 2.7.1828. 

(e)8 Isaak Jacobus Johannes, b. 21.5.1804; md. Johanna Adrianna Venter, who d. 15.7.1854. 

Petitioned Donken on 28.11.1821 for either Poortjesfontein on the Brakportberg or Ruigtefontein 
with Haartebeestefontein on the Poortjesberg (G.R. 13/1S, K. 8S). Petition signed by H. B. Kruger (e)5. 
On 29.4.1858 wrote to R. M. Cradock objecting that his farm Leeuwfontein had been included in 
Middelberg district as for Church membership: "de Kerk lyn gaat van Voorykraal na Witfontein 
door myn plaas sin velt omtrent een 400 tree van myn huis". 

Original signature: (1) MO, vol. 98, No. 58, codicil No. 59, made 13.5.1854, filed 15.8.1854. 

Witness by A. C. Kruger (e)ll, at Zuurfontein. (2) Cradock Letters 8/47. (3) In 1835 signed with 

J. P. Kruger (d)5 the Inventory of Jacob Kruger, Hendriksz. (c)7. Signature: Isaak Jacobus 


Farm or locality: Zuurfontein, dist. Cradock. Leeuwfontein, Middelberg dist. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 29, p. 484. 


(g) Isaak Jacobus Johannes (grandson of Isaak Jacobus Johannes (e)8). 

(e)9 Jacobus Petrus, b. 4.11.1804. 

Applied 4.1.1826 for (1) Bontkraal at Bosjesmanskop, Agter Zuurberg, or (2) Blydefontein on 
Groot R., or (3) Mooijplaats at Barnarts Spruit over Groot R. He stated in petition that he owned 
1,800 breeding sheep, 170 cattle and 6 horses (G.R. 13/15, Petition K 170). 

Original signature: MO, vol. 34, No. 39, as a witness on 29.5.1833 and MO, vol. 67, No. 57. 
Signature, Jacob Petrus Kruger. 

(e)10 Maria Elisabeth, b. 8.2.1807; md. Phillip Rudolph Botha. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Baviaans R., Albany. 

Remarks: J 2, Albany, No. 80 (1821-22); J 152, Som. East, p. 35, No. 127 (1825). 

(e)ll Abraham Christiaan, born 12.5.1808, b. 4.9.1808. 

Original signature: J 133, p. 55, No. 72 (1830). Signed A. C. Kruger for his brother Hendrik 
(Bernhardus (e)5). 

(e)12 Anna ALIDA Cecilia, born 15.3.1810, b. 16.9.1810; md. Tjaard Nicolaas van der Walt, 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Harmsefontein in Rhenosterberg. Remarks: J 130, p. 40, No. 51 (1828). 

(d)3 Francina Jacoba, b. 2.4.1775; md. 13.9.1789 Johannes Hendrik van der Walt, Tjaardsz., 
b. 13.2.1772, brother of Michiel Andries van der Walt and second son of Tjaard and Anna Martha 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1810 Schoonzicht, dist. Rhenosterberg, Blouwewater in FC. Voor 


Remarks: MOOC 7/81, No. 7 (copy). Mutual will, at G.R. 1808, filed 7.1.1820. 

(d)4 Stephanus Johannes, b. 15.3.1778; md. 28.1.1798 Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp, b. 
30.3.1782, d. of Casper Hendrik Steenkamp, Caspersz. and Maria Magdalena Putter. 

Note.- On October 18th, 1784, there died "in Waveren" a young farmer, Casper Hk. 
Steenkamp d'jonge, who had been granted "Rheboks Kloof" in the Roggeveld and whose 
parents farmed "in the Koup". He had married Maria Magdalena Putter and left his young 
widow with two daughters, of whom the elder was Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp, then four 
years of age. His parents were comfortably off, owning an opstal on de Palmietfontein, but 
he himself was poor for he died young before life had given him time to become established. 
He left an estate valued at Rds. 1,507. On October 6th, 1785, Pieter Kruger (c)6, the younger 
brother of Gerrit, married the young widow Maria Magdalena Putter and little Sophia 
Margaretha Steenkamp became his step-daughter. Pieter Kruger (c)6 was in Graaff Reynet 

in 1780 (see Hendrik Kruger (b)6 and Francina Cloete, p. 240), and it is not known if he 
returned to the Roggeveld to marry the young widow. If he did the future grandparents of 
President Paul Kruger may have travelled as children to Graaff Reynet from the Roggeveld 
in the same "trek", with their parents. If Gerrit Kruger (c)2 and his brother Pieter Kruger 
(c)6 did travel thither together, then these two children, Stephanus Johannes Kruger and 
Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp, probably accompanied them in the family "trek". 

Eleven years later the second son (fourth child) of Gerrit, namely Stephanus Johannes 
(d)4, and son also of Susanna Lasya Buys, married the stepdaughter of Pieter Kruger, and in 
that year (1798) they appear in Opgaaf. 18 They are entered as "living with his father" (woond 
by zijn vader) in the same year in which it is known Gerrit and Buys were living at 
Grootfontein on the farm of Nicolaas van der Walt. On 26.12.1802, after he had been married 
four years, Stephanus Johannes Kruger, Gtz., was provisionally granted de Vensterfontein "onder 
de Zuurberg aan de Brakke Rivier", 19 but it is not known if the farm was occupied by him. In 
1813, with Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp, now for fifteen years his wife, they were at 
Varschevalij (sic) in district Rhenosterberg. They had by then five sons and two daughters and on 
the farm 2,532 sheep, 109 breeding cattle, 18 "trek" (draft) oxen and four saddle-horses. They 
reaped 24 mudden (48 bushels) of barley for 1/4 mude sown and for labour had a male and three 
female Hottentots. Of their sons, the second, Casper Johannes Hendrick, was then a boy of about 
twelve or thirteen. The boy had been named after his mother's grandfather, Casper Jan Hendrik 

18 J 86, fol. 9, G.R. 1798 

19 G.T. 14/16 List of farms applied for, 1802: "Lyst der plaatsen welke op versoek van de volgende personen alhier zyn 
aangeteekend onder die Conditie dat sodra een Magistratract praesent is sig by zyn WEL Ed. te moeten vervoegen, en 
an deselve in Leening te hebben versoek te doen, als: ... No. 75 Dec. 26 1802 Stephs. Johs. Kruger, Gt.z., De 
Vensterfontein gel. onder de Zuurberg aan de Brakke Rivier in het District agter de Rhenocerbergen. 

Steenkamp d'oude, who had died at de Palmietfontein in the Koup in 1798, leaving her a small 
legacy, part of her dead father's inheritance. This boy became the father of Paul Kruger. 

Original signature: Always S. J. Kruger. MOOC 8/36, No. 56. Invent, of his mother-in-law 

Maria Magdalena Putter, who d. 1820 (J 135, p. 53, No. 6, G.R., 1832). Tax payment for 

Theunis Johannes (e)4, his son. Signature tremulous. (Note: Stephanus Jacobus Kruger (e)3, 

his nephew, signed: Stevanus. J. Kruger (p. 118), having no claim to the patronymic "Gert 


Farms: 1812-13 Varsche Valij (sic) and Gryzekop. J 104, No. 629; J 105, p. 17, No. 48; 

G.R. 14/16 List Outstanding Rents Nos. 734: 793. Gryzekop in 1828, still a loan farm, was 

surveyed for Hk. Tjaard van der Walt. G.R.14/16 List 30.1.1833. Vaalekrans (sic) 10,313 

morgen G.R. 14/16 Land Matters 1763-1858. Extraordinaire Annotatie noopens de Leening 


Remarks: Extract from Inventory of Maria Magdalena Putter, 29 Aug. 1820. "Baanten des 

Boedels Aan zo veel Steps. Johs. Kruger over koop van de Leenings plaats de Rietfontein pr. 

rest, debit is 800 Rdx." 

(e)l Gerrit Johannes, b. 27.1.1799; md. Elisabeth Catharina Johanna Pelzer, date untraced. 
Permission for Banns of Marriage dated Cradock, 6th Aug., 1820. (G.R. 10/la, Letter.) 

Applied 17.5.1825 for Tweefontein above Brackspruit in FC Agter Suurberg in dist. G.R. He 
stated he had no farm or freehold but possessed twenty horses, 160 head of cattle and 600 sheep 
and goats. 20 In 1835 emigrated across the Orange R. (see (e)2 and (e)4). 

20 G.R 13/15. Memorial K163. 

Original signature: G. J. Kruger (J 135, p. 54, No. 50; G.R. 1832). Tax payment. 
Farm or locality: Agter Zuurberg (J 130 (1828), p. 51, No. 48; G.R.) 
Remarks: Known as Gert Johannes, Stepanus zoon. 

(e)2 Casper Jan Hendrik, b. 10.11.1801, d. 1852 at Zoutpansdrift dist. Rustenberg, 
Transvaal; md. in 1821 Elsie Francina Steyn. Banns of marriage authorised, Cradock, 6th Aug., 
1820. (G. R. 10/la Letter.) 

Note. -Elsie Francina Steyn was the granddaughter of Douw Gerbrand Steyn Hermanusz., 
who d. fifteen years before she was born, and d. of Douw Gerbrand Steyn, de jonge, and Alida 
Barendina van der Walt. Her grandfather's opstal farm was Ganna Vlake at Sundays R., now 
near Waterford, dist. Jansenville. 

He had been a comparatively wealthy farmer and her father, although a fifth child, was a 
farmer of some means when she was born. Her parents, married in 1795, had been in 1798 "on 
the farm of Nicolaas Grobelaar, probably Blaauwkrans on Gt. Fish River, and in 1800 on the 
farm of their relative Jan Harmse Steenkamp, either Zevenfontein or Eylands Kloof in the Agter 
Sneeuwberg. By 1813, when she was still a child, her parents owned the opstal on Bulhoek near 
Vaalbank, now near Steynsberg. Their census return 21 for that year shows that they were owners 
of considerable cattle with ample labour, both of slaves and Hottentot servants who were not 

21 J 106, p. 13, No. 72. 

After her marriage her husband, Casper Jan Hendrik Kruger, as was then not unusual, settled 
on her parents farm. By 1828 when their son Paul, the future President, was a few years old, 
they returned for census: Three sons, a daughter, three saddle horses, eight breeding mares, a 
wagon with sixteen trek-oxen, one hundred and forty-two horned cattle, and about two thousand 
sheep. No grain is mentioned. 22 

On 24.3.1829 he petitioned Sir Lowry Cole for "a piece of land between the place (i.e. farm) of 
Piet Rood and the Brandspruit on the boundary of Somerset district in FC Agter Zuurberg. 23 Such 
petitions were commonly referred by the Government to the Landdrost and Heemraden of G.R. for 
their recommendation. 

In 1835 the boy Paul was taken, as he himself related in the days when he had become world 
famous, across the Orange R., beyond the Colonial border, by his uncles Gert and Theunis (e)l and 
(e)4. Casper Johannes Hendrik j oined them later and the three brothers j oined the Potgieter trek. In 
October, 1836, the father of Paul Kruger was in the laager at Vegkop when it was attacked by the 
impis of Mosilikatzi and in 1848 at the Battle of Boomplaats. 24 He died four years later aged about 
51 on his farm Zoutpansdrift in Rustenburg, which bore the same name as that on the Gt. Brak R. in 
Graaff Reynet and which had been granted sixty-six years earlier to his grandfather Gerrit Kruger 

Original signature: Casper Kruger (J 135, p. 54, No. 48; G.R. 1832). Tax payment for Stephanus 
Johannes his brother (e)3. 

22 J 130. FC Agter Suurberg No. 51. 

; G.R. 13/15 under K. 

1 Afkoms van Paul Kruger deur H. S. Pretorius (op cit.). 

Note.-See p. 245. Casper Jan Hendrik who was b. 28.2.1796, son of Hendrik (d)l and Anna 
Catharina Steenkamp signed "Casper Jan Hendrik Kruger" (MO, vol. 57, No. 31). 
Farm or locality: Douw Gerbrand Steyn, d'jonge, in 1809 petitioned for Bulhoek. The report to 
the Governor by A. Stockenstroom groups him, with Frans Kruger Hendriksz. (c)8, among the 
"jonge beginners" who have no farms. Bulhoek is described by Stockenstroom: "At the foot of 
the Zuurberg adjacent to Groot Valley (i.e. Grootvlei, now Steynsberg), very cold and for winter 
grazing" (CO 2567, G.R.). Report by Stockenstroom signed 28 Aug., 1809. 

(f)l STEPHANUS Johannes Paulus Kruger, born 10.10.1825, b. 19.3.1826, d. 14.7.1904 in 
Switzerland; md. (1) Maria du Plessis; (2) Gezina Frederika du Plessis. Sixteen children. Nine sons 
and seven daughters. Marriage lasted 54 years. 

IVote.-President Kruger's birthplace has been a subject of controversy. In his Memoirs he believed he 
first saw the light at Bulhoek, formerly in Colesberg. The Historic Monuments Commission has 
accepted Vaalbank as the place of his birth. See Historiese Studies, Maart 1944, bl. 71. H. S. Pretorius, 
Afkoms van Paul Kruger, 'n Paar Ophelderings. 

Original signature: Numerous. 

Farms: Waterkloof, Boukenhoutfontein, Saulspoort (winter grazing). Properties in Rustenburg, 


Remarks: President, Transvaal Republic. See Gedenkschriften (Memoirs) and numerous "Lives of 

Paul Kruger". 

(f)2 Douw. 

(e)3 Stephanus Johannes, b. 21.5.1804. 

(e)4 THEUNIS Johannes, b. 30.11.1806; md. Hilletje M. van Wyk. 
Remarks: One daughter in 1825 (J 152, p. 54, No. 49). 

(e)5 Susanna Lasya, born 21.4.1808, b. 1.5.1808. 

(e)6 Martin Petrus, born 28.11.1810, b. 2.12.1810. 

(d)5 Gerrit Petrus. 

(d)6 Gerrit Hendrik Jacobus, b. 31.12.1780; md. 22.2.1801 Hester Jacoba van der Walt, b. 
10.2.1787, d. of Nicolaas van der Walt and Maria Jacoba Coetsee and who d. before 26.7.1816; md. (2) 
Anna Jacoba Coetsee on 17.11.1817 (CO 2606, Matr. List, Item 102), who d. 9.6.1840. 

Veld-cornet for Agter Zuurberg the sixth child of Gerrit Kruger and Susanna Lasya Buys was a more 
prominent figure in his lifetime than either Hendrik Bernhardus (d)2 or Stephanus Johannes (d)4, grand- 
father of the future President. His energy both as farmer and in his public duty made him a local leader. 
His signatures on public documents, as VeldCornet, are numerous as well as on wills, and inventories of 
his immediate relatives. On lists of cattle stolen by Bushmen, reports of raids and of murders by the 
Bushmen of herdsmen. He was, in 1828, after ten years' service as Veld-Cornet, recommended as 
Deputy Court Messenger by Landdrost E. Bergh, called at that date the Resident Magistrate, and this 
appointment was confirmed by the Government. 25 

Like his father thirty years before, he was instrumental in obtaining gifts of sheep from 
burghers for distribution to such Bushmen as professed peace and a desire to breed stock. A list 
in his handwriting dated 5.6.1827 26 shows that he collected sheep, goats and oxen from 33 

25 CO 2706. E. Bergh to Bell, 19.6.1828 

G.R. 14/6. Signed by G. H. J. Kruger, Veld Cornet. 

burghers of the Agter Zuurberg. This list shows the more prominent adult Krugers of the 

Zuurberg in 1827 and is added because the identification of several is clear: 

Andries J. Kruger (d)12, brother of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Martin Kruger (d)10, brother of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Gert Kruger (e)l, son of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Stephanus J. Kruger (e)3, son of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Gert Johannes Kruger (e)l, nephew of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Casper J. Kruger (e)2, nephew of G. H. J. Kruger. 

Jakop Kruger. 

Jakop P. Kruger. 

Johannes A. Kruger. 

His signature on 17.9.1829 is on the address of welcome of the inhabitants of Graaff Reynet, 
which was presented to Sir Lowry Cole when he visited the Drostdy 27 : "We feel most happy in 
the opportunity of expressing the Loyalty of our Sentiments in the presence of His Majesties 
Representative ..." the address begins. - This Governor, unlike Lord Charles Somerset, had the 
welfare of the burghers at heart and was not unpopular. Gert Hendrik Jacobus Kruger was 
predeceased by both his wives. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/62, No. 9, signature G. H. J. Kruger. Inventory of first wife 
MO 40, No. 149. Joint will with second wife 29.11.1817. Filed 24.6.1841. Signature 
numerous in G.R. 14/21; CO 2694 and 2667. To Inventory of first wife in MOOC 8/62 he 
signs in full on 26.7.1816. 

27 CO 2715. Address 114. 

Farms: Grootehoek, Agter Rhenosterberg in de Roodeberg, to which in 1808 was added the 
adjacent Gryzekop (CO 2564, Bericht 4.1.1808). In 1827 petitioned Gen. Bourke for 
Allemansfontein with the pools round about, near Palmiet Spruit in dist. Somerset. 
Memorialist states his present farm was 3,500 morgen and he had "about 4,500 sheep, 400 
cattle and 40 horses (G.R. 13/15, petition K. 180). 

(e)l Gerrit, b. 20.7.1803; md. (1) Johanna Margaretha Lessing; (2) Elisabeth Johanna 
Catharina Hemming; (3) Johanna Maria Venter, widow of Johannes Christiaan Kruger. 

Original signature: Gert Kruger G.H.J.zoon (MO, vol. 94, No. 52 (1852)). Will with J. M. Venter at 

Burgersdorp. Filed 23.7.1853. Also Gert Kruger (J 133, p. 53, No. 12). He signs for Stephanus 

Jacobus (e)3. Date 1830. 

Farm or locality: In Agter Zuurberg with (1). Rietfontein, dist. Burgersdorp, 3,874 morgen, with (3). 

On 13.12.1825 applied for Boskop beyond Groote R. He stated in petition that he had one quitrent 

farm, 130 cattle, 20 horses and 1,000 sheep and goats. 

Remarks: MOOC 7/105, No. 113. Will with J. M. Lessing 22.8.1827. Filed 18.11.1827 (copy). 

Witnessed by Martin (d)10 and Pieter Hendrik Kruger (e)2, the young son of Martin. Will endorsed 

"vrouw is dood". Endorsement undated. 

(f)l Hester, born to J. M. Lessing. 

(f)2 Gert Hendrik Jacobus, born to J. M. Lessing, d. 7.6.1849; md. Hilletje Magdalena Maria 
Louisa Reineke. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Dist. Colesberg. 
Remarks: R.E., vol. 22, p. 241. 

(g) Gert Hendrik Jacobus, d. 22.10.1868; md. Francina Hendrina Barendina Coetsee. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Div. of Albert. Remarks: R.E., vol. 49, p. 253. 

(f)3 Johanna Margaretha, born to J. M. Lessing. 
(f)4 Cornelia Johanna, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)5 Jacobus Cornelius, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)6 Anna Johanna, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)7 Nicolaas Petrus Jacobus, born to E. J.C Hemming. 
(f)8 Jan Andries, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)9 Dirk Jacobus, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)10 Barend Johannes, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)ll Gert Stephanus, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(f)12 Elisabeth Johanna Catharina, born to E. J. C. Hemming. 
(e)2 Nicolaas, b. 4.11.1804; md. Maria Elisabeth Kruger. 

(e)3 Stephanus Jacobus, b. 10.11.1805; md. 6.7.1825 Elisabeth Johanna Hendrina Pretorius 
(CO 2678, Matr. List, Item 31). 

Original signature: Stevanus J. Kruger. Letter 1817 withdrew application for Witklip on 
Zeekoe R. (J 109, G.R.). 

IVote.-The handwriting is, as to be expected, unformed in 1817. 

Farm or locality: FC. Brak R. (G.R.). On 25.3.1822 as "Stephanus Kruger Gert zoon" 

petitioned Ld. Charles Somerset for Vaalbank in F.C. of Gert Kruger (G.R. 13/15, Memorial K 

108), or alternatively petitioner was Stephanus Johannes (d)4. 

Remarks: Known as Stephanus Kruger. 

(e)4 ANDRIES Johannes, born 15.6.1807, b. 3.1.1808. 

(e)5 Petrus Jacobus, born 8.7.1809, b. 4.3.1810; md. Anna Martina Magdalena Kruger, who 
d. 1.4.1845 in dist. Colesberg. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 17, p. 214. Petrus Jacobus Executor and Tutor Test, to minors (f)l and (f)2. 

(f)l Hester Anna, a minor in 1845. 
(f)2 Gerrit Stephanus, a minor in 1845. 
(e)6 Maria Jacoba. 

(e)7 Susanna Lasya, md. Willem Jacobus Snyman who d. 16.6.1870 at Vogelfontein, Albert 

Remarks: R.E. 51, p. 208. 

(e)8 Jacobus Johannes, b. 6.7.1816, d. in infancy in July, 1817. 
(d)7 Petrus, b. 25.8.1785. 

(d)8 Gerrit, b. (circa) 1787. In Geslacht Register der Oude Kaapsche Familien, erroneously 
described as md. to Anna Sophia Venter. See Gerrit (c)2. 

(d)9 Susanna Lasya, b. 6.9.1789; md. on 5.1.1806 Petrus van der Walt Tjaardsz., b. 4.5.1788 
(CO 2559, Matrimonial List, Item 36), ninth child of Tjaard and Maria Elisabeth Kruger. Both 
described as of Voor Sneeuwberg and both previously unmarried. Remarks: Husband Veld 
Cornet, Onder Zeekoe R. (J 99, No. 935), 1810; (J 130, p. 44, No. 73), 1828. 

(d)lOMAARTEN, b. 16.9.1792, d. 17.9.1846; md. (1) Maria Magdalena Kruger 5.2.1809 (CO 
2571, Mat. List, Item 10) who died 3.9.1841; (2) Anna Catharina van Aswegen, widow of Willem 
Jacobus Pelser, and who d. 20.6.1852. 

Mentioned in 1810 with first wife as in dist. Rhenosterfontein (J 99, No. 925). In 1821 
petitioned Donken for (1) Tafelberg aan Steenberg Spruit on Zeekoe R., (2) Plaatj esfontein 
between Brand en Braakpoort. Orig. sig. G.R. 13/15, Memorials K 92 and 96. In 1847 his widow, 
who had borne nine children to W. J. Pelzer, made her will at Steenberg Spruit, dist. Colesberg, and 
in 1852 a codicil re Kopj esfontein, dist. Albert (MO 94, No. 44, and R.E., vol. 27, No. 4). 

Original signature: Maarten Kruger, MO, vol. 65, No. 21 (23.5.1846). Mutual will with (2). 

Filed 23.10.1846. Both sign. As witnesses in 1846 his sons (e)l, (e)3 and (e)6 sign. 

Farm or locality: Vaalbank, 5,186 morgen. G.R. 14/16, Land Matters Extraordinaire Annotatie 

noopens ... Leening plaatsen. 

Remarks: Known as Martin Kruger Gts.Zn. See Note President Kruger (f)l. 

(e)l Gerrit Stephanus, born 25.1.1810, b. 4.2.1810, born to Maria Magdalena Kruger. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 65, No. 21. Signature, Gert Stevanus Kruger. 

(e)2 Pieter Hendrik. 

Original signature: MO 94, No. 44, at Steenbergs Spruit 20.2.1847: Pieter Hk. Kruger. 

(e)3 MARTEN Johannes Ludewyk. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 65, No. 21. Signature, Maarten J. L. Kruger. 

(e)4 Isaac Jacobus. 

(e)5 Andries JOHANNES Bernhardus. 

(e)6 Theunis Frants (sic). 

Original signature: MO, vol. 65, No. 21. Signature, T. F. Kruger. 

(e)7 Susanna Lasya. 

(e)8 Maria Magdalena Catharina, born of Maria Magdalena Kruger. 

(d)ll Alida Hendrina, b. 30.3.1794, d. in 1817; md. Johannes Cornells de Clercq (de Klerk) on 
21.2.1813 (CO 2586, Matrl. List, Item 6). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Agter Sneeuwberg. 

Remarks: Signature of husband, MOOC 8/63, No. 24. 

(d)12 Andries Jacob, b. 19.11.1797, d. 15.12.1868; md. (1) Hester Anna Kruger who d. in dist. 
Colesberg 25.1.1846; (2) Magdalena Elisabeth Grobbelaar. Mentioned as one of several "persons of 

humanity" with whom captured Bushwomen and children had been placed in 1822 by Veld 
Commandt. S. J. van Wyk of Tarka, "en van hun mens leeventheid overtuigt" (CO 2667, Letter v. 
Wyk to MacKay, Landdrost, Cradock). In 1813 is in Opgaaf (J 105, p. 17, No. 45), unmarried and 
with his father Gerrit (c)2, recently married to Anna Sophia Venter, who are No. 43 on p. 17. 

Original signature: Witnessed on 24.11.1846 at Colesberg, will of Anna Cornelia Venter, widow 

of Frans Kruger (c)8 (MO, vol. 197, No. 74). 

Farm or locality: Burgersdorp. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 18, Letter K; R.E., vol. 49, p. 257. Liq. Ac. filed 19.4.1869. 

(c)l Susanna Lasya Francina, b. 27.9.1818. 

(e)2 Hester Cornelia, b. 26.12.1820, d. 18.7.1849; md. Johannes Harmse Steenkamp, 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Dist. Colesberg. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 22, p. 244. 

(e)3 Alida Francina Margaretha, b. 14.4.1823. 

(e)4 Andries Johannes, a minor in 1846. 

(e)5 Hendrik Jasper, a minor in 1846. 

(e)6 Gerrit Francois, a minor in 1846. 

(d)13 Lasya Hendrina, b. 4.8.1809 (last child of Gerrit Kruger, Hksz. (c)2 and born of Anna 
Sophia Venter); md. Casper Jan Hendrik van Wyk, son of Louis Johannes van Wyk and Anna 
Sophia Venter. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 99, No. 40 (1833). Codicil 17.12.1839. Signature, lazya hendrina 


Farm or locality: Klipplaatsdrift in FC Agter Zuurberg. In 1825 in FC Zwagers Hoek. 

Remarks: See also G 14/21, Lyst van Geboore Kinders van 't Jaar 1808. 

(c)3 Hendrina Cecilia, b. 3.10.1751, d. 3.9.1762 (Dood Register MOOC 6/1). 

(c)4 Johanna Francina, b. 3.10.1751, d. 7.12.1825 aged 74 years 2 months 7 days; md. 
16.11.1768 Pieter Venter Jan Hksz., bpt. 6.6.1745, widower of Anna Elisabeth Coetsee, son of Jan 
Hk. Venter and Johanna Maria Buys, greatgrandson of Hendrik Venter of Hameln and Anna 
Viljoen, who had owned Vleeschbank on the Berg R. 

IVote.-Hendrik Venter, b. 22.12.1771, son of Pieter Venter, J. Hz. and Johanna Francina Kruger, 
md. 26.9.1790 an Anna Sophia Kruger who was not the d. of Pieter Kruger (c)6 and M. M. Putter 
and belonged to the family of Jan Kruger of Straalsand, not that of Jacob Kruger of Berlin. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Suureplaats op de Sneeuwberg, abandoned by 1789 (R.L.R. 36:335). 
Grootevaly (sic) gel. aan de Kleyne Brakke Revier. Agter de Rhenosterberg (G.R. 14/16, Farms 
1802, No. 335). Widow on 9.4.1804 provisionally granted Pieter Sink zyn kraal on Kl. Brakke R. 
(G.R. 14/16, List provisional grants, No. 191). 

Remarks: MOOC 7/56, No. 43. Mutual will 14.9.1793, at Graaff Reinet. Proved 11.11.1808 
after death of husband (copy). 

(c)5 Hendrik, b. 3.3.1754, d. before May, 1788; md. Lasya Christina Venter, bapt. 6.9.1760, 
sister of Pieter Venter, Jan Hksz. 

Hendrik would have been seven or eight when his father Hendrik Kruger (b)6 returned from 
Namaqualand with Hendrik Hop and his exploring burghers. Probably he could remember Table 
Bay as seen from Oliphants Kop throughout his brief life. How much of his youth and young 
manhood, after 1762, was spent in the Roggeveld is not known. It is probable that he, with his 
younger brother Pieter (c)6, early resolved to go as pioneers into the district of Graaff Reinet for no 
farm-grant in the Roggeveld has been traced to either. After his marriage he is mentioned, with his 
wife, in the Stellenbosch Opgaaf Rolle for 1778, 1782, 1785 and 1787 28 as are other burghers who 
are known to have been already settled in Graaff Reinet. As H. Krieger, it is in all probability he 
who is mentioned in Pieter Cloete's journal of the journey of Swellengrebel. 29 He was then farming 
below the Sneeuwberg and near the farms of H. van der Walt and Tjaart van der Walt and the four 
"travellers passed these farms on the 11th of August, 1776. Two years later, on 6th October, 1778, 
those who accompanied the Governor van Plettenberg 30 were told, at the farm of Barend Burgers 
beyond "Champagnepoorts Rivier", that Hendrik Kruger, two hours distant, had lost two hundred 
sheep and that the Bushmen who drove them off had wounded the young Hottentot herder who 
guarded them with four arrows, so that he died of the arrowpoison the same evening. It is perhaps 

28 J 179, p. 5 (Drakenstein); J 183, p. 5 and p. 35; J 85, p. 37. 

29 Reizen in Zuid-Afrika, IV, p. 7. 

30 Reizen in Zuid-Afi-ika, IV, p. 39. 

significant that in October, 1777, when due at Stellenbosch for his militia service in the Company of 
Capt. Philip Wouter de Vos, Hendrik Kruger, Hendriksz., is marked as absent. 31 His widow by 
May, 1788, with one son and four daughters, made a census return of 60 oxen and 400 sheep. 32 On 
his death his two brothers Johannes Jacob (c)l and Gerrit (c)2, with Pieter Venter d'oude, and 
Johannes van der Walt, acted as executors for the widow and children, the buildings (opstal) on 
Rietfontein were valued at only Rds. 50. On 3rd Sept., 1798, she sold this opstal to Jan Coetsee who 
sold to Albert Venter, and from the latter they were bought by Pieter Kruger (c)6. She married 
Christiaan Lessing within a year of Hendrik's deaths) and was in 1789 at Rietfontein with him. 
Later they lived at Grootvlei, Lessing's farm, adjacent to Vinkfontein, the home of her daughter 

Original signature: Of widow, Latzea Christina Venter (Inventory of H. Kruger). MOOC 8/50, 

No. 59 (1790). 

Farm or locality: Rietfontein, Agter Rhenosterberg (R.L.R. 34, p. 327 (1786)). 

(d)l Hendrina Francina, b. 19.10.1777; md. Isaak David Vorster. 

In 1800 were living "on the farm of Christiaan Lessing" (J 87, fol. 9). 

The situation of Vorster's farms is described in a report: "De Vinkefontein aan 't Zeekoegat voor 
in de Roodebergen, de Scoerpeonekraal regt v. gemeld: Forster zelve ... de wagen weg van 
Sneeuwberg door Ciphanjes poort na Renosterberg gaat circa 20 minuten hier voorby" (CO 2564 

31 J 179. Gen. Monster Rolle der E. Compagnien v. Stel. en Drakenstein D'Anno, 1777. 

32 J 84, G.R. and J 84 A, p. 27. 

Note that Hendrina Francina was named after her paternal grand-parents. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1810-1828 Vinkefontein and Scoerpeone Kraal, dist. Rhenosterberg. 

Remarks: Signature of husband (J 91, p. 14, No. 12). 

(d)2 Johanna Maria, b. 21.3.1779, d. in Cradock 20.3.1852; md. Willem Jacobus Vorster. 
IVote.-Named after her paternal grandmother Johanna Maria Buys. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1810 in Agter Sneeuwberg (J 99, No. 143). 1814 in dist. Cradock. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 26, p. 224. 

(d)3 Lasya Susanna, b. 12.11.1780; md. (1) 4.10.1795 Martin Coetsee, bapt. 10.2.1765, son 
of Johannes Jacobus Coetsee and Anna Johanna Cloete (Martin Coetsee was the widower of 
Cornelia Venter and d. in 1807); (2) on 27.11.1808 David Jacobus Viljoen, Albertsz., who was b. 
15.10.1780 and was the widower of Catharina Elisabeth Jansen (CO 2567, Matrimonial List; G.R. 
1808-9, Item 42). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Hollefontein and Wonderheuvel, FC Zeekoe R. (J 6, p. 63, No. 76, Beaufort 

1815), and (J 50, p. 7, No. 69). 

Remarks: MOOC 13/30, No. 16, 1807. Inventory Martin Coetsee, Jans. Three years after her 
first marriage Lasya Susanna with Coetsee was "living on farm of Christiaan Lessing" (J 87, fol. 

(d)4 Anna Martha, b. 23.3.1783; md. 1.10.1792 Carel Jacob du Plessis, Charlsz., who d. 

In 1824 returned for Census three sons and four daughters (J 123, p. 5, No. 69). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Elandsfontein and Hartebeestefontein, FC. Zeekoe R. 

Remarks: Husband's signature (J 91, p. 17, over-page). 

(d)5 Johannes Hendrik, b. 17.9.1786; md. 26.2.1804 Margaretha Jacoba Kotze (also written 
Coetsee). In 1830 Johannes Hendrik Kruger and Johannes Christiaan Coetsee petitioned the 
Governor through Bell, the former for Rietpoort between Caledon River and Slekspruit, the latter 
for Blauwekrans, Komfontein and Krugers Poort. All the farms were beyond the Orange R. The 
petition was written for them by P. Aucamp, Field Cornet (see Levena Catharina Hendrina (e)2), 
whose writing and diction shows him to have had considerable education. It was sent, as was 
customary, by the Colonial Secretary to the Landdrost of Graaff Reinet for his report. Landdrost 
van Ryneveld, at this date styled Civil Commissioner, replied to Bell that all the farms "are beyond 
the Boundary of the Coloney and at present not in the gift of the Crown. It is to be regretted that 
after the repeated warnings there should be found Inhabitants importuning His Excellency the 
Governor with applications for Grants beyond the Coloney which they must be aware cannot be 
given to them, but it is still more lamentable that there should be found People to draw up 

Memorials of such extraordinary a nature. People who from their station in life must be supposed to 
be better informed upon these Subjects than the Farmers, and who whilst writing such Petitions 
must be fully sensible that they are misleading these ignorant People, and that they are doing so 
with no other view than to exact money from them". 

To Field Cornet P. Aucamp the Landdrost wrote a letter of which only a copy, probably a 
translation of the original, has been found. "I might have treated These memorials as documents 
which do not deserve the least attention and allowed the Inhabitants to continue throwing away 
their money by laying for Memorials of this nature. As I have too great a regard in the welfare 
of the Inhabitants I request that you will have the goodness to acquaint them not to throw away 
their hard earned money ... and inform them ... Government will not pay the least attention to 
Memorials for Lands beyond the Colonial boundries." 33 

Original signature: MOOC 7/111, No. 138. Witnessed will of Hendrik Gerhardus. Signature, 

J. Hendrik Kruger. In 1830 (J 133, p. 38, No. 35) signature, J. H. Kger. 

Farm or locality: Rietfontein and Tweefontein, Agter Rhenosterberg. 

Remarks: Name of wife is invariably written Coetsee in Opgaaf (J 105, p. 13, No. 18, J 130 

(G.R. 1830)) and also in the will of their son Johannes (e)3. 

(e)l HENDRIK Jacobus, b. 20.5.1805. 

(e)2 Hester Margaretha, md. Johannes Christian van der Walt, son of Nicolaas van der 
Walt and Lasya Christina Lessing. 

33 CO 2722. Letter 84. W. C. v. Ryneveld CC to P. A. Aucamp F.C. Rhenosterberg. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 57, No. 30. Will made 29.6.1838. Filed 30.10.1844. Signature, 

H. M. Kruger, with that of husband. 

Farm or locality: FC Rhenosterberg. 

Remarks: Parentage of both is stated in joint will. Witnesses are J. G. Kruger and A. J. S. 


(e)3 Johannes, b. 27.12.1807, d. 8.9.1840; md. 4.9.1825 Anna Catharina Maria Aucamp, d. 
of Pieter Aucamp and Levina Catharina Hendrina Kruger (CO 2678, Matrimonial List, Item 

Original signature: MO, vol. 39, No. 11. Will made 28.7.1835. Original signatures of both. 
Farm or locality: FC. Rhenosterberg (J 130, p. 40, No. 71, 1828). On 27.11.1825 petitioned 
Somerset for a quitrent on his loan-farm de Ruighte Valley in FC. Rhenosterberg (G.R. 
13/15, K. 174). 
Remarks: Will witnessed by H. J. S. Kruger. 

(f)l Johannes Hendrik, a minor in 1840. 

(f)2 Levina Catharina Hendrina, a minor in 1840. 

(f)3 Pieter Johannes, a minor in 1840. 

(f)4 Margaretha Jacoba, a minor in 1840. 

(f)5 Paul, a minor in 1840. 

(e)4 Hendrik Christian CHRISTIAAN, b. 23.3.1821. 

(e)5 Hendrik Sarel, b. 5.8.1821. 

(e)6 Lasya Christina, b. 5.8.1821. 

(c)6 Pieter, b. 28.8.1757, d. before 4.5.1805; md. 6.10.1785 Maria Magdalena Putter, widow 
of Casper Hendrik Steenkamp, Caspersz., and d. of Gerrit Putter and Sophia van Wyk. M. M. 
Putter, twice a widow, was bapt. 13.2.1763 and was the niece of both Maria Putter, second wife of 
Frans Kruger (b)2 and Zacharia Putter, wife of Pieter Ernst Kruger (b)7. 

Pieter (c)6 was baptised five years before his parents, Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete, left 
Oliphants Kop to settle in the Roggeveld. He first appears as a young man possessing only a horse 
in the Opgaaf Rolle for Stellenbosch for 1777 34 grouped with his parents. That he was in Graaff 
Reinet by 26th March, 1780, is shown in the letter to Carel v. der Merwe (see Hendrik (b)6) and 
also that he was one of a commando against the Bushmen. By his marriage he became the 
stepfather of Sophia Margaretha Steenkamp who became the grandmother of President Paul 
Kruger (see Stephanus Johannes (d)4). That he had two stepdaughters by his marriage is correctly 
reflected in his Opgaaf in 1787 in Graaff Reynet 35 where his Census return shows three 
daughters. Two were his stepdaughters, the third being the babe Francina Magdalena (d)l recently 
born to his wife and himself. A signed but undated letter in his handwriting was written between 
1788-1794 36 when he was provisional Veldwagtmeester. It is an official report to inform the 
Landdrost, who is not named, where he had led a commando into the Agter Sneeuwberg after 
Bushmen, how many burghers were armed, at what farms they halted and who supplied transport. 
It is unpunctuated: 

"diet is de raport van den proviesie Veld Wagmeester pieter Kruger een span ossen en wagen 

van den hemeraat Jan boysen lujer en dryver van Jan Jacobje een wagen van Schalk Jacobus 

34 J (Drakenstein) 179, p. 35. 

' J 88, p. 22, G.R. 
' G.R. 14/6. 

burger een Span ossen en dryver persoonlyk Johannes lodewyk pritorius diederick Koekemoer 
Evert Volscheenk daniel bloem Abriham Koekemoer Jacobus Pritorius Willem Andries 
Pretorius een schut Johannen (sic) lodewyk Pretorius een schut Martinen (sic) Wessel 
Pretorius een schut Jadrian Venter de jonge een schut petrus Pretorius slagt Vee en twe 
rypaarde Willem Stoorenberg Pritorius een schut Andries Smiet 2 schuts barent burger een 
schut CriesteJan (sic) Coetsee 2 schut Cornells de Klerk een schut de cappitijn van Jaarsvelt 
een schut den 12 Julij persent geweest by Johannes lodewyk pretorius getrokken den 14 
onder den neuwe Sneuberg den 15 pieter Venter de 15 na den Velt Wagmeester Jan Koetsee 
den 16 na Vliep olivier de 17 na Gert Myberg de 18 twalef Spoejoennen uyt gesturt nooit op 
de Commande heeft beygert meyburg gebleven van 19 tot de 24 stiel gelegen en de Spyon 24 
gekomen en niet gevonden de 25 terug getrokken osse en wagen Iyer en dreyver van my 
pieter Kruger henderik zoon." 

His militia service was in the Company at Graaff Reinet commanded by Adriaan van 
Jaarveld. 37 His last Opgaaf was made in 1804 (J 91; G.R., p. 18, No. 4) where he is mentioned 
with his wife M. M. Putter. His census returns, with numerous horned cattle, sheep and slaves 
show him to have been a successful farmer who died in the prime of life. For his objection made 
to Commissary de Mist in 1803 to the registration of that part of Waterkloof named Klipkrants, 
see Jacobus Stephanus Kruger (c)18. 

Original signature: G.R. 14/6. Signature, piet Kruger henderik zoon. Liq. A/c. 8/S8, MOOC 
No. 21 (1809-10). Estate valued Rds. 9,072. Signature of widow, Marea Maddalena Putter 
WedeWe Pieter Kruger. 

' J 144, G.R. Militia Muster Roll 

Note. - MOOC 8/36, No. 56. Inventory of widow signed by her son-in-law Stephanus 

Johannes (d)4, the grandfather of President Paul Kruger. 

Farm or locality: Opstal on Rietfontein (see Hendrik (c)5) "en aangetrokken plaats de 

Waterkloof". (See also Jacobus Stephanus (c)18, note on Waterkloof.) 

Remarks: Widow in 1810-15 living on Rietfontein (J 99, No. 546; J 50, p. 2, No. 42). She 

died before 20.8.1820. 

(d)l FRANCINA Magdalena, b. 15.3.1787. 

Is not mentioned in the taxed estate of her parents (MOOC 8! 69, No. 21 (1809)) or in will of 
her grandmother Francina Cloete in 1809. 

(d)2 Hendrik Gerhardus, b. 11.1.1789; md. (1) Hilletje Maria Kruger who d. before 
23.7.1823; (2) Johanna Helena Steenkamp, widow of Jan Daniel Aucamp. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/69, No. 5, Inventory of (1). MO, vol. 10, No. 13, Inventory of 

son Pieter Johannes (e)3. MOOC 7/111, No. 138 (28.3.1825). Will with J. H. Steenkamp. 

Signature, Hendrik Gerhardus Kruger pz. 

Farm or locality: De Waterkloof, Agter Rhenosterberg. In 1821 petitioned for (1) Pypfontein 

onder de Brakpoort; (2) Leeuwfontein by Brakpoort; (3) Rondavel gel. aan Steenenbergs 

Spruit (G.R. 13/15, Memorial K. 94). 

Remarks: Will MOOC 7/111, No. 138, of 1825, was witnessed by J. Hendrik Kruger, P. 

Aucamp and Jacob Venter. Registered 25.8.1830. 

(e)l Hester Maria, born 11.6.1809, b. 25.6.1809, d. 7.3.1846; md. Gert Jacobus Olivier, 
Janz., on 1.4.1829. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 65, No. 95 (1829), witnessed by her father and brothers (d)2, 

(e)3 and (e)8. (Inventory.) 

Farm or locality: Eylands R., dist. Tarka. 

Remarks: Will filed 17.12.1846. Reg. Est., vol. 46, 95; Borger des boedels. 

(e)2 MARIA MAGDALENA Sophia Francina, born 28.6.1811. 

(e)3 Pieter Johannes, born 27.9.1813; md. Anna Catharina Venter. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 10, No. 13. Signature, Pieter Johannis Kruger, on 22.11.1833. 

Joint will. Filed 8.8.1835. 

Farm or locality: Pit Valij, dist. Somerset. 

Remarks: Will witnessed by H. G. Kruger (d)2 and Herculaus C. Kruger. Borger des 

Boedels, H. G. Kruger and Gert Venter. 

(e)4 Hercules Christiaan, born 28.2.1818, b. 20.9.1818. 

(e)5 Daniel Frans Andries Ludewyk, born 20.6.1819, b. 7.11.1819. 

(e)6 Hendrik Stephanus Louis, born 24.7.1820, b. 8.10.1820, d. 10.3.1836. 

Original signature: None, 

Farm or locality: Dist. Colesberg. Remarks: See R.E., vol. 7, p. 177. 

(e)7 Hilletje Elisabeth Sophia, born 14.3.1822, b. 5.5.1822, d. 19.10.1852; md. Hendrik 
Jacobus Venter. 

See R.E., vol. 27, p. 218. 

(e)8 Theunis Johannes, born 6.7.1823; md. Maria Dorothea Kruger who died 24.10.1846. 
Feb. 3, 1857, J. B. Blake of Burgersdorp requests appointment tutors for minors. April 12, 1857, 
Liquidation Account received. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 65, No. 95 (5.11.1844), T. J. Kruger. 

Farm or locality: Burgersdorp. 

Remarks: R.E., vol. 19, No. 221, known as Theunis Johannas H. G. son. 

(d)3 Maria Magdalena, b. 19.2.1792, d. 3.9.1841; md. Martin Kruger, Gertz. 
(d)4 Johanna Alida, b. 18.8.1793; md. Tjaard van der Walt, J.H.zoon. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1825 FC Brak R. (G.R.), J 152, p. 81, No. 212. 

(d)5 Anna Sophia, born 12.9.1795, b. 28.2.1796, d. before 8.4.1827; md. 3.9.1820 Hendrik 
William Olivier. Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1825 FC, Brak R. (G.R.), J 152, p. 74, No. 2. 

(d)6 Elisabeth Jacoba, b. 19.11.1797. 

(d)7 Gerrit Lodewyk, born 10.11.1801, b. 10.11.1801; md. Engela Catharina Magdalena 
Griesel, who d. 8.1.1825. 

In 1821 petitioned Donken for Driefontein and Brakpoort (G.R. 13/15, Memorial K 93), 
petition signed by his brother H(endrik) G(erhardus) Kruger. Had not re-married by 1828 (J 130, 
p. 48, No. 2). 

Original signature: MOOC 8/39, No. 49 (28.3.1825). Inventory of wife. 
Farm or locality: Uritu Kloof, dist. Rhenosterberg. 

(e)l Maria Magdalena, born 9.6.1822. 

(e)2 Engela Catharina Magdalena, born 8.1.1825, d. 15.11.1837. 

(d)8 Hester Francina, born 6.1.1804, b. 21.5.1804; md. Theunis Gerrit Pelzer, W.son. 
(Notice of Banns 6.8.1820, G.R. 9/42.) 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1825 FC. Agter Sneeuwberg (J 152, p. 57, No. 114). 

(c)7 Jacob, b. 20.1.1760, d. 1834; md. 8.2.1786 Anna Elisabeth Coetsee, b. 28.3.1771, d. of 
Johannes Jacobus Coetsee and Anna Johanna Cloete. 

By 16th July, 1794, this son of Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete showed in Opgaaf a son, 
forty-eight beeves and three hundred sheep. 38 With Pieter Ernst Kruger, Pz. (c)4, his cousin, he 
took part in the refusal to acknowledge Bresler, on 22.2.1796 sent to G.R. as Landdrost by the 
British Military Authority in Cape Town. The cousins were present as Representatives of the People 

'J 85, p. 8. 

and with Jan Durand and others sat at a table separate from the heemraden. 39 A letter of 4th August, 
1799, from N. J. Roets, Veldcornet, 40 written when Gaika's hordes invaded the Graafff Reinet area 
from across the Great Visch R., shows that they had attacked Jacob Kruger (zy heb Jacobus Kruger 
aan gevat aan Krom Rivier) and carried off all his cattle. By 1815 he had been for a decade 
established at de Put and is that Jacobus Kruger to whom a letter was sent, but not delivered, by the 
conspirators whose rising led to the tragedy of Slachter's Nek. His later returns show him to have 
been an energetic and respected farmer and a man of considerable wealth, but except for his militia 
duties and his election as People's Representative he does not appear to have taken a further part in 
public life. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 10, No. 21. Joint will made 4.5.1805 before Landdrost Muller at 

Graaff Reinet. Filed 15.8.1835. Signature, Jacobus Kruger. 

Farm or locality: De Put, aan de Doornberg (dist. Rhenosterbergen) and "a plot of government 

ground named de Bad (1805). On 25.3.1822 petitioned Ld. C. Somerset for "de Bat tot aan de 

Eilandsfonteyn, 8,180 mogen". Petition referred 28.5.1825 to Landdrost and Heemraden (G.R.). 

Later granted (G.R. 14/16, Land Matters). 

Remarks: Inventory and widow's will (1835) (MO, vol. 10, Nos. 22-23), signed by J. P. Kruger 

(d)5 and J. F. Lessing with Isaak Jacobus Kruger (e)8. Known by 1807 as Jacob Kruger d'oude 

as was also his cousin Jacob Kruger, Jacobsz. (c)8, baptised in 1759, who was the brother of 

Carel Kruger. 

' Theal, Hist, of S.A. 1795-1834, p. 10. 

1 G.R. 14/26. Field Cornet Roetz to Bresler. Unsorted Letters. 

(d)l ANNA Elisabeth, b. 13.3.1788; md. Johannes Coetsee, Jansz., b. 14.5.1786, son of 
Johannes Coetsee and Hubrecht Coetsee. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Bultfontein, dist. Rhenosterberg. 

(d)2 Hendrik, b. 19.2.1792. 

Unmentioned in parents' joint will (MO, vol. 10, No. 21 (1805)). 
(d)3 Francina Maria, b. 18.8.1793. Unmentioned in will of 1805. 
(d)4 Johannes Abraham, born 3.8.1795, b. 12.2.1796; md. Anna Sophia Pretorius. 
On 6.12.1821 petitioned Donken for de Groene Valley, Moddergat and Zeekoegat all in FC 
Brakke R. (G. R. 13/15, No. 89). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Wildebeesten Valleij, 8,545 morgen, (G.R. 14/16) (Extraordinaire Annotatie ... 

noopens ... de Leening Plaatsen.) 

(e)l Lasya Abrama, b. 3.12.1818; md. Paul Phillipus Vorster. 
(e)2 Anna Elisabeth Jacoba, b. 5.11.1820. 
(e)3 Abraham Pretorius, b. 7.10.1822. 

(d)5 Jacob Petrus, born 8.9.1797; md. 7.4.1817 Hester Carolina Pretorius, both of Agter 
Rhenosterberg and previously unmarried (CO 2612, G.R. 1818; Matrimonial List, Item 18). 

Original signature: MO, vol. 57, No. 67, as witness to will of Maria Elis. Kruger and MO, vol. 
10, No. 22-23. Signature both J. P. Kruger and signature in full on father's Inventory 1835. 
Farm or locality: FC. of Hendrik Jacobus Kruger. 
Remarks: Known as Jacob Petrus Kruger, Jacobsz. (J 130, G.R. 1828, p. 51, No. 30). 

(e)l LASYA Christina, b. 4.10.1819. 

(e)2 Johannes JACOB, b. 27.5.1821; md. Susanna Lasya van der Walt. 

Original signature: Will. MO, vol. 44, No. 22 (25.11.1835). Signature, J. J. Kruger. 
Farm or locality: Stormbergs Spruit, dist. Colesberg. 
Remarks: Mutual will, witnessed by Pieter Hendrik Kruger. 

(d)6 Francina Susanna Lasya, b. 2.9.1799; md. Pieter Kruger (e)3 on 4.5.1818. He was 
second son of Hendrik Bernhardus Kruger (d)2. 

(d)7 Hester Jacoba, b. 10.11.1801; md. Barend Johannes van der Walt. 

(d)8 Hendrik Theunis Christiaan, b. 4.3.1804. Unmentioned in will (of 1805) of parents 
(MO, vol. 10, No. 21 (see Jacob (c)7). 

(d)9 Margaretha Johanna, b. 20.4.1806, d. a widow 6.6.185 b. 4.3.1804. Unmentioned in 
822 Louis Stephanus Lessing (G.R. 9/42; Banns authorised 29.12.1821). See Reg. Estates, vol. 32, 
p. 222. 

(d)10 Elisabeth Sophia Johanna, b. 27.12.1807; md. Isaac Lessing. 

(d)ll Nicolaas Stephanus, born 30.5.1810, b. 11.12.1810. 

(c)8 Frans, b. 27.9.1761, d. 17.8.1846; md. (1) 23.9.1792 Martha Venter, d. of Jan Adriaan 
Venter and Cornelia Smit, and who d. before 2.2.1800; (2) Anna Cornelia Venter, b. 18.2.1787 (d. 

of Johannes Albertus Venter and Anna Maria van der Walt) and who d. 10.11.1871 at Stormfontein, 
dist. Colesberg, div. of Albert (R.E., vol. 53, p. 569; account filed 20.8.1872). 

Baptised on a day when his father Hendrik Kruger (b)6 with others of Hop's Expedition was 
about to cross the Orange River at Ramonsdrift, Frans was to live during years which witnessed the 
British Occupation of 1796 and 1806 and the Great Trek. In 1772 he was granted, probably by a 
clerical error of the authorities, Buffels River in Lower Roggeveld, a farm which a year later his 
brother Johannes Jacob (c)l notified them was vacated. Frans took an active part in 1799 in the 
rebellion led by Prinsloo and Du Buis over the Van Jaarsveld arrest, 41 and in April of that year fled 
across the Gt. Visch R. into Kaffraria, with Coenraad du Buis, Jan Botha, Christoffel Botha and 
Coenraad Bezuidenhout. A reward of £200 dead or alive was placed by the Government on their 
heads. During this period he appears in Opgaaf* marked "woond by zijn moeder "(living with his 
mother), together with his little daughter Maartje (d)l. Francina Cloete was then widowed and 
living "on the farm of Piet Venter". Frans first appears as living with his second wife in 1807 in 
Agter Sneeuwberg" 3 and with his wife and three daughters at Klippedrift in 1825." 

Original signature: frans Kruger, MO, vols. 46 and 65, No. 94 (3 Aug. 1829). Joint will with A. 
C. Venter. Codicil 22.6.1843. Codicil by widow 24.11.1846. Filed 21.12.1846. In 1804 he signed 
"frans Kruger" (J 91, G.R., over page 16), in handwriting very like that of his father Hendrik 
(b)6. Also on inventory of first wife (MOOC 8/53, No. 34). 

History ofS.A., 1795-1834, G. McCall Theal, p. 37-42. 
: J 87, fols. 17 and 31. G.R. and J 86, fols. 2 and 9. 
' J 94, No. 476 
l J152, p. 75, No. 40. 

Farm or locality: Klippedrift, Agter Rhenosterberg, Stormfontein, dist. Colesberg. In 1809 

petitioned for Skilderkrans in FC Rhenosterberg, "beyond the Great Brak River, this side the 

Zuurberg adjacent to Schoonzigt S.W. possessed in loan by Olivier, and Noordhulp to the 


Remarks: Inventory of estate late Martha Venter (MOOC 8/53, No. 34). Estate valued Rds. 

1,845 by Johannes Jacob Kruger and Pieter Venter d'oude on 2.2.1800. 

(d)l Martha (Maartje), b. 16.9.1793; md. Stephanus Petrus Erasmus, De/son. Born of 
Martha Venter. Mentioned with husband in 1825 (J-152, p. 80, No. 199) in FC. Brak R. In 1824 
they had 3 sons, 2 daughters (J 123, p. 11, No. 98). 

(d)2 Francina Anna Elisabeth, born 6.7.1808, b. 18.9.1808. Born of A. C. Venter. 

(d)3 Hendrina Susanna, bapt. 28.2.1819. 

(d)4 Frans, b. 26.12.1820. 

With (d)5 appointed executor of will of mother A. C. Venter 24.11.1846 (MO, vol. 197, No. 74). 
Witnessed by Andries J. Kruger. 

Original signature: Frans Kruger. Witness to mother's will (codicil) of 22.1.1843 made at 
Stormfontein, also MO, vol. 93, No. 136. 

(d)4 Hendrik Johannes JACOB, b. 14.4.1824. 

Original signature: H. J. J. Kruger, witness, as with Frans (d)4, on 22.6.1843 (MO 65, No. 94). 

(c)9 Hubrecht, b. 3.4.1763. 

(c)10 Jasper, b. 4.11.1764. 
Mentioned as late as 1790 in the Stellenbosch-Drakenstein Opgaaf (Census) as unmarried and 
possessing a horse and arms (J 88, p. 37). It would appear he did not go to Graaff Reinet with 
Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete circa 1780. No later reference to him has been disclosed nor is 
it known if he was the progenitor of Jacob Jasper Kruger, who is stated to have died in Worcester 
14.9.1838, husband of a Martha Elisabeth Coetsee (Reg. Estates, vol. 7, p. 59 and MO, vol. 26). It 
is probable that the name in this official entry has been confused, by clerical error, with Jacob 
Casper Kruger. See also J 362 (Tulbagh), No. 27, Jacob Jasper Kruger (farm Grootfontein) and 
Martha Elisabeth Coetsee. 

(c)ll Elsie Petronella, b. 12.3.1766. 

(c)12 Maarten, N, b. 1.10.1768. Never returned an Opgaaf. 

(c)13 Francina Johanna Susanna, b. 25.2.1771; md. Stephanus Venter, Jan Hksz., bapt. 
10.2.1765. Locality: Agter Rhenosterberg (J 84A (1790), G.R.). 

IVote.-Jan Hendrik Venter, the father of both Stephanus Venter and of Pieter Venter (see Johanna 
Francina Kruger (c)4), had possessed the loan-farm Vlakke Rug near Riebeek's Casteel and, in 
1751, of Trutru near the present site of Van Rhyansdorp. 

(c)14 Hercules Christiaan, b. 27.2.1771, d. before 2.9.1796; md. 26.9.1790 Hester Maria 
Pienaar, d. of Daniel Pienaar and Hilletje Maria Steenkamp. 

Note. -Hilletje Maria Steenkamp was d. of Casper Jan Hk. Steenkamp d'oude, of de 
Palmietfontein in Koup and sister of Casper Jan Hk. Steenkamp d'jonge. (See Stephanus Johannes 

Born when his parents, Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete, were still in the Roggeveld. No 
farm grant has been traced for Hercules Christiaan, who after his marriage in Graaff Reinet lived 
with his widowed mother "on the farm of Pieter Venter". His widow married Cornelius van 

Nieuwkerk. Taxed Estate MOOC 8/S2, No. 16. Inventory signed by Gerrit Kruger (c)2; estate 
valued at Rds. 912. 

(d)l Hilletje Maria, b. 16.12.1792, d. before 23.7.1823; md. Hendrik Gerhardus Kruger 
(q.v.), "Hillegonda Maria" in the will of Francina Cloete (MOOC 7/62, No. 19-20), who was her 
father's mother. 

(d)2 Herculina Christina Francina, b. 10.5.1795; md. Johannes Stephanus van Heerden 
10.1.1813. Both of Agter Sneeuwberg (CO 2586, Matrimonial List, Item 2.) 

In 1825, with one son and four daughters in FC. Agter Sneeuwberg (J 152, Somt. East, p. 54, 
No. 66). 

(c)15 Zacharia Anna, b. 1773. 

(c)16 Hubrecht, b. 21.12.1775, d. March 1785. 

(c)17 Hubrecht, b. 18.2.1776; md. 22.12.1799 Andries Venter, Jansz., b. 12.11.1775, son of 
Jan Venter and Johanna Catharina van der Walt. 

(c)18 Jacobus Stephanus, b. 12.4.1778, d. 1.12.1843; md. 21.1.1798 Hester Cornelia Coetsee, 
b. 5.1.1782, d. of Johannes Coetsee and Hester Viljoen, and who d. in 1858. 

Youngest son of Hendrik Kruger and Francina Cloete Jacobus Stephanus, 1 ke his nephew 
Stephanus Johannes (d)4, could have had little or no recollection of the Roggeveld. He is not 
mentioned in the list of Hendrik Kruger's sons who owned cattle in 1791 45 but by May, 1798, in 
the year of his marriage, he was, with his wife, living with his widowed mother "on the farm of 
Piet Venter"." 6 In 1813, from Klipkrans, obtained in 1808, he made a return for Census which 
shows he had three sons and three daughters. 

' J 144, G.R. 

' J 86, fol. 6, G.R. 

The report on this farm made in 1808 by the Landdrost and Heemraaden of Graaff Reinet 
concludes with the suggestion that some grain could be grown, but that it was mostly a farm for 
the grazier-farmer. (Hier zoude een weinig zaailand ze maken, syn meest gras en vleiveld.) 

Original signature: MO, vol. 54, No. 8 (2.11.1816). Mutual will made at Drostdy G.R. Filed 

3.1.1844. Signature, Yacobus S. Kruger. 

IVote.-Made long and very distinctive loops to "1 k h" in his handwriting. 

Farm or locality: Klipkrans in Waterkloof, dist. Rhenosterberg. Estimated in 1828 as 70 miles 

from G.R. drostdy. 

IVote.-Of four springs in Waterkloof, Klipkrans was fed by the highest in the kloof. A report by 

Landst. and Heemrdn. G.R. on 4.1.1808, shows that Pieter Kruger (c)6 had in 1803 objected to 

Commissaris de Mist to the registration of Klipkrans as a loan farm as it was part of Waterkloof 

in which lay his farm Rietfontein. His widow M. M. Putter did not press this objection when on 

4.1.1808 Jacobus Stephanus applied, and the Court decided that the lower spring, 37 minutes 

from Rietfontein, belongs to that farm, the second and third be common to Rietfontein and Drie- 

fontein (Jan Coetsee) and the upper to Klipkrans and Driefontein (CO 2564, Bericht v. L. & H. 


Remarks: On 9.7.1825 petitioned Ld. Chas. Somerset for quitrent grant on Klipbank in 

Waterkloof in FC. Rhenosterberg on which he at the time had 2,000 breeding sheep, 300 cattle, 

20 draught oxen, 25 horses, 6 male and 3 female slaves (G.R. 13/1S, Memorial K 160). Klipbank 

is probably a translation of Klipkrans, which in 1825 was inspected by the Bd. of L. & H. and on 

which Jacob Stephanus (c)18 had a survey made in 1828 (G.R. 14/16, List dated 30.1.1833, No. 

4 on List). 

(d)l Hester Anna, b. 7.7.1799. 

(d)2 Francina Margaretha, b. 4.10.1801, d. 10.4.1826 aged 25 years and 2 months; md. 
Petrus Jacobus Pretorius, b. 21.10.1797, fifth child of Petrus Jacobus Pretorius, J.Lz. and Johanna 
Adrianna Pretorius. Mentioned 1821 (J 118, p. 56, No. 43, in Voor Sneeuwberg). 

Note.-V. J. Pretorius, J.Lz. of Babylons Toorn, is No. 41. See Maria Elisabeth Kruger (d)l. 
Remarks: G.R. 14/21, Register of Christians deceased in G.R. 1825-26, contains death notice of 
Francina Margaretha Kruger (d)2. 

(d)3 Hendrik Jasper, b. 20.5.1805. 

(d)4 Johannes Gideon, b. 20.5.1805; md. Johanna Alida Coetsee. 

Original signature: J. g. Kruger, MO, vol. 57, No. 30 (1828). Witnessed will of Hester M. 
Kruger (e)2, also J. 133, p. 38, No. 34 (1830) in F.C. of P. Aucamp, Rhenosterberg. 
Farm or locality: Bultfontein, dist. Rhenosterberg. Transfd. to Widow Jan Coetsee 1830. (G.R. 
14/16, Register Loan Places. Letter K, No. 790.) 

(d)5 Anna Johanna, b. 1.2.1807; md. 5.8.1821 Johannes Christiaan Lessing, Job. Christnz. 
(CO 2641, Matr. List, Item 31 "beide van agter Renosserberg"). 

In Opgaaf Rolle J 130, G.R., p. 39, No. 37 (1828) she is "Johanna Jacoba". 

Farm or locality: Groote Valij in FC Rhenosterberg, estimated in 1828 as 60 miles from 
drostdy of Graaff Reinet. 

(d)6 Andries Jacobus Stephanus, b. 31.10.1811, d. 9.2.1856; md. Elisabeth Susanna 
Aucamp, who d. before 13.2.1877. 

Original signature: A. J. S. Kruger (MO, vol. 57, No. 30), will of Hester M. Kruger (e)2. (J 

133, p. 39, No. 73 (1830); J 135, p. 27, No. 32 (1830)). 

Farm or locality: Driefontein 6,198 morgen, dist. Middelberg. Remarks: R.E., vol. 31, p. 


(d)7 MARGARETHA Hendrina Susanna, b. 8.9.1815, d. 27.10.1815. 

(d)8 Daniel Petrus Jonathan, b. 28.12.1817; md. (1) Francina Cecilia Margaretha Vorster, 
who d. before 13.2.1840 and was d. of Isaak David Vorster and Hendrina Francina Kruger 
(q.v.); (2) Anna Elisabeth Lessing. 

Original signature: MO, vol. 34, No. 84 (13.7.1836), filed 13.2.1840. Mutual will with first 
wife (MO, vol. 93, No. 92), filed 25.5.1853. Farm or locality: Waterkloof, dist. 

(d)9 Margaretha Jacoba, b. 16.1.1820. 
(d)lOHENDRiK Francois, b. 3.3.1822. 
(d)HHuBRECHT Johanna Alida, b. 1.2.1823. 
(d)12WouTER, b. 20.8.1828. 

Seventh Child of Stamvader. 

(b)7 Pieter Ernst, b. 18.8.1726, d. in Feb., 1783; md. 27.12.1747 Zacharia Putter who d. 
before 27.10.1801 at Zoute Kloof in Roggeveld and who was bapt. 23.9.1725, d. of Johannes 
Lodewyk Putter and Anna van der Swaan, and sister to Maria Putter, second wife of Frans (b)2. 

Youngest son of Jacobus Kruger and Johanna Kemp, Pieter Ernst (b)7 was the most 
successful farmer of the five brothers Kruger (b)l-(b)7 while they were in the Roggeveld where, 
after 1746 when he was granted "Vogelfontein on the Doom River", he appears to have lived 
and died. In 1752 he returned for Census a horse, 20 cattle and no sheep. An example of his 
later census is one returned twenty years after his marriage and made probably from 
Orangefontein. He returned two sons, no daughters, 3 slaves, a female slave, 12 horses, 120 
horned cattle (runderen) and 2,000 sheep. Orangefontein became known as "Kriegers" and is so 
marked on the Map of the Gordon Collection of circa 1790. In the inventory of his widow Zacharia 
Putter and the Liquidation Account (Boedelreekening) of her estate there is ample evidence that 
vines were grown and wine distilled and sold, from Orangefontein. She had died intestate and the 
taxes on her estate including the charges of the Committee of the Orphan Chamber which had to 
visit the Roggeveld to assess the estate, amounted to Rds. 740. Each of her children received Rds. 
2,779* Her father Jan Lodewyk Putter had married three of his daughters to Krugers (see Frans (b)2, 
Johannes Jacob (c)l). From 1736 for twenty-one years Jan Lodewyk Putter's loan-farm had been 
Modder Vallei over Elephants River, 2 now near Citrusdaal on the Oliphants River beyond Greys 
Pass. He had, with a Hendrik Krugel who was his brother-in-law and married to Maria van der 

1 MOOC 8/23, No. 24. 
2 R.L.R. 38, p. 409. 

Swaan, taken part in an unauthorised trading j ourney to the Orange River in 1739 and both had been 
to some extent involved in the abortive rising of Etienne Barbier against the government. The 
antecedents of this Hendrik Krugel - who left two daughters and no sons - are known. It is, 
however, probable that he was some connection of the Stamvader Jacob Kruger (a). The Putters had 
been settled at the Cape before 1679 and from them the Krugers (such of them as were descendants 
of Jacobus Kruger (a) derived the Christian names Diederik, Gerhardus and Lodewyk. 

Original signature: MOOC 10/13, No. 3. Inventory of Johanna Kemp, 30.4.1779. Signature, 
Pieter Ernst Kruger de oude. See "Leyst aan den heeren CeCretarisse van de Wees Camer aan 
Caboo"; also MOOC 8/12, No. 50. Inventory Stephanus Buys 19.2.1769. See Gerrit (c)2, p. 248. 
Farm or locality: (1) De Plaat, which in 1762 passed to Hendrik (b)6. (2) Drie vaderlandsche-riet 
valley below Orangefontein in Lower Roggeveld (1756, R.L.R., 14, p. 279). (3) Orangefontein 
(1751) (R.L.R. 12, p. 591). (4) De Zoute Kloof, now near Laingsburg Station, 1780 (R.L.R. 27, 
p. 41). Other farms for short periods. 

Remarks: Taxed Estate of Widow, MOOC 8/23, No. 24 and MOOC 13/25, No. 7. - Vendu-Rolle 
of Widow, MOOC 10/19, No. 24. 

(c)l Johnnna Catharina, b. 2.3.1749, d. before 26.10.1794; md. 8.4.1770 Hendrik van 
Aswegen, b. 23.5.1745, s. of Johannes van Aswegen and Cornelia Viljoen. Hendrik van Aswegen 
when a widower md. Martha Maria Griesel, 26.10.1795. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1771-73 Matjesfont ein gel. in het Nieuweveld (R.L.R. 21, p. 265). 1775-80 
Klavers Valleij gel. over Visch 'n Riet rivieren aan de oorsprong van de Sak in 't Nieuweveld 
(R.L.R. 24, p. 103). 

(c)2 Anna Jacoba, b. 2.10.1753. 

(c)3 Jacob Johannes, b. 14.3.1756, d. before 1821; md. 14.2.1779 Anna Dorothea Griesel 
who was b. 15.7.1764, d. of Johannes David Griesel of Copenhagen and Anna Maria Jacoba 

Jacob Johannes Kruger, Pz., became as forceful and well known a figure in the Roggeveld as, 
in Graaff Reinet, his younger brother Pieter Ernst Kruger (c)4. Between 1790 and 1807 he was 
successively Veldwagmeester, Burgher-Cornet and Veld Commandant for the Klein Roggeveld. 
His period of office coincided more or less with those of Floris Visser and Gerrit Marits for the 
Fore and Mid-Roggeveld respectively. Numerous letters, signed both Jacob Kruger and Jacob 
Johannes Kruger but in his characteristic writing, are preserved 3 They are mostly addressed to 
Ryno J. v. d. Riet, Landdrost of Stellenbosch, his immediate superior, and show the varied and 
numerous duties expected of a Field Cornet-leading Commandos, settling disputes, acting 
coroner, even writing letters for the illiterate." Up to 1788 he had served on Commando under 
Marits with such relatives as Frans Kruger (c)6. Nicolaas v. d. Westhuizen, Jacob and Jasper 
Cloete. Perhaps of all he wrote the most interesting is his journal made after conducting two of 
the earliest missionaries of the London Society to what is now de Kerk on the Zak R., some 
thirty miles N.E. of Frazerburg. The Rev. J. J. Kichener and a layman Mr. William Edwards 

3 Stel. Ink. Br. 10/151 to 10/164. Br. van Veldcornette. 

4 Stel. 10/152. 

arrived in March, 1779, and at Tulbagh Mr. Edwards was ordained. They elected to establish a 
mission, which later proved unsuccessful, among the "pacified" Bushmen of the Zak River who, 
it was then believed, could be both civilised and Christianised. Kruger's orders were to conduct 
the clergymen, with a small commando, to an area they had already named "The Happy 
Prospect" at Blydevooruitzig. His brief journal was sent to the Landdrost seven days after his 
return with his official report in which he states that, of eight burghers and twenty oxen 
commandeered, only five burghers and ten oxen appeared. Martinus Coetsee, not 
commandeered but requisitioned for oxen, refused to do anything for Bushmen or Missionaries 
and wished both dead. Kruger asked that each absentee be fined Rds. 25, that Coetsee be suitably 
dealt with so that the Veldcornet's authority be upheld and claimed for the oxen he himself had been 
thereby compelled to supply. The original of his journal reads: 5 

"Jornaal van De uijtogt Met de Sendelinge om die Luijde te bring tot haare bescheyde Plaats 
waar de Luijde Haar Verblyf soude neme Vertrokke van de Legplaats van myn ondertekende uyt 
de Caroo De 24 July deeses jaars 1799 met vyf man duytse en Ses hottentots twee wagons 20 
trek osse 2 draag osse 24 slagtschape 14 Paarde en 17 schape die de Luyde aan de Sendelinge 
gegeve heeft de bove staande dato tot onder De Middel roggeveltsberg alwaar den Velt Cornet 
Visser met Syn manschappe geleegert was. De 25 Smorgens vertrokke tot de plaats van Gert 
Visser. De 26 Vertrokke tot de Plaats van de Heer Meyberg. De 27 Vertrokke tot de Plaats van 
de Veldcornet Floris Visser. De 28 vertrokke tot aan de Crigna De 29 Vertrokke tot aan de 
Modder Fonteyn De 30 Vertrokke tot aan de groot riet revier De 1 Augustus vertrokke tot de 
gewesene Plaats van Leendert van de Linde De 2 vertrokke tot de Kleyn Sak rivier onder wege 
gekrege Drie bossiesmans en ook een Vogelstruys geschote De 3. Vertrokke tot de Paardegras 

Stel. 10/151. 

Vontyn en geschote aan De weg een Gemsbok 2 kwaggas en 5 eylande en js weder by gekome 
17 bossimans klyn en groot De 4 Stil gebleve De 5 Vertrokke tot de engelse dwaal Vonteyn de 6 
vertrokke tot aan de bleyde Vooruytsigt en op weg geschote 1 gemsbok en 2 kwaggas. De still, heeft wy een tuyn en huys gemaakt De 9 twe eylande geschote De 12 Vertrokke 
en de Sendelinge gelate aan de bleyde Vooruitsigt ende soon van de Cornet Visser is by haarle 
gebleve en Wy tot Moutons revier en op weg geschote 5 eylande De 13 tot aan Krans Vonteyn 
ende 14 tot op de Kant van De berg de 15 tot na myn Legplaats en Alles Wei afgelope 
Jacob Kruger Velt Cornet." 

If the probable route they followed be traced from the farms mentioned and if Kruger's "Crigna" 
is his rendering of Kareka River (derived from the Nama (Hottentot) words !airi(b) = a hartebeest 
and Xa = many) then they took the missionaries by a circuitous route to the Zak at de Kerk. 
Probably it was regarded as an outing with opportunities for hunting. The ruins of the buildings and 
garden are still to be traced at de Kerk. 

On 23rd May, 1798, he wrote 6 to the Stellenbosch Landdrost for authority to appoint four 
supervisors for road-making from among the burghers, "For here in the Klein Roggeveld we have 
had no 'baaspademakers' in seven or eight years and the roads are so washed away that it will be a 
load of trouble ere they can be brought back to order". For the road which then passed - and still 
passes Orangefontein - he appointed Johannes Hendrik Visser (his neighbour of de Hoop and later 
of Welgemoed) to supervise, and labour, in person or by supplying a man, from Johannes Lodewyk 
Kruger (c)5, Pieter and David Kruger his sons (d)l and (d)2, and Hendrik Griesel, his brother-in- 
law. This portion of the road ran from de Drie Roode Heuwels, then occupied by Theunis Gertse 

Stel. 10/151. 

van Aarde, to Kruispad. His directions for the renovation of that portion of the road which on 
Komsberg and south of Kruispad had once been the care of Caret Kruger may still be found. 

A man of strong character, he expressed his opinions without fear. In 1792 the robber-captain of 
the Namaquas, Afrikander, was assisted with arms as a result - or reward for - assistance against the 
Bushmen given to Zak River burghers. He wrote on 19.12.1803 to Ryno v. d. Riet when the 
disastrous results of arming natives were apparent and at a time when escaped Hottentots - not 
slaves but bond-servants - had formed a murderous band in the Laingsberg-Zwarteberg area. It is a 
letter eloquent in its sincerity: 

"Ook is myn versoek dat de verstrekking van Kruyt Loot en geweers aan de Bastaarts ofte 
hottentotte dog mogte onsegt woorde aan Alle en Eygenlyk datse haar behelpe met De Wapene 
hunne Voorouders die by de naatsie soo veele jare jn gebruyk geweest is voor de Volkplanting 
van Duytse in Africa tewyl het sig aan byde kante tot groot nadeel sat strikke en ook menig Een 
het Leve sat moet jnschiete van soo veel onnosele Vrouwe en kinderen daar het door die middel 
nog konde verhoed werde jk vertrouwe ook jn UE vaderlyke sorg jn alien dese om bet voor te 
kome. Myn heer versoek Dese dog soo Draa mogelyk js ter kenne te bringe aan Don Hoog Edele 
gestrenge Heer Gouverneur aan het Gouverment om dog Schielyk Eenige orders hier jn te 
ontvange jn versoek het voor myn en alle De Strekte ... hier in de Distrekt Klynroggevelt jn 
gedeelte drossende Hottentotte sig ophoud die ik niet kan in hande kreyge 3 van myn, 3 van 
teunis van Aart 2 van Jan Victor 1 van Jacobus Victor 2 van David Roux 1 van Abraham Griesel 
1 van Johannes Kruger en 2 van Scholtz, ook doet de hottentos myn en alle ingesitene soo veel 
schade onder het Vee dat het niet langer te leyde is soo dat jk versoek om Eenige order hierin 
ander soo sal ik myn Devanderende moete verdedige in Dese geval ook worde de andere die nog 
by de jngesetenen woont soo bretaal Dat goede woorde by de Hottentotte geen jngang meer kan 
hebbe. En soo Daar geene Strenger ordres komt soostret jk het kort niet anders van kome als de 

gevolge Die Wy voor Enige jare al beleeft hebbe onder de Colonie Graafrenet want het met de 
hottentotte op een goede voet js by Aldien Dat het niet gestuyt word dat jk hoope van het 
Gouverment te zullen gedaan worde." 

Original Signature: Signatures On Original Letters, Stel. Inkom. Br. 10/151 To 10/164; Also 
Mooc 8/23, No. 24. Estate Of Zacharia Putter And J 194, Rolle 85, P. 35. Signatures, Jacob 
Johannes Kruger, Jacob Kruger And J. J. Kruger. 

Farm Or Locality: Bought Opstal Orangefontein 27.8.1801 For Rds. 866 From Parents' Estate. 
He Sold This In Dec, 1805, Before His Office As Veld Commandant Was Over. Bought Opstal 
Zoute Kloof For 10,025 Guldens, His Brothers Pieter Ernst (C)4 And Diederik Arnoldus (C)7 As 
Surities. The "Legplaats" In The "Caro", To Which He Refers In His Letter, Appears To Be 
Zoute Kloof. 

Remarks: Mooc 7/62, No. 79, Mutual Will With A. D. Griesel Made 1810 At De Drie Keulen, 
Agter De Hex R. In 1821 Widow Obtained An "Attestation" To Settle In G.R. (G.R. 10/La, 
Letter 19.8.1821). She Is First Mentioned As A Widow In That Year (J 404 Worcester), P. 26) In 
Fc. Agter De Hex R. 

(d)l Pieter Ernst, b. 16.7.1780; md. Maria Magdalena Mynhard. First in Census in 1798 as 
"living with his mother" (J 194, Stel. Special List). By 1810 he and his wife were in F.C. No. 23 of 
Tulbagh with one son (J 435, p. 39, No. 58). By 1824 they were in dist. G.R. with 4 sons and 3 
daughters (J 123, p. 30, No. 93). 

Original signature: P. E. Kruger (J 194, Enclosed Roll 85, p. 30 (1799) ), signed opposite 
"Pieter Ernst Kruger, Jacobsz.", evidently written by a clerk in roll. 

Remarks: Mutual will MOOC 7/104, No. 91, made 20.7.1819 before Stockenstroom, dist. 

(e)l PlETER Ernst, b. 30.8.1810. 

(e)2 Jacob Johannes, b. 1.9.1812. 

(d)2 David Johannes, b. 20.2.1782, d. circa 1820; md. 6.8.1804 Zacharia Petronella Kruger. 

In September, 1800, this son of Jacob Johannes (c)3 was one of a large commando, under his 
father's command, which attempted to get to Graaff Reinet in aid of Landdrost Meynier. No rain 
had fallen and the attempt failed though the leader and a few others reached the Drostdy. 

In the following year the Acting British Governor Dundas sent Truter and Somerville to see if 
cattle could be purchased from the Briquas (Be Chwana) beyond the Orange R. The expedition 
during October, 1801, passed through the Roggeveld and by the 18th were on the Zak R. "Here," 
Theal informs us, "the travellers were joined by seven farmers from the Roggeveld-Frans and David 
Kruger, Jan Cloete, Jan Maritz, Casper Snyder, Pieter Jacobs and David Lombard-who had been 
required by the Landdrost of the district to accompany them as an escort". 7 A letter of protest 
written by Jacob Johannes (c)3 to the Landdrost shows us how his son David (Johannes) came to be 
there. The Commission had imprest twenty -two oxen which he, as Veld Cornet, had commandeered 
from burghers to conduct them to Ganna Kraal on the Riet River and had also imprest David Kruger 
and David Lombard whom he had sent in charge of the oxen. The two young men had only the 
clothes they stood in and evidently had not expected to go as far as the Orange R. The Veldcornet 
protests at the inconvenience caused to the burghers by the absence of their oxen, particularly as he 
had to find more for a journey made by the Rev. Vos, at that time clergyman at Tulbagh, then 

7 History of S.A., (1795-1835), p. 71. 

Roodezand. The Frans Kruger mentioned was the bachelor Frans Kruger (c)6. On the north bank of 
the Orange R. the expedition met the missionary Edwards accompanied by a Jacob Kruger, "who 
had been wandering about the banks of the great river for many years", and who could only have 
been Frans Kruger's fugitive brother Jacob Kruger (c)8, brother, like Frans, of the dead Carel 

The letter of David Johannes' father is dated 22nd Nov., 1801, and endorsed "received 16 
Dec. 1801": 

"... dat de here in Comissie na de Grootrevier myn van De Distreckt 22 osse die jk ge- 
comandeert, geprest heeft en ook twe man te paarde David Kruger en David Lombard die jk 
tot Dekking van de osse mede gesonde heeft daar twe Bove gemelde Luyde niets mede heeft 
als dat sully om en aan heeft Het welk voor de Luyde die osse gegeve heeft een Grote onge- 
noegentheyd jn neemt Doordien de Laste voor de onder hoorige van het Kleyn roggevelt te 
swaar is, Doordien de Luyde haarle trek beeste duer moet jnCope om haar arbyt mede te 
doen Daar het soo weg genome wort. Daar jk voor myn destreckt aan twe Eyse met osse 
heeft moete voldoen voor de eerwaarde heer Vos tot na Comandant De Clerk met osse en na 
de groot Revier." 8 

The year of David Johannes' death is unknown but by 1820 his widow was living in the 
Onder Roggeveld with two sons and three daughters. 9 

Original signature: D. J. Kruger (1799) J 194, Enclosed Roll 85, p. 30; Stel. 10/150, Letter 
Sept. Anno 1800. 

Stel. 10/153. Jacob Kruger to v. d. Riet, 22.11.1801. 
' J 360 (Tulbagh), p. 26. 

Farm or locality: FC. Klein Roggeveld. 
Remarks: J. (Tulbagh) 435, p. 39, No. 8, 1810-11. 

(e)l Johannes Lodewyk, md. 3.12.1822 Anna Maria Jacoba Griesel (CO 2649, List of 
Marriages for 1821-22, No. 71 on list). Both of Winterveld. 

(e)2 Jacob Johannes, b. 17.9.1809. 

(d)3 Anna Jacoba, b. 21.12.1783; md. 23.8.1801 Joachim Scholtz, Jz., b. 14.9.1783, great- 
grandson of Joachim Scholtz of Oudmark in Brandenberg and Agnita Campher. 

Original signature: Husband in 1824 was Provisional Veld Cornet, Winterveld. 

Farm or locality: 1813 Agter Sneeuwberg. 1824 Winterveld. 

Remarks: J 105, p. 119, No. 98, G.R.; J 123, p. 30, No. 109, 1824. Seven sons and four 


(d)4 Jacob Johannes, b. 20.11.1785; md. 7.2.1806 Elsie Christina Kruger, d. of Carel 
Kruger and Geertruyda Margaretha Coetsee (q.v.), (2) Cecilia Johanna Olivier, bapt. 12.9.1797, 
who d. 13.1.1828, ter plaatsen van J. Esterhuizen, d. of Andries Olivier and Cecilia Johanna Korff. 

Original signature: Jacob Johannes Kruger (MOOC 8/46, No. 9.) Estate of late Cecilia Johanna 


Farm or locality: "Voorste omtrek van Middel Roggeveld," 1807. 

Remarks: J 438, Tulbagh 438, No. 19. 

(e)l Ockert Johannes Gerhardus Daniel, b. 28.8.1810, born to Elsie Christina Kruger. 

(e)2 Jacob Johannes, b. 6.6.1813, born to Elsie Christina Kruger. 

(e)3 Jacob Johannes, born 7.5.1817, born to Cecilia Johanna Olivier. 

(e)4 Andries, born 7.1.1819. 

(e)5 Hendrik Jacobus, born 27.10.1822. 

(e)6 David Johannes, born 21.2.1825. 

(e)7 Cecilia Johanna, born 21.4.1824, born to Cecilia Johanna Olivier. 

(d)5 Zacharia Petronella, b. 18.3.1788; md. 4.10.1807 Petrus Jacobus Theron (CO 2563, 
Matronial List, Item 3). 

(d)6 Johannes Diederik, b. 11.4.1790, d. 1833; md. 28.7.1811 Johanna Christina Botha, d. of 
Johannes Botha and Petronella Jordaan (CO 2580, Marriage List, Item 20). Applied 4.8.1822 for 
Haartebeestefontein gel. onder Pretorius Kloof Berg in FC. Uitvlugt (G.R. 13/15). Five sons and 3 
daughters in Census return for 1824 (J 123, p. 17, No. 68). 

Original signature: G.R. 13/15, application for farm. Signature, Johannis Diderik Kruger. 

Farm or locality: 1832 Zeekoerivier (J 135, p. 40, No. 175), original signature. 

Remarks: MOOC 7/95, No. 115 (copy). Made Drosdy G.R. 31.10.1822. Known as "J.J.zoon". 

(d)7 Johanna Elisabeth, b. 29.9.1793; md. 1.1.1810 Pieter Willem Russouw, son of Jacobus 
Russouw and Martha Maria Moller. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: De Koo agter Kogmanskloof, now dist. Montagu, then in dist. Swellendam (J 

309, p. 51, 1820). 

(d)8 Abraham Jacobus, b. 2.8.1795, d. 14.7.1838; md. Christina Johanna Victor. 

Obtained in August, 1821, with his mother, A. D. Griesel, and uncle, Johannes Lodewyk (c)5, an 
attestation from L. en H., of Worcester to become a burgher of Graaff Reinet (G.R. 10/la, Letter 
19.8.1821 Landdrost, Worcester, to A. Stockenstroom). On 31.3.1831 petitioned Sir Lowry 
Cole for Wonderboom in Winterveld, stating he had 2,400 sheep, 50 cattle, no farm (G.R. 13/15 

Original signature: MO, vol. 24, No. 139, mutual will 25.9.1826. Filed 30.8.1838. Signature, 
Abraham J. Kruger. 

Farm or locality: De Brandfontein, FC Winterveld G.R. (with Johannes Andries Pretorius). 
Remarks: In 1821, with wife, in Opgaaf (J 132, p. 55, G.R.). In 1824, with wife, 2 sons, 1 
daughter. Is named Abraham Johannes Kruger, J.J.z. (J 123, p. 30, No. 108). 

(e)l Abraham Jacobus, b. 26.1.1817. 

(e)2 Gert Diederik, md. Christina Johanna Maria Victor. 

Original signature: None. 

urigmai signature: iNone. 

Farm or locality: District Colesberg. Remarks: Reg. Est. 14, p. 473. 

(e)3 Jacobus Adriaan. 

(d)9 Martha Maria, b. 3.9.1797; md. 3.12.1826 Zacharius de Beer, both of the Winterveld 
(CO 2694, Marriage List, Item 72). 

(c)4 Pieter Ernst Kruger, P.z., b. 19.12.1758; md. 5.11.1780 Anna Catharina van 
Aswegen, b. 31.3.1765, d. of Johannes v. Aswegen and Cornelia Viljoen, who had the loan 

farms Ratelfontein in Roggeveld and Matjesvalley in Nieuweveld. Pieter Ernst Kruger d'jonge 
as a young man was one of the commando in the Roggeveld in 1779 under his illfated cousin 
Carel Kruger (c)5. He himself became a more famous leader of commandos in Graaff Reinet ten 
years later. It is probable he left the Roggeveld in or shortly before 1785, for in that year he 
vacated Blindefontein which passed to a Botma. 10 In 1787, when seven years married and with 
three children, he was granted, in error, Kleinfontein op Sneeuwberg, already granted to Jan 
Viljoen, and the farm he received in its place has not been traced. By 1789 he was both 
Veldagtmweester for Op Sneeuwberg and living "on the farm of the Manhaften (Vallient) 
Zacharius Bloemarius", who ten years before had been one of the commando of Veld Cornet v. 
Wyk seeking a farm in the deserted Nieuweveld (see Jacobus Alewyn Kruger (c)). Bloemarius 
was now a Captain of a Militia Company in Graaff Reinet. 

It was at this period Pieter Ernst Kruger, P.z., wrote the following report to the Landdrost and 
"War Council" at Graaff Reinet on his return from an expedition in search of marauding Bushmen 
in the Agter Sneeuwberg. He names the camps at which the Commando rested or obtained water, 
tells of the failure of his scouts to locate the robbers and how on 19th Nov., 1789, their hidingplace 
- he calls it their "kraal" - was attacked. They shot seventeen Bushmen and captured four who, 
presumably were Bushwomen, but regained only three of the stolen cattle. The Commando 
dispersed at Wyandsfontein after failing to find more of the enemy but regained two stolen guns left 
by the Bushmen at a resting place. Three of the place-names he mentions became the sites of farms, 
later occupied by Krugers : 

R.L.R. 16, p. 353. 

"Raport Aan Den Heer Landros en Den Krygsraat van den Comando van den 8 November 
tot den 25 Novem. Anno 1789 11 

Den 8 bin den Comando by den out Veldwagtmeester wilm Van der merwe gekomen, den 9 
bin ik uitgetrokken, den 10 ben wy vertrokken na louw Fontyn is den bosjesmans den Comando 
gewaar geworden, den 11 ben wy vertrokken na ongersvalij den 12 kwaam den Speoen nen, hat 
niets ontdek den Selfde dato hebben wy den Speoennen uytgesonden, den 15 kwaam den 
Speoennen bragt den tydig dat Se een Cral af gespojoent heft; den Selfde dato ben wy vertrokken 
tot by den Craal maar ze waren gevlugt, den 16 hebben wy den Speoennen uytgesonden, den 
selfde ben wy vertrok(ken) tot aan den vink vontyn den 18 kwaam den Speoennen bragt den 
tydig dat sy niets ontdekt hat den selfde dato hebben wy den speoennen uyt gesonden en ben wy 
vertrokken naa den Klippeplaat den 19 bin wy vertrok(ken) tot bocks vontyn 20 kwaam den 
Speoennen bragt den tydig dat Sy een Craal afgespeoent heeft den Selfde dato ben wy na den 
Craal getrokken 21 hebben wy den Craal geslaagen 17 Dood en 4 gevangen en 3 beesten byd 
Craal gekreegen, den selfde dato ben wy ook vertrokken na Steenbokvontyn, den 22 ben wij ver- 
trokken na nuwe vontyn daar was een Craal gevlugt heeft wy 2 Geweers gekreegen den 23 ben 
wy vertrokken na leeuwvonteyn den 24 kwaam den Speoennen bragt den tydieng dat se niets 
ontdek hat den selfde dato ben wy vertrokken na Wijnats vontyn den 25 is den Comando bedank 
aan den Selfde vontyn. 

Pieter Ernst Kruger, Velt Wagtmeester." He is, in 1791, one of the two nephews of Hendrik Kruger 
(b)6 who appears in the "Lyst van 'topgegeeven Beestiaal" (see Hendrik Kruger (b)6). He was at 
that time probably farming on Bokfontein and 1795-1801 Hoogmoetsfontein, both near 

G.R. 1/9. Bylagen van den Kiygs vergadering d'Ao. 1791-92. No. 16. 

Gordonsfontein on Zeekoe R. 12 On the 22nd Feb., 1796, he took a prominent part in opposing Bresler, 
the Landdrost sent by the newly established British Government at the Cape, as the Landdrost for 
Graaff Reinet, but at the meeting of 22nd August in that year took the oath of allegiance. As a deputy 
of the people, with Christiaan Rudolph Opperman he was sent to Cape Town with the document 
signed by those who had been present. 13 Lord Macartney two years later approved the 
recommendation of the Heemraden of Graaff Reinet that he be appointed an Heemraad and, at the 
meeting of 2nd April, 1798, he was installed as a member of the College of Heemraden" His Opgaaf 
return for 1800 shows two sons and two daughters, a male and four female slaves, 78 horses, 590 
cattle, 4,336 sheep and states he had one loan-farm. He made no Census return after 1809. 

Original signature: Signatures "P. E. Kruger" numerous in G.R, Vi, p. 158 et seq. Notule v. 
Landdrost en Heemrdn., MOOC 8/23, No. 24, Taxed estate of his mother Zacharia Putter and 
Vendue Roll, MOOC 10/19, No. 24. His customary signatures at meetings of the Heemraden were 
"P. E. Kruger". 

Farm or locality: Before 1785 Blindefontein in Roggeveld. 1787 Kleinefontein op Sneeuwberg, 
but already granted to Jan Viljoen (R.L.R. 21, p. 115). 1789-98 "on farm of Zacharius Bloemarius. 
1803 Bokfontein on Zeekoe R., mentioned as his abandoned farm. He is also mentioned as leasing 
Hoogmoetsfontein (1795-1801) on Zeekoe R. and this farm or Bokfontein is probably the "vacated 
farm of Pieter Ernst Kruger" mentioned in the journal of General Jansens' j ourney of 1803, when 

12 Reizen in Z.A., vol. IV, p. 198. Godee-Molsbergen. Journal Landreyse v. J. J. Jansens, 1803. 

13 History ofS.A., 1795-1835, pp. 10-14. By George McCall Theal, 1891. 

14 G.R. 1/2, Notule L. en H., p. 153: "... en deelde de heere Landdros: aan zyn E. Manhaften P. F. Kruger dat het zyne 
Lordscap behaagd had hem als Heemraad aan te stellen". 

the travellers were on the Zeekoe R. near Gordonsfontein (G.R. 14/16, Extraordinaire 
Annotatie noopens de Leening Plaatsen, No. 700). 

Remarks: Veldwagtmeester op Sneeuwberg 1789. Heemraad G.R. 2.4.1798. Joint will (copy) 
MOOC 7/60, No. 70, a t G.R. 1.10.1798. Filed 18.12.1810. In this will, made before the birth 
of Isaac Johannes (d)7, he left an ox-wagon, newly made, to each of his three sons: Pieter 
Ernst (d)l, Barend Jacobus (d)6 and Johannes (d)3. 

(d)l Pieter Ernst, b. 14.4.1782, d. 1841; md. 7.11.1802 Anna Magdalena Smit. 

Was Veldcornet FC. Buffelshoek. On 20.7.1814 petitioned Somerset for a perpetual quitrent 
on his loan-farm Bauershoek (G.R. 13/1S, original signature). It is noticeable that in 1821, the 
year in which his son (e)l married, Pieter Ernest (d)l, first appears in Census (Opgaaf) as 
"Senior" (J 132, G.R., p. 30). 

Original signature: Numerous in G.R. 14/121. 

Farm or locality: Bauershoek in FC. Buffelshoek G.R., morgen 2,348; vines and sheep (J 

144, fol. 33, 1819). 

Remarks: As P. E. Kruger d jonge in 1804 was still in Sneeuwberg in FC of Schalk Wm. 

Burger (J 91, No. 10). In 1830 his name is followed by d'oude (J 133, p. 24), No. 16 in FC. 


(e)l Pieter Ernst, b. 28.10.1804; md. 7.7.1821 Adriana Catharina Erasmus, spinster, both 
of Buffelshoek (CO 2641, Marriage List, No. 2, Item on list No. 34). 

Original signature: Pieter Ernst Kruger, Pieter E. zoon (G.R. 13/1S, Memorial K 77). 

Farm or locality: Petitioned in 1821 for Schootelfontein gel. aan de Groote Tafelberg in 


Remarks: Mentioned 1821 as "Pieter Ernst Kruger Junior, ingescheeven", i.e. enrolled for 

militia service (J 132, p. 32, G.R.). 

(e)2 Elsie Aletta Andrietta, born 13.12.1808, b. 3.4.1809, d. 24.4.1852; md. 7.9.1823 
Johannes Christoffel Botha, Jacobsz., both of FC Buffelshoek (CO 2658, Marriage List, Item 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1824 in FC Uitvlugt (J 124, p. 22, No. 81). 1828 in Buffelshoek (J 130, p. 

13, No. 76). 

(d)2 Cornelia Susanna, b. 13.2.1785. 

(d)3 Johannes, b. 8.3.1788; md. Geertruyda Maria Bothma of Zwagershoek, 29.1.1809 (CO 
2571, Marriage List, Item No. 6). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Rietvlei, FC Zwagershoek. J 123 (1825). 

(d)4 Cornelia Jacoba Susanna, b. 13.11.1791; md. 10.7.1807 Daniel Jacobus Erasmus, b. 
15.11.1789, son of Daniel Jacobus Erasmus and Maria Elisabeth Prinsloo. 

(d)5 Martha Wilhelmina Zacharia, b. 16.3.1794; md. Stephanus Petrus Erasmus, b. 
20.4.1788, son of Daniel E. Erasmus and Cecilia Geertruida du Plessis. 

(d)6 Barent Jacobus, b. 20.3.1796; md. 18.8.1816 Anna Magdalena Senekal of Tarka, who d. 
before 21.11.1821. 

Original signature: MOOC 8/68, No. 12. Signature, B. J. Kruger, Pier's soon. 
Farm or locality: Valefontein (sic) in FC Baviaas Kloof, G.R. (J 369, No. 42, 1818). 

(e)l Pieter Ernst Johannes Cornelis. 

(d)7 Isaak Johannes, b. 21.7.1805. 

Probably identical with the "Isaac Krieger" who on 1st July, 1820, left the school of F. J. P. 
Touchon, Govt. School Master, Uitenhage (Miscellaneous Papers 1819-20, Uitenhage 11/1, Cape 

(c)5 Johannes Lodewyk, b. 15.3.1761, d. 3.12.1837; md. 4.11.1785 Fredrika Elisabeth 
Griesel, b. 6.8.1769, d. of Johannes David Griesel and Anna Maria Jacoba Pelzer. 

Bought on 21.10.1801, apparently from his brother (c)3, the opstal on Zoute Kloof, Pieter Ernst 
(c)4 and Diederik Arnoldus (c)7, acting as his sureties. In 1805 he had 8,000 vine stocks on this 
farm. It prevents confusion to know that he, in the Roggeveld and in his day, was often referred to 
as "Johannes Kruger in contradistinction with his brother (c)3 who as Veldcornet was referred to as 
Jacob and signed himself both Jacob and Jacob Johannes Kruger. The two brothers of Orange- 
fontein and Zoute Kloof appear to have kept in contact throughout their lives, the younger acting as 
provisional Veldcornet or more often "provisie wagtmeester". 15 A few letters which he wrote to his 
brother as reports on minor duties entrusted to him are preserved. After the death of his eldest 

Stel. 10/152. J. J. Kruger to van der Riet, 6.11.1798 

brother he, with the widow of Jacob Johannes (c)3 and Abraham Jacobus (d)8, applied for G.R. 
burghers hip. 

It is noteworthy that in 1799 Johannes Lodewyk Kruger and Diederik Arnoldus (c)7 each signed 
his surname Krugel (J 194, Stel. for 1796, Enclosed Roll for 1799 numbered 85, p. 30). Of a 
considerable number of signatures made by descendants of Jacob Kruger and Johanna Kemp all 
sign, not with the umlaut but with haken over the "u" Kruger. The name when written by clerks, 
company's servants and others is to be found written with various spellings, but not by members of 
the family. It is probable that in the above exceptional case the two brothers used the "1" instead of 
the "r" because a clerk had already prepared the place opposite for their signatures with their names 
written Krugel. 

Original signature: J 194, p. 30, J. L. Krugel (or ? J. V. Krugel). 

Farm or locality: 1805 Zoute Kloof in Roggeveld (J 348, p. 29). 1820 in Wyk of Piet van der 

Westhuizen (J 360, p. 26, Tulbagh), with wife, one son and three daughters. 

Remarks: Became burgher G.R. in 1821. See Anna Dorothea Griesel, wife of Jacob Johannes 

(c)3. After his death in 1837 Letters of administration were sent by R. M. Beaufort to his widow 

Fredrika Elisabeth Griesel. 

(d)l Zacharia Petronella, b. 31.8.1788; md. David Johannes Kruger (q.v.). 

Remarks: Widow by 1820 (J 360, p. 26), with 2 sons and 3 daughters. 

(d)2 David Jacobus; b. 10.7.1793. 

Signed, in 1826 with 37 other inhabitants of the Nieuweveld, a protest against Placaaet of Lt. 
Governor forbidding them to follow plundering Bushmen beyond Colonial Border (CO 2694). 

(d)3 Anna Maria, b. 7.9.1794; md. 6.3.1813 Hendrik Lourens van der Westhuizen, widower of 
Jacomina Catharina van Wyk (CO 2587, Tulb. Mar. List, Item 10). 

Remarks: She is "of the Goup". He is "of the Roggeveld". 

(d)4 Elisabeth Margaretha, b. 31.7.1796; md. 2.3.1816 Albertus Adriaan van Wyk, 
widower of Christina Susanna van der Westhuizen; both of Roggeveld. (CO 2604, Tulbagh 
Matrimonial List, Item 17.) She is "jongdogder" in List. 

Original signature: Margareta Elisabet KruGer, (MO, vol. 26, No. 107, 18.6.1825). Codicil 

14.9.1835. Filed 28.12.1838. 

Farm or locality: Brakke R. and de List on Matjes R. in Middel Roggeveld (J 364, Tulbagh, p. 


(d)5 Johanna Catharina, b. 9.9.1798; md. 2.3.1816 Johannes van der Westerhuizen of 
Roggeveld, son of Wietse v. der Westhuizen (CO 2604, No. 17 on List). She is "of the Coup", he 
is "of Roggeveld". See also Jacoba Jacomina Kruger (d)8, d. of Diederik Arnoldus (c)7. 

(d)6 Susanna Magdalena, b. 19.9.1810. 

(d)7 Fredrika Elisabeth, b. 26.9.1810. 

Note.-A Fredrika Elisabeth Kruger and Abraham Christoffel Botma, both of Goup, are entered in 
Beaufort Mar. List (CO 2729) on 20 March, 1830, as appearing before the Matrimonial Court, but no 
date of marriage stated. 

Remarks: In 1825 a Fredrika Elisabeth Kruger on 6th March md. Jan de Bosch, Jans., both of 
Nieuweveld (CO 2678, No. 5 on list for Beaufort). 

(c)6 ZACHARIA Petronella, b. 24.12.1763. 

(c)7 Diederik Arnoldus, b. 13.9.1767, d. before 9.3.1834; md. 9.11.1785 Engela Francina 
Griesel, b. 17.5.1772, d. of Johannes David Griesel and Anna Maria Jacoba Plezer. 

Note. -Wrote an undated letter to his brother the Veld Cornet Jacob Johannes (c)3 which may be 
dated 28th Nov., 1801, from evidence in the veld cornet's covering letter to Landdrost van der Riet. It 
tells all that is known of the fate of Floris Johannes Zaaiman, his wife Anna Sophia Eloff, their three 
children and their servants. Zaaiman had married in 1795 and from district Swellendam had trekked 
with his family and volk to the Moordenaars Karro, the scene of their murder, 
"geagte Broeder Jacob 16 

UWE de volkoomen staat van gesondhyd toegewenscht te hebben, zo doet UW te beregten dat 
Jacob Bek omtrent myn plaats leggende met j agte een legplek gevonden waarop tot de leste kind 
vermoord zyn, hy heeft het my tekennen gegeven, waarop wy het bezigtigt hebben ik en Hans 
Steenberg, Hendrik Grootevelt en Jacob Bek, wy hebben die (sic) kleederen van de menschen 
gevonden en de geraamtes van de goederen wat ik ben presumeeren dat het florus Zaayman is, en 
de ossen met al zyn vhee is weggenoomen de waagen spoor gaat na de Chamka, verders verblyve 
naar haartelyke groete aan UWE alle 
UWE Dienstwillege Broeder 
aan den Veld Cornet Jacob Kruger Diederik Kruger op Kleyn roggeveld." 

Stel. 10/151. 

By 3rd December the Veldcornet had visited the scene with a commando of forty men "Duytse" 
and some Hottentots, but was uncertain if the murders and theft of waggon and cattle had been done 
by Bantu who had lately entered the Koup or by a mixed band of negroslaves and Hottentot servants 
then at large and plundering, ("maar niet te weeten of het de schelme Hottentots ofte van de Caffers 
Craal die in de Coup legd. gedaan is"). 

By 2nd January, 1802, he reported that his commando had caught three Hottentots, shot a jonge 
(i.e. a slave) and obtained several guns, but that seven or eight of the murderers were still at large. 
This band numbering seventeen was still plundering in the Mordenaars Karro near Laingsburg in 
December, 1803 17 and evoked the already quoted protest to v. der Riet against the policy of the 
government of allowing arms or powder to the Hottentots. 

Eleven years earlier, when still a young married man, Diederik Kruger wrote to Bletterman and 
the Krygsraad or War Council at Stellenbosch to explain his absence from the October militia 
exercises held there, to which even the most distant Roggeveld burgher was expected to come. The 
handwriting bears a family resemblance to that of his eldest brother (c)3, but is his own:. 

"Men Heer De Heer Landrost 
van Stellenbos en drakensteyn 
Hendricus Bletterman benevens 
den manhaftigen 

Stel. 10/153. Letter dated 19.12.1803 J. Kruger to Ryno v. der Riet. 

Myn Heeren dese dien u te Weten dat ik den leyst van den Veldwagtmeester Gerrit Maritz 
van exersisie en optrek niet heeft ontvange soo dat ik het ook niet kanne by Woone so als de heer 
landtdrost benevens de manhaftigen Chreygsraad aan de bewyse hier in gelegt sal kunne sien en 
ook Wanneer ik de dagvaarding heeft ontvange nu is myn ootmoedige Versoek om niet Verder te 
moge gedaag vaart Worden en om antwoort terug dat ik Weet hoe ik myn hierin sal gedrage. 
Myn Heeren ik bleyfe ue onderdanige en gehoorsame dienaar die sig noemt Diederik Arnoldus 
Kruger, P.zoon. 
roggevelt den 8 Maart Ao. 1790." 

Enclosed is a declaration by the elderly and respected burghers Jan Victor (ian victer) and 
Theunis Gerritse van Aarde (theunis gertse van Aarde) to the effect that the summons to appear at 
Stellenbosch has not reached Kruger or had not been delivered to him. 

Original signature: (1) MO, vol. 3, Nos. 149-150 made 1825; filed 9.3.1834. Signature, 

Dederik Arnoldus Kruger. (2) J 194, Roll 85, p. 30, signed in 1799 D. A. Krugel. (3) Stel. 

10/152, on 27.8.1779, joint protest of commando being kept on guard at Karropoort, dated "27 

ougus 1779". 

Farm or locality: 1805 at Zoute Kloof, now near Laingsburg Railway Station. 1810 in FC Op 

Sneeuwberg (J 99, No. 1038). 1812 FC Op Sneeuwberg with wife, a son and five daughters. He 

made a return of 7 trek-oxen, 820 sheep and 300 goats (J 104, G.R., p. 19, No. 257). His son 

Johan David (d)2, as yet unmarried, is No. 258 on p. 19. 

Remarks: MOOC 8/23, No. 24. Survived by wife. Will of 6.8.1825 made at Matjesfontein in 

Middel Winterveld, "the farm of Gabriel Nicolaas van den Berg", then in dist. G.R. 

(d)l Pieter Ernst, D.soon, b. 8.12.1787; md. Anna Catharina van Eck, who d. before 9.7.1846, 
the fourth child of Hendrik van Eck and Geertruida Elisabeth Lier. 

Pieter Ernst Kruger, Diederik's son, survived his wife. In 1818 he was appointed Deputy Field 
Cornet for the Koup. On 8.12.1827 a list of Field Cornets and Officers under Landdrost Harding of 
Beaufort, makes a confidential report on "Field Cornet P. E. Kruger". The report mentions his very 
good service of 9 years 1 month. He did not speak English. 18 His farm Van der Bylskraal is now 
S.W. of Beaufort West and near Merweville. 

Original signature: P. E. Kruger, D.zoon (MO, vol. 66, No. 57). Joint will 10.7.1818 at Dolfs 

Kraal, adjacent to Van der Byls Kraal. 

Farm or locality: Van der Byls Kraal in district Beaufort. Wilgeboschdrift and 


Remarks: In Liquidation Ac. of her father's estate Anna Catha. v. Eck is named Anna Elisabeth 

v. Eck (MOOC 13/55, 1830). 

(e)l Diederik Arnoldus, b. 24.9.1807; md. Susanna Elisabet Snyders who d. 12.10.1839, d. 
of Mathinus Snyders and Zacharia Jacomina Kruger. 

Joint will MO 34, No. 61, made 27.9.1837 at Barend Kraal, Worcester. Filed 7.2.1840. 

Original signature: Diederik Arnoldus Kruger (MO, vol. 34, 61). Farm or locality: Lekkerkraal, 

dist. Worcester. 

Remarks: Inventory MO 34: 62. Hk Snyders, Lucusz., executor of will. 

CO 2695 and CO 2614. Letter Landdrost Fischer to Col. Bird. 

(f) PlETER Ernst, born 17.7.1837. 

(e)2 Engela Francina, d. aged 8 years 4 months on 7.6.1825. 

(e)3 Anna Elisabeth, d. aged 12 years 6 months on 7.6.1825. 

(e)4 Sagarya Petronella Jacomina, md. Johannes Hendrik Snyders who d. 30.9.1840, son 
of Jan Hendrik Snyders and Catharina Kamfer, (2) Johannes Esterhuizen, Jansz. (mutual will with (1) 
(MO, vol. 38, No. 74; filed 5.11.1840). 

Original signature: As written MO 38, No. 74. 

Farm or locality: Vogelgezang, in de Goup, dist. Beaufort. 

Remarks: Reg. Est., vol. 12, No. 116. 

(d)2 Johan David, b. 31.8.1788; md. 8.7.1816 Nieltje Brits (CO 2606, G.R. 1817, Marriage List, 
Item 17). In List is described as "Diederik's son", neither party previously married and both of Agter 
Sneeuwberg. Is mentioned 1810 as a young man with horse and arms in dist. Op Sneeuwberg (J 99, No. 
1040, G.R.). With wife in 1821-1828 in FC. Winterveld (J 118, p. 51, No. 105, and J 130, p. 62, No. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: 1822 in Smaldeel Uitvlugt, G.R. 14/121. 

Remarks: Accompanied parents to G.R. in 1809 or 1810. 

(d)3 Zacharia Jacomina, b. 6.3.1792; md. Lucus Martinus Snyders, Hksz. 

On 8.12.1807 Snyders petitioned Earl Caledon for Barends Kraal and also de Drift in Koup, Jacob 
Johs. Kruger (c)3 then Veld Commandant certifying the farms as "volkomen bestaanbuar". 

Original signature: Snyders' signature CO 2560, Petitions for farms. 

Farm or locality: Barends Kraal in Kl. Zwartberg. 1821 de Drift in Koup (1404, p. 32, No. 2 


Remarks: Veldcornet for Kl. Swartberg, 8.3.1825. 

(d)4 Anna Maria Jacoba, b. 26.9.1793; md. 3.7.1809 Josua Viljoen, JH.z., both of "Op 
Sneeuwberg". In List she is named Anna Margaretha Jacoba Kruger (CO 2571, G.R. Marriage List, 
Item 31). 

(d)5 Jacob JOHANNES, Dk. z., b. 17.5.1795. 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Winterveld. 

Remarks: Unmarried by 1823 (J 124, p. 34, No. 148). 

(d)6 Engela Catharina, b. 3.9.1797; md. Johannes Nicolaas de Beer, Fredksz. 

Original signature: None. 
Farm or locality: Winterveld. 
Remarks-J 130, G. R. 1828, p. 62, No. 92. 

(d)7 Johanna Elisabeth, b. 23.8.1800; md. Johannes Viljoen, Herculaasz. on 5.4.1818, both 
previously single and both of FC. Zeekoe R. (CO 2618, Marriage List, No. 30). 

Original signature: None. 

Farm or locality: Winterveld. 

Remarks: J 123, G.R. 1824, p. 31, No. 150. 

(d)8 Jacoba Jacomina, b. 26.12.1809; md. 8.4.1827 Nicolaas Hendrik van der Westhuizen, 
Wietsche's son, of Nieuweveld. In list she is "of Goup", neither previously married (CO 2706, 
No. 10, on Matrimonial List). 

Note. -In a list of children born in 1808-1810 in G.R., a Jacoba Johanna Kruger, born 
30.10.1809, is mentioned as the daughter of Diederik Arnoldus Kruger (G 14/121). On 
3.12.1826 there was married a Jacoba Jacomina Kruger, spinster of Winterveld, to Cornells 
Hermanus Meyberg, widower, "of Middenveld" (CO 2694, G.R. 1827, No. 64, on Matrimonial 

Last Child of Stamvader Jacobus Kruger and of Johanna Kemp. 

(b)8 Catharina, b. 1.8.1728. Unmentioned in Liq. Ac. of Estate of Johanna Kemp (MOOC 
13/11, No. 13). 
E. E. M. 
Uitkyk, Fish Hoek, C.P. 



Johanna Kemp, stam moeder, d. 27.10.1778 and was buried 30.10.1778. This information 
was sent by Pieter Ernst Kruger (b)7 in a letter to his nephews, nieces and his nephew-in-law 
Daniel Coenraad Braune written from either Orangefontein or Zoute Kloof on 22.11.1778. 
(MOOC 14/50.) He, at the time he wrote this letter, believed that his brother Johannes Kruger 
(b)4 had recently died. He states „Ik hebbe verstaan dat broeder Jan Kruger ook doot soude 
weesen maar nog geen schryvinge daar van gehat.'Two original signatures of Jacobus Kruger 
(b) 1, eldest son of the stamvader, dated 17.2.1777 are also contained in MOOC 14/50. They are 
receipts for monies received some twenty months before his death. The stam moeder died aged 
82 years and two months; it would appear therefore that she was born in August 1696. Her 
original signature, made 28.10.1720, is in CJ 2600. No. 67 Cape Archives. 


ID Van 













Kruger Abraham Christiaan 

Kruger Abraham Christiaan 

Kruger Abraham Jacobus 

Kruger Abraham Pretorius 

Kruger Aletta Hendrina 

Kruger Alewyn, A. 

Kruger Alida Francina Margaretha 

Kruger Alida Hendrina 

Kruger Andries 

Kruger Andries J. 

Kruger Andries Jacob 

Kruger Andries Jacobus Stephanus 

Kruger Andries Johannes Stephanus 

Kruger Andries Johannes, a minor in 1846 

Kruger Andries Bernhardus 

Kruger Andries Stephanus 

Kruger Anna Alida Cecilia 

Kruger Anna Catharina Maria 

(c)4 Kruger Anna Elisabeth 

(e)3 Kruger Anna Elisabeth 

(f)2 Kruger Anna Elisabeth 

(d)l Kruger Anna Elisabeth 

Kruger Anna Elisabeth Jacoba 

Kruger Anna Elisabeth Levina Catharina 

(c)2 Kruger Anna Jacoba 

(d)3 Kruger Anna Jacoba 

(d)5 Kruger Anna Johanna 

(f)6 Kruger Anna Johanna 

Kruger Anna Louisa Carolina 

Kruger Anna Maria 

(d)3 Kruger Anna Maria 

(d)4 Kruger Anna Maria Jacoba 

(d)4 Kruger Anna Martha 

Kruger Anna Martha Catharina 

(d)5 Kruger Anna Sophia 

(g)2 Kruger Anna Susanna 

Kruger Anna Zacharya 

(g) Kruger Barend 

(e)l Kruger Barend Johannes (Barent) 

(f)10 Kruger Barend Johannes 

(d)6 Kruger Barent Jacobus 

Kruger Car el 

Kruger Carel, F. P. Ezoon 

(d)5 Kruger Carel Hendrik, murdered 1836 

(e)3 Kruger Carel Hendrik, murdered 1829 

(e) Kruger Ockert 

(e)2 Kruger Casper Jan Hendrik 

(e)3 Kruger Casper Jan Hendrik 

Kruger Catharina Elisabeth 

(b)8 Kruger Catharina 

Kruger Catharina Wilhelmina Levina 

Kruger Cecilia 

(e)7 Kruger Cecilia Johanna 

Kruger Christiaan Franz 

Kruger Christiaan, s. of Jan. K. of Holstein 

Kruger Christiaan Hendriksz 

Kruger Christiaan Jacoba Petronella Elisabeth 

(f)2 Kruger Christiaan Martin 

(c)10 Kruger Christina Joachamina Hermanisina 

Kruger Johanna Catharina 

(e) Kruger Christoffel 

Kruger Christoffel Alewyn 

(f)2 Kruger Christoffel Alewyn 

Kruger Christoffel, H. N. 

(f)4 Kruger Cornelia Johanna 

(d)4 Kruger Cornelia Jacoba Susanna 

(d)2 Kruger Cornelia Susanna 

Kruger Cornells Franciscus 

Kruger Cornells Francois, a minor in 1846 



Daniel Frans Andries Ludewyk 



Pietrus Jonathan 



David Jacobus 


David Johannes 



David Johannes 



Diederik Arnoldus 



Diederik Arnoldus 



Dirk Jacobus 

(b)5 Kruger Elizabeth 

(d)6 Kruger Elizabeth Jacoba 

Kruger Elizabeth Johanna Catharina 

(g)l Kruger Elizabeth Johanna Hendrina 

(d)4 Kruger Elizabeth Johanna Margaretha 

Kruger Elizabeth Sophia Johanna 

(d)3 Kruger Elizabeth Wilhelmina 

(e)2 Kruger Elsie Aletta Andrietta 

(d)3 Kruger Elsie Christina 

Kruger Elsie Petronella 

(d)6 Kruger Engela Catharina 

Kruger Engela Catharina Magdalena 

(e)2 Kruger Engela Francina 

Kruger Floris Johannes 

Kruger Francina Anna Elisabeth 

(f)6 Kruger Francina Hendrina 

Kruger Francina Hendrina Barendina 

(d)3 Kruger Francina Jacoba 

Kruger Francina Johanna Christina 

Kruger Francina Johanna Susanna 

(d)l Kruger Francina Magdalina 

(d)3 Kruger Francina Maria 

(d)2 Kruger Francina Margaretha 

Kruger Francina Susanna Lasya 

Kruger Francois Pieter Ernst 

Kruger Frans (Kruger, Cruger or Kroger), Father of Stamvader 

Kruger Frans, son of Stamvader 

(d)4 Kruger Frans 

Kruger Frans Christiaan 

(f)l Kruger Frans Hendrik Christiaan 

(c)8 Kruger Frans, Hendricksz 

(c)6 Kruger Frans Jacobsz 

(c)8 Kruger Frans Johannes, Fransz 

Kruger Frans Johannes Petrus 

Kruger Frans Johannes, P.J'szoon 

(d)7 Kruger Frederika Elisabeth 

(f)2 Kruger Frederika Elisabeth 

Kruger Frederika Elisabeth, md. Jan de Bosch 

Kruger Geertruj Cornelia 

(e)2 Kruger Geertruj Helena Christina 

(f)3 Kruger Geertruj Helena Christina 

Kruger Geertruj Margaretha 

(f)8 Kruger Gerhardina Catharina Maria Elisabeth 

(c)2 Kruger Gerrit 

(d)8 Kruger Gerrit 

(e)2 Kruger Gerrit 

Kruger Gerrit Carl Jacobus 

(e)6 Kruger Gerrit Francois 

(d)6 Kruger Gerrit Hendrik Jacobus 

Kruger Gerrit Johannes 

(d)7 Kruger Gerrit Ludewyk 

(e)6 Kruger Gerrit Pietrus 

(f)ll Kruger Gerrit Gert Stephanus 

(f)2 Kruger Gerrit Gert Stephanus 

(f)2 Kruger Gerrit Gert Stephanus (minor in 1845) 

(d)6 Kruger Gerrit Gert, son of G. H. J. Kruger 

(e)2 Kruger Gerrit Gert Diederick 

(f)2 Kruger Gerrit Gert Jacobus 

(g) Kruger Gerrit Gert Jacobus 


Hendrik, son of Andries Krugel. Orig. 

sig. Antris Krugel 


Hanna Sophia 



Hendrik, son of Stamvader 



Hendrik Berhardus 



Hendrik Berhardus 



Hendrik Berhardus 



Hendrik Christiaan 


Hendrik Francois 



Hendrik Gerhardus 



Hendrik Gerhardus, a minor in 1851 



Hendrik Jacobus 



Hendrik Jacobus 



Hendrik, b. 15.3.1761 



Hendrik b. 19.2.1792 



Hendrik Hendriksz 



Hendrik J. J. Z. 



Hendrik Jasper 



Hendrik Jasper 



Hendrik Johannes Jacob 



Hendrik Sarel 



Hendrik Stephanus Louis 



Hendrik Theunis Christiaan 



Hendrina Cecilia 



Hendrina Cecilia 



Hendrina Francina 



Hendrina Susanna 



Hercules Christiaan Hendriksz. 



Hercules Christiaan 


Herculina Christina Francina 






Hester Anna 



Hester Anna, a minor in 1845. 


Hester Catharina Johanna 



Hester Christina 



Hester Cornelia 



Hester Francina 


Hester Francina Jacomina 



Hester Jacoba 



Hester Margaretha 



Hester Maria 



Hester Sophia 


Hilletje Elisabeth Sophia 



Hilletje Maria 



Hilletje Maria 


Hilletje Maria Margaretha 


Hilletje Maria Sophia 











Hubrecht Johanna Alida 


H. J. S 



Isaac Jacobus 



Isaac Jacobus 



Isaac Jacobus Johannes 



Isaac Jacobus Johannes 



Isaac Johannes 

(d)l Kruger Jacob 

Kruger Jacob Casper 

Kruger Jacob Casper 

Kruger Jacob Cornells 

(f)5 Kruger Jacob Cornells 

(c)7 Kruger Jacob, Hendriksz, d'oiide by 1807 

(c)8 Kruger Jacob Jacobsz, d'oude by 1807 

Kruger Jacob Johannes, Fransz 

Kruger Jacob Johannes Pz. 

(d)4 Kruger Jacob Johannes 

(e)2 Kruger Jacob Johannes born 17.9.1809 

(e)2 Kruger Jacob Johannes born 1.9.1812 

(e)3 Kruger Jacob Johannes born 7.5.1817 

(e)8 Kruger Jacob Johannes d. in infancy 

(e)2 Kruger Jacob Johannes born 6.6.1813 

(b)l Kruger Jacob Kruger d'jonge, son of Stamvader 

(d)8 Kruger Jacoba Jacomina also Johanna 

(e)3 Kruger Jacobus Adriaan 

(c) Kruger Jacobus Alewyn 

Kruger Jacobus Alewyn C.zoon 

Kruger Jacobus Alewyn Cornells Frans zoon 

Kruger Jacobus Alewyn Js zoon 

Kruger Jacobus, Stamvader 

(e)9 Kruger Jacobus Pietrus 

(d)5 Kruger Jacobus Pietrus 

(c)18 Kruger Jacobus Stephanus, Hendriksz (Jacobus) 



Jan Adriaan 



Jan Andries 


Jan Harmse, C. zoon 



Jan Harmse 


Jan H. N. 



Jan Viljoen 





J. H. P. 


Joachem Johan Nicolaas 



Johanna Alida 



Johanna Alida 



Johanna Alida 



Johanna Catharina 



Johanna Catharina 



Johanna Catharina 



Johanna Catharina Petronella 



Johanna Cecilia 


Johanna Christina Francina 



Johanna Elizabeth, b. 29.9.1793 



Johanna Elizabeth 



Johanna Elizabeth, b. 23.8.1800 

(f)l Kruger Johanna Elizabeth, b. 27.1.1831 

Kruger Johanna Francina 

(f)3 Kruger Johanna Margaretha 

(d)2 Kruger Johanna Maria 

Kruger Johanna Zacharia (Anna Sagarya) 

(b)4 Kruger Johannes, son of Stamvader 

(d)3 Kruger Johannes 

(e)3 Kruger Johannes 

(d)4 Kruger Johannes Abraham 

Kruger Johannes David 

(d)6 Kruger Johannes Diederek 

(e) Kruger Johannes Gerhardus 

(d)4 Kruger Johannes Gideon 

Kruger Johannes H. P. 

(d)5 Kruger Johannes Hendrik 

(f)l Kruger Johannes Jacob 

(c)l Kruger Johannes Jacob, Hendriksz 

(e)l Kruger Johannes Jacob 

(e)2 Kruger Johannes Jacob 

(f)3 Kruger Johannes Jacob 

Kruger Johannes Jacob, Johs. Philipzoon 

(c)5 Kruger Johannes Lodewyk 

(e)l Kruger Johannes Lodewyk 

(e)4 Kruger Johannes Lodewyk 

(f)4 Kruger Johannes Lodewyk 

(f) Kruger Johannes Maartin 

(f)6 Kruger Johannes Nicolaas 

(d)l Kruger Johannes Pietrus 

(e)7 Kruger Johannes Pietrus 

(e)6 Kruger Johannes Pietrus Christoffel 

(e)5 Kruger Johannes Pietrus Jacobus 

Kruger Joseph Gerrit Adriaan 

Kruger K. S. M. Kruger ... 

(e)l Kruger Lasya Abrama 

(e)l Kruger Lasya Christina 

(e)6 Kruger Lasya Christina 

(d)13 Kruger Lasya Hendrina 

(d)3 Kruger Lasya Susanna 

Kruger Levina Catharina 

Kruger Levina Catharina Hendrina 

(f)2 Kruger Levina Catharina Hendrina 
(e) Kruger Lewis Stevanus 







Kruger Maartje 

Kruger Magdalena Catharina 

Kruger Magdalena Maria 

Kruger Maria Dorothea 

Kruger Maria Elisabeth 

Kruger Maria Elisabeth 

Kruger Maria Elisabeth 

Kruger Maria Elisabeth Magdalena 

Kruger Maria Johanna Magdalena 

Kruger Maria Magdalena b. 19.2.1792 

Kruger Maria Magdalena b. 9.6.1822 

Kruger Maria Magdalena b. 23.5.1827 

Kruger Maria Magdalena Catharina 

Kruger Maria Magdalena Johanna 

Kruger Maria Magdalena Sara Cecilia 

Kruger Maria Magdalena Sophia Francina 

Kruger Maria Magdalena Petronelle 

Kruger Maria Martha 

Kruger Margaretha Hendrina Susanna 

(d)9 Kruger Margaretha Jacoba 

(f)4 Kruger Margaretha Jacoba 

(d)9 Kruger Margaretha Johanna 

Kruger Margaretha Krugel, d. of Matthys Krugel 

Kruger Maria Petronella 

Kruger Maria Petronella Jacoba 

Kruger Martha Magdelena Petronella 

Kruger Martha Wilhelmina Zacharia 

(c)12 Kruger Martin 

(d)10 Kruger Martin 

(e)3 Kruger Martin Johannes Ludewyk 

(e)2 Kruger Nicolaas 

(f)7 Kruger Nicolaas Pietrus Jacobus 

Kruger Nicolaas Stephanus 

Kruger Nieltj e 

Kruger Ockert Cornells 

Kruger Ockert Gerhardus Johannes 

Kruger Ockert Jacobus 

Kruger Ockert Johannes Gerhardus Daniel 

Kruger Paul, see Stephanus Johannes Paulus 

(f)5 Kruger Paul, a minor in 1845 

(e)3 Kruger Pieter 

(d)7 Kruger Pieter (Petrus) 

Kruger Pieter Ernst, son of Stamvader 

Kruger Pieter Ernst, Pz 

(d)l Kruger Pieter Ernst 

(e)l Kruger Pieter Ernst, b.28.10.1804 

(e) Kruger Pieter Ernst, b.30.8. 1810 

(f) Kruger Pieter Ernst, born 17.7.1837 
Kruger Pieter Ernst, D zoon 

(e)l Kruger Pieter Ernst Johannes Cornells 

(c)6 Kruger Pieter, Hendricksz 

(e)2 Kruger Pieter Hendrik 

Kruger Pietrus Jacobus, Fransz 

(e)5 Kruger Pietrus Jacobus 

(f)3 Kruger Pietrus Johannes 

(e)3 Kruger Pietrus Johannes 

Kruger Sara Cecilia 

(e)3 Kruger Stephanus Jacobus (Stevanus) 

(g)3 Kruger Stephanus Jacobus 

(e)3 Kruger Stephanus Johannes 

Kruger Stephanus Johannes, a minor in 1871 

Kruger Stephanus Johannes Paulus (President) 

(e)7 Kruger Stephanus Rudolph 

Kruger Susanna Francina 

(d)8 Kruger Susanna Lasya 

(e)7 Kruger Susanna Lasya 

(e)4 Kruger Susanna Lasya 

(e)5 Kruger Susanna Lasya 

(e)l Kruger Susanna Lasya Francina 

(d)6 Kruger Susanna Magdalena 

(e)6 Kruger Theunis Frans 

(g) Kruger Theunis G. 

(e)4 Kruger Theunis Johannes 

(e)8 Kruger Theunis Johannes 

Kruger Wilhelmina Christina 



Kruger Wilhelmina Christina 

Kruger Willem Frederick, a Krugel, or a possible descendant of Jan Kruger, of 

Kruger Willem Hendricus 

Kruger Willem Hendrik 

Kruger Willem Johannes 

Kruger Wouter 

Kruger Zacharia 

Kruger Zacharia Anna 

Kruger Zacharia Jacomina 

(d)3 Kruger Zacharia Jacomina 

(c)6 Kruger Zacharia Petronella, b.24.12.1763 

(d)5 Kruger Zacharia Petronella 

(d)l Kruger Zacharia Petronella 

Kruger Zacharia Petronella